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How do i tell if i need braces? i want them really bad?
will i need braces how do i tell?

when you have gaps between your teeth

hhhmmm...... well.......hmmmm

I dont know


la nena
i know you can only get braces buy spaces between your teeth!! but you can get the ones for fun ask your dentis!!

josh h
well the younger you get them the better. if you teeth are not as straight as you would like then you should get them. oh yeah, wear them for as long as you dr. tells you because i didnt wear my retainer lonr enough and mine did not get as straight as would have liked.

If your teeth are crooked, you have an overbite, etc. then you need braces. Your dentist will tell you. I was just like you a year or so ago. I REALLY wanted braces. I guess it was because it was something new and different. Guess what? I got them. And I hate them. They are coming off soon, and I am GLAD!!! The sharp brackets and wires create sores and cuts in my mouth that bleed. I thought that after having them for over a year my gums would toughen up, but they're still tender. One time my gum actually grew up over the wire and a bracket, encompassing them. That hurt, especially when the dentist had to remove them! And having them tightened is no picnic, either. Expect to suffer toothache and to not be able to eat anything that's not soft for a few days. Trust me, if you don't have them, you are lucky! On the other hand, this might just be something you have to go through and experiance yourself. If you want them, probably no horror stories can derail you from that desire.

Robyn R
Well, in minor cases everyone could have braces...in extreme cases, if you cannot bite correctly and it is hard for you to chew, then yes you need braces. The only sure way to tell is to see a dentist! Good luck!

Try asking your dentist.
It's up to them if you need braces...you know why?

Because when you're growing up, you teeth push in automatically (If they're a bit crooked). If they are REALLy crooked, you may want braces to clean that up a bit.

Also, if it's affecting your speech, or if you have a lisp,
braces could help BIG time.

andre a
it depens on how shifted your teeth are, personally i say you should visit a dentist in order to professionally verify that you truly need braces. or you could simply ask you friends and family and take a toll on what they say.

Go to an orthadontist or ask your dentist. If your teeth aren't that bad you'll only have them for a while. I've never had them but my friends have gotten there cheeks, or lips caught in them. if wires break its real painfull because of scratching on your cheeks or gums.

You don't tell. Make an appointment with an orthodontist and he/she will tell you if you need braces.

Well, you'll need a picket fence and a cob of corn.

If your teeth are crooked or your bite is off causing you to wear out your teeth, you may need braces. Many orthodontists will do free consultations, x-rays & estimate of time needed in braces & the expense, for free. Just make a few calls to some & see what they have to say. Do your research because each one can vary by time & money, quite a lot.

look at your teeth and if your unhappy w/ them go to the orthodontist .my teeth werent crooked but they were spaced out and i didnt think i needed braces but i went and they told me i did .and trust me you DO NOT want braces if you have straight teeth BE PROUD!!!!!

don't get them please i warn you they really hurt and you get them from the deities.

LOLs @ Everything
If your teeth are crooked and result in an unhappy attitude, you need braces.

Italian Girl <3
ask your dentist and they will hook you up with a orthodontist

Your dentist will advise you and why do you really want them? I'd only get them if I had to - they hurt

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