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So ...

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Chris C
How can i get my teeth white without going to the dentist?
i brush my teeth twice a day and i still think they are a little discolored, how can i make then more white myself?

crest whitening strips. work great!

You can buy special tooth paste or buy whiting strips.

Home bleaching is another method for teeth whitening. Kits can be availed from certified pharmacists or dentists, which include a Hydrogen Peroxide based bleaching solution. The solution is placed on the mouth guard, which as a rule is included in the kit, and subsequently follow the instructions in the kit. The gel acts on the enamel of the teeth and the frequency and duration of treatment vary, effectively they work for variable periods of time, i.e. overnight treatments are short lived while treatments where you are required to use the kit twice daily, effects remain for a more longer time.

Crest White Strips.
My dentist recommended them to me. They work.

Do not buy the whitening products in stores. The ingredient that makes your teeth white that are in those products is Hydrogen Peroxide. Just buy a bottle (about 2 bucks), put about 10-20 mls in your mouth and swish it around for 2-4 minutes. Spit, then follow with a Fluoride toothpaste. Do this twice a day, and in about two weeks, you'll see results.
Also, there's a natural enzyme in strawberries that whiten teeth. Crush the berry into a paste and set on teeth for 2-5 minutes, rinse well. You can also add baking soda to the paste. Make sure you get all of the seeds off your teeth.
I hope this helped. It worked for me, and it's a lot less expensive!!

funschooling m
Just try a OTC whitening toopaste.
Floss before trying to whiten them at home. Also drink dark sodas & teas with a straw.

Use white strips and/or whitening tooth paste.

buy whitning toothpaste

crest white strips

and dont have coffee or smokes to often

Buy the super expensive, super whitening toothpaste or a teeth whitening kit. You can also chew whitening gum all the time...you should start to notice a difference using any of those things regularly after 2 weeks.

Why not try those whitening strips you buy over the counter. They do cost about $30 for the pack and take about 2 weeks and 30 minutes a day. I did see a commercial for strips that are supposed to take a week and you leave on for 5 minutes a day. I do not know the price of those but they are cheaper than the dentist.

I agree that Crest White Strips do a marvelous job.... one drawback that I have found and heard is that they tend to make sensitive teeth slightly more sensitive. Crest also makes whitening tooth paste that is really good also.

Ever wonder why they call it tooth paste instead of Teeth paste??? Baffling!!! LOL

Crest White strips is what our dentist recommends.

Al R
crest white strips.

Why don't you try baking soda and perxoide. Mix the two together to make a paste it is very very cheap. It is much cheaper than the white strips. Do not use to many things on your teeth as they can get more sensitive.

Also you can use just baking soda and then do it in perxoide.

Good luck and hope this helps.

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