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crystal s
How do I kill the pain of a nerve on my tooth?
I have a bad tooth ache where I had a tooth break and the nerve is exposed does anyone know ways to kill the nerve so the pain will subside I have tried orajel and ambasol those didnt' work

Hi there. I used to work for a dentist for 6 years so this is one thing that I heard a lot. You can try using pure Clove oil which is available from any herbal shop or pharmacy for a very inexpensive price. simply soak a cotton wool ball in the liquid and tear of a small piece and pack the painful tooth with it. This stuff does taste and smell a bit unpleasant but it is a wonderful natural remedy and is actually the base for many pain killing creams and gels used by dentists themselves in the dental surgery. I used Clove oil while I was cutting one of my wisdom teeth and after trying mouth gel after mouth gel found it was the only thing that worked to ease the pain. Above all be sure to get the tooth looked at by a dentist as that is the only way to permanently resolve your problem, and the longer its left the worse and maybe more expensive for treatment it will be. You may find that if you leave i t too long the only treatment that will work will be to have the tooth removed. You can also try rubbing on a toothpaste that is specifically designed for sensitive teeth, These kind of toothpastes block off the nerve tubes in exposed roots, thus blocking the nerve but this is only a temporary treatment in the case of a broken tooth.

Good luck, I hope one of these remedies work.

PS. Never heard of a gum infection ever killing anyone before, but I suppose anything's possible.

put an Aspirin on it-it will disolves and should help-but what about going to a dentist?

kimberly k
go to the dentist.

Very strong pain killers!!

please go to the dentist.

To numb the pain you can try using Clove oil - but be very careful - use it with an earbud.

Yeah... nothing will work except a Root Canal. Go see a Dentist before you get an absess infection and your jaw rots off...

Barbara M
Go to a dentist and get a root canal.

I have had 6 root canals and have suffered from a lot of tooth pain. There isn't any over-the-counter remedy that will make the pain go away permanently. I used to take handfuls of Advil and the pain would stop temporarily, one day I finally got sick and tired of living each day in pain, not being able to eat so I went to the dentist.

PS. my mother is a nurse, she warned me about the dangers of an infected tooth. The infection can travel right into your head and kill you. That made me go to the dentist.

Your best bet is going to a Dentist.

Obviously, the permanent solution is a visit to the dentist. As a short-term aid, try using a headache powder such as "Goody's". Dab the powder onto your tooth using your finger. If you cannot find Goody's or an equivalent, try grinding an Aspirin into powder. Children's Aspirin are likely to be easier to grind. While a mortar and pestle are ideal, the back of a spoon will do in a pinch!

I tried this when my wisdom teeth were impacted some years ago. It was the only thing that brought any relief until I could get them removed. Good luck!

I have heard that putting 'cloves' on the affected tooth works, rub them on the tooth and around the gum area...I gather you intend to have a root canal done? It does work but $$$ plus after there can be problems that require a crown...
good luck

Until you can get to a dentist-try this old homemade remedy. Place a whole Clove (in spice section of grocery store) on it.
The taste isn't too bad and it does work.

Love or hate?
try an ice pack or go to the dentist. Don't place anything hot or warm or pain will soon reign.

Ice Pack...whatever you do, do not put anything warm on a nerve.

2 words........root canal

Let your dentist help you with that.

pluck it

this is happening to me right now, I went to the dentist to get xrayed, said I needed root canal done and a crown, they gave me a prescription for Vicodin and amoxicillian. All this will be costly OR I can go and have the tooth pulled for $200.

On the side before this appt I was taking 4 advils at every two hours with lots of beer.... Helped I forgot about it.

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