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 Toothache = headache?
Is it possible that a bad toothache can trigger bad migraines? I have literally a hole in my tooth and i really need to see the dentist, but i haven't in years. I have been having frequent ...

 Do fillings hurt? One of mine dropped out last night and I am having it replaced in 2 days.?

Additional Details
Yes I have had a filling before, but I was 8 years old, I am 38 now!

Thanks for all your answers, it seem it's just the jab that hurts.


 How long after wisdom teeth extraction can a person go back to regular physical exercize (gym)?
I am about to have two wisdom teeth removed, I was wondering how long before I would be able to go back to my exercize routine at the gym....

 Does it hurt take your braces off?

I am going to have to get braces over the summer and I'm not sure about them...
Do they hurt??
Are they easy to get use to???...

 How old were you when you had your wisdom teeth out?

 The smile?
I am a quite pretty girl. You know - pretty skin, pretty eyes, long hair and so on. But my teeth are really crocket. They are not in line at all. My front teeth is behind the other teeth, and i also ...

 Tell you wot just done me teeth with some new tooth paste i found in the bathroom and me mouth tastes.........
......like shite ,must be a new brand cos iv never heard of it before its call ......Anusol anyone heard of it.. ???????????????????????? and is it good for ye gums?...

 Is it OK to wear braces at 16?
cuz my teeth are too big....
Additional Details
What exactly happens? Why do they remove teeth to put the braces on? If the teeth become normal before the duration, is it ok to remove ...

 Would you ever be a dentist? or let your child be 1?
would you ever be a dentist if so why or why not.
would you ever let your children be a ...

 What do people in the jungle do when they have a toothache?
I'm sitting here with a really bad toothache and a swollen jaw, and I can't get to the dentist until after the New Year. I'm taking Ibuprofen and lots of hot salty water, so it's ...

 What has a heart, but can't feel?
yu can do it! im gonna choose the person who says it FIRST :DDD
Additional Details
hmm... he wasnt first, but he was second, and the first guy guessed other things before him.. :) oh ...

 Infected tooth that hurts! No Dental insurance. HELP!?
My dentist told me a few years ago to remove my wisdom teeth because they didnt have room to grow. I was a baby about it and didnt do it. Now, 5 years later my bottom left wisdom tooth is giving me ...

 Tooth pain?
i was chewing gum before, and my jaw kinda slipped, and bit down hard onto my teeth, and now one of my upper teeth, near the middle of the mouth is being really sensetive, like with cold and hot, ...

 Soo nervous for my wisdom teeth surgery tomarrow...?
Im getting my wisdom teeth out tomarrow at 9:30 and im sooo nervous!! Im at the point where i feel sick and i cannot sleep or relax. What can i do about this and what can i do to chill out??...

 Can a tooth fall out by itself, when it is rotton?

 How many sets of teeth do we have in a lifetime?

 What causes a tooth to be sensitive to heat and cold?

 What is the worst food and drink for your teeth?

 Bad breath?
EVEN my teeth is white and clean its smelling bady all the day..
how can i avoid the bad smell.
plz suggest.
i have no proper diet.. is that be a reason?...

How do I reduce swelling and pain from my face as a result of a tooth abscess?
All anyone seems to be able to give me for it are antibiotics that don't work. I've been back a few times because the swelling is getting rapidly worse. It's all down one side of my face, my face has literally tripled in size. The pain is unbearable and nothing seems to be taking it away. The swelling is right up to my eye, I'm struggling to open it. I can't eat, I can't sleep, I feel sick, I can't look downwards because my vision is blocked by the swelling. Nothing seems to be getting rid of it and I'm trying so hard not to throw up because I can hardly open my mouth so I might choke on it and secondly because I don't want to get the antibiotics out of my system incase they do start to work. I just want it to stop.

Can you spell "dentist?"

eeerrrrrmmmmm HELLO? Try getting the abcess removed by a DENTIST !!!!!!!!

if you have some ibuprofin and a cold compress soon as you get most of it down go to dentist and get that thing pulled

shokk k
it is serious,consult a dentist immeditely

tooth abcess? is that a mouth ulcer? if so, drink lots of water and fluids etc coffe and tea aint fluids coz they dehydrate so that dont count. juices etc. i get em alot coz im on tablets and a lot of heat and acid in stomach coz of it. therefore, heat needs to get out so it comes up in spots, mouth ulcers, heat rash, bad breath etc so clear out ur system. gt constipation? get rid of it? clear ur guts and your body will be clear of ulcers etc. inner Beauty = outer beauty. take care in the heat and sun. really imp to have fluids, loads.

put a few spoon fulls of salt into a glass and swill your mouth with it .consult a dentist a.s.a.p

if you from UK phone NHS direct if you ring 118 118 they will give you the number if your not from UK phone your dentist they will have a emergency number on the answering machine you can ring you go straight up to your accident and emergency they will see you has you sound bad plus use a pack of frozen peas put in a tea towel place on face will numb it i feel for you i really do tooth ache and a abscess are just the worst pain going hugs

budding author
I had a problem with a painful abscess, then I fell down a flight of stairs and broke my leg, it made me forget the abscess completely.
Hope this helps??

Go to the emergency room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Any infection that travels to your face and glandular is serious infection. They can start an IV of antibiotics which with your swelling will only help at this point.

if the infection is that involved then go to the emergency hospital pronto.!

My bloke's been suffering with absesses 4 a few months now. he says he agrees that the antibiotics dont work and that if u can see the bubble of the absess on ur gum try popping it like a spot, once some of the puss comes out it feels a bit better but the only real cure my bloke found was to take the tooth out.

lord wright
the infection has spread out of the tooth into the soft tissues.
infections in the mouth spread.as shown by your question.if it spreads more then there are a few places it will end up
1- on the throat- causing suffication
2- to the eye causing blindness
3- to the cavernous sinus causing death................

so gey it out.antibiotics dont work for tooth ache or an abcess AT ALL. they help but a little. to get cured you need to get rid of the cause................

Danielle H
I had exactly the same problem last week, so I know exactly how you feel. The left side of my face had doubled in size and it is probably one of the most painful things I have ever been through. Mine was really bad all last weekend and when I phoned the dentist on Monday, they didn't have any dentists in until Wednesday, I could have cried when they told me this. I made an emergency appointment at the Dr's and they gave me strong antibiotics. I went to the dentist on Wednesday and they had to take my tooth out. The relief was almost instant. I would therefore recommend that you make an emergency appointment at the dentist as soon as you can. They might not be able to do much until the infection has started to clear up, but at least they might be able to give you some advice in the meantime. Until you can make your appointment, I would take Ibuprofen as it is anti inflammatory and will help with the pain, also either use Corsodyl mouth wash or rinse your mouth out with warm salt water (one teaspoon of salt in a glass of water). Carry on taking the antibiotics that you've been given and whatever you do, don't put anything warm on your face as this can draw the infection further into your face. Hope this helps.

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