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How do you keep a loose tooth from falling out?
I'm fourteen and still have one last baby tooth. I'm afraid that if it comes out, I'll have a huge gap for a very long time. It's my right side canine. It's going from moving a little bit to moving more and more everyday.

Is there any way a dentist could move the permanent tooth down faster? Or a way I can hold onto this tooth longer so the permanent will be ready?

The new cookie monster
no u just cant

no its gonna look like crap for awhile get over it we all went threw it

I don't know why you'd want to stop it...and 14 seems kinda old for that...are you sure it's a baby tooth?

wisest of the wise?
WHAT WHAT WHAT losing a tooth that's all your afraid of think of bigger problems in life like helping the poor. Why do you care about losing a tooth!

bobble head
sorry 2 say this but lifes touf

let it go

i gues u havent machured yet because most people 14 i know lost there teeth ages ago

good luck with whatever you do

Alaska Photo Shooter
No the dentist cannot do that. But I guess it will work to try to keep it there longer. Don't chew hard stuff, don't wiggle it, and be careful with it. (I'm afraid you cannot avoid having the gap completely.)

it is actually bad if the permanent tooth grows in before the baby one falls out.

the canine teeth can become crooked and snaggle like so you really should let the tooth fall out when it wants to.

You need to pull it. If you leave it in too long, the big tooth won't have room to come in. I did this! I was about the same age, it was my canine tooth. It grew in on the top of my gums! I looked like a vampire and had to get it fixed with braces.

don't mess with at at all...don't even think about it

but i think it would be better to just get it over with and deal with the gap it problly won't even look bad

*good luck! :)*


All baby teeth come out eventually, it's is just a matter of time before a tooth takes it spot. The gap won't be there for that long of a time. Even if there was a way to keep down a tooth from falling, I don't recommend it. Might as well just lose your last baby tooth and have a adult one grow in.

Use super glue.

The baby tooth will fall out eventually by the adult tooth behind it. Its pushing it out. But I think that takes a while. Just dont touch the baby tooth and you're good.

Dr. Dave
Let nature takes its course. The reason it is getting loose is that the permanent tooth is coming down.

You are going to be fine!!!!

dont move it.although I WOULD get it off.but if you dont want it gone than leave it alone

freight train 34
get a heavy contruction hammer and let your dad take a few swats at your head. that did the trick for me

Okami Alyson
you should let nature take its course. teeth grow in quite quickly and although u may have a small gap there for a while its nothing to be embarassed about or anything.

Hold it in until you're ready. Nah just joking.

Deciduous teeth, otherwise known as milk teeth, baby teeth, temporary teeth or primary teeth, are the first set of teeth in the growth development of humans and many other mammals. They develop during the embryonic stage of development and erupt — that is, they become visible in the mouth — during infancy. They are usually lost and replaced by permanent teeth, but in the absence of permanent replacements, they can remain functional for many years. They're supposed to come out when they're ready.

sure just put some duct tape on it

Its going to come out one way or another.....

I lost a few of my teeth when i was like 13, mainly my canines. Theres nothing dentists can do. Just lose the teeth and the permanent ones will grow within a year, its not that bad.

Lil Bit
The best thing is to just get it out and let your tooth start to come through...the longer you try to keep that baby tooth in there the bigger risk there is that it'll cause your adult tooth to come in crooked. And sorry hun, there is no way to speed it up.

Pass it on...
It's loose because it has to make way for the adult tooth. There's a reason for this...if you try to keep the tooth in for too long, the adult tooth will come in crooked. A gap is only temporary...the crooked tooth will be permanent. Let it come out.

ice might help some. but get ready, its coming out.

the permanent tooth can't come in until the baby tooth falls out. Just let it fall out. Talk to your dentist about it if you are concerned.

i wish but...................... NO

my name is...

There shouldn't be a "Large Gap" for over 2 days.

If its loose, the adult tooth is coming in, let it come out

you shouldn't prolong a tooth from falling out, you are 14...generally people lose all their baby teeth around 12. It's your bodies way of getting rid of it, if you hold onto it you could actually cause the permanent tooth to be crooked...now go eat an apple :-)

Whatever you do...don't wiggle it! The more you play with it, the looser it will get! Either way you will have a gap in your mouth...don't sweat it! (If kids at school say anything...be like "yeah some kid was talkin sh** about me so we fought...all I got was a knocked out tooth! -Ya shoulda seen him though!)

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