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 Can a dentist tell if you smoke?

Additional Details
oh dear

would he or she tell a parent?...

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jayne l
How do you pull teeth out without going to see a dentist?

John A
Drin a 5th of jack daniels and have a friend do it

Son of Brunhilde
With a pair of pliers

Not that this will help, but, a funny story, my father is an electrician, and he pulled my bottom front teeth out with needle nose pliers when I was a kid, granted they were loose baby teeth at the time.
I think you should see a dentist, for real.

tie a piece of string to the tooth, tie the other end to the (opened) door, then slam the door shut. :>

However fearful you are of the dentist, this is going to be much, much worse, and you will probably end up at the dentist anyway. Find a dentist who is sympathetic with phobias. They really do deal with it all the time.

ouch.. why would you do that ? just go to a dentist its not that bad..

Tie cotton round the tooth then tie the end of the cotton to a door handle and then slam the door shut.

way more than you bargin for
eat starburst

That's really not a good idea.

Dz Nutz
lots of tequilla and a hard object

you must be from England. i heard a news story this week that their home denstry kit sales were up by a huge percentage.

have sum1 hit u in the jaw...or u can tie a string around it and tie it to the doornob, then close the door and the tooth falls out...

Know it all
I got a knuckle sandwich with your name on it!

a pair of plyers


Not really a smart question.

Good luck if you do see a dentist, it's almost impossible to get one to pull a tooth. You have to go through a lot of dental work first!

Well Have you ever watched Castaway??

pliers....... if they are giving you trouble put some Clove oil on cotton wool onto the teeth

hell yeah love doing this myself,freeze the gum with ice then wiggle it with pliers,then freeze some more and keep doing this till you get the tooth out,just dont snap the tooth coz you will have to go to the dentist anyway,and iff you snap the tooth and just leave the root then you got to have your gum cut open,do yourself a favour,go to the dentist if your scared explain this to them,they are sympathetic these days,you will be fine,

What you do is take a pair of pliers and wiggle it everday for about two weeks and it will come out, I used to know a guy who did this, everyday he would wiggle it a little more and then it would come out

I wouldn't suggest that. Go to a dentist. If you do it yourself you will probably end up with an infection or you could do more damage than good.

just wiggle it

Yea! r u mad. Do you love the pain, or do you want a job half done.
Chrikey sounds like you are mad, ....who cares, go on and do it.

why on earth would you want to do that??!!!! Please don't do it yourself, just go to the dentist!!!

Eat hard candies :) It should help... Personal experience...

You don't!

Dumb-Dumb D
A pair of plyers.

very quickly

deepmay c
by bringing dentist to the home.

vice grips

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