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 Is there anyway of getting completly free dental help?
me and my g/f are very short of cash is there anyway my g/f can get free dental care its gunna cost a fortune ...

 New dentist not giving me old x-rays?
my old dentist recently sold his practice, including patient records. i want my x-rays from the new dentist so that i can take them another dentist i go to now, but she has been very delinquent in ...

 I just lost my tooth filling what will happen if i dont go back and fill it?

 What kind of water do you use to brush your teeth with?
My fiance and I have a bet going on how many people out there brush their teeth with cold water vs hot/warm water because we both do it differently (me cold water, and her warm water)....

 Would you ever use someone else's toothbrush?
Desperate situation you really need to brush and you don't have one of your own?...

 For the people with braces....?
When are you getting yours off? I'm getting mine off aug. 23rd!!!!!!! I'm so happy! :P...

 Im nervous about getinn my braces are they really that bad?
im gettin my spacers the january7 and braces january 17...

 Do I need to go to the dentist or can I just buy a night guard?
I'm not sure if I need one, but I think I do.

On this site I have 4 symptoms. I'm not sure if the ear is part of ...

 My niece is 7 years old and has lost her two front teeth, they droped in august 06 nothing seems 2 begrowing?
back should we be ...

 I had my wisdom teeth out friday and all i wanna do tonight is throw up and i have a headache and my mouth is?
swelling plz help me?...

 Do tongue rings acaully make you break your teeth?
myth or true?
whats the chance of need dental repair after a tongue ring?
how much was it if ya broke your teeth cuz one.
tell me if ya have one and nothin bad has happened porfavor.<...

 Why doesn't Tony Blair do something about his God awful teeth?
Given his profile in world matters, one would think TB would do somethink about his really embarrassing teeth. Is it because his government has all but killed off NHS dentists and he can't, like ...

 Teeth whitening?
what is the best teeth whitener u can get off the shelf!...

 The enamel of my teeth is dissapiaring what do i do to restore the enamel?

 A filling just fell out on a tooth on the top of my mouth. Can I eat or drink with the hole open?
I think the hole is where the tooth on the top of the mouth would rest on the tooth from the bottom of the mouth. It doesn't seem to be on the side of the tooth....

 Waht color braces look good together for a girl?

 What vitamin can I take for healthy gums?

 I want to get my teeth white by Christmas ..?
my teeth are white already. but they could be whiter can someone tell me what i can do. (I don't want to spend no more than 50 bucks.).ever tried that crest whitening stuff?...

 Hi, i would like to know if wisdom teeth extraction is covered by NHS. If so, by what %?is it a full coverage?

 I chipped my tooth, is there anyway to have it fixed other then having it capped?

How do i stop talking weird with retainers?
i just got them yesterday and i sound funny when im talking.

animal girl
u can't really until u take it out and u have to get used to it

good question
In the TV and movie industry, they use a little Vaseline on their front teeth to keep their lip from sticking when they talk.

You will see in a few days. Don't worry, be Happy :-)

lol, just get used to it it takes time.

Just keep on practicing. I got my retainers during the Winter Break of 2006 and I spoke so funny, no one could understand me. Just talk a lot or read out loud so you practice speaking.

I had everything that goes along with braces (had them for 6 years) and i usggest that when you wash the retainers blow them dry, and put them on when your mouth is free of saliva (not drooling with it). Then it gets easier to talk.

It will take about a week to get used to them...

just keep practicing. it happened to me too. wait a week and it will go way.


well yeah it took me a while to get
used to mine, but once you get used 2 them
you start talking normal again.
good luck =)

Kelli in FL
What I always tell my patients to do is read the paper of a book out loud for a few days to practice your speech. Your tongue knows that there is a foreign object in your mouth so it takes a little while to get use to it.

Ms.Karen M
Don't worry, it takes a while to get used to them. I had braces and it took me a while to. Just remember to take them out before you eat. And put them on after you have eaten and brushed your teeth. If you feel any pain or discomfort, see your orthadontist.

It takes some time, but try to repeat the alphabet a couple times a day, and read some sentences or paragraphs out loud.

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