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 Does gritting your teeth in your sleep mean you are stressed?

 Why are Brits known for having such horrible teeth?
I'm not saying that this is true, but it is a sterotype that I've encountered many times in my travels....

 A cure for bad breath?

 I have bad tooth ache hurts very bad, cant afford dentist right now if i go to ER will they help me? thanx?

 Braces!!!???? question?
have you had braces if u have how long did you wear them and how old were you?...

 Help[braces!][read for more]?
i just got braces today
they fricken hurt like helll.
im soooo hungry
what am i suppose to eat?
how do i make the pain to go away?

 What Are Braces Like?
I'm an 18 year old from Scotland and a couple of years ago my dentist suggested getting braces as my teeth aren't perfect, but ok. Now I'm thinking about it again, and need more info. W...

 Why do people call a toothbrush a toothbrush? shouldn't it be called a teeth brush?

hi im 14 and ive decided i want braces. the dentist said that it wasn't urgent and that i dont have to get them but i hate my little gap between my front teeth and my bottom theth are crooked. ...

 Does getting a filling hurt?

 I am scared to get my wisdom teeth pulled? What should I do?
Any encouraging advice? Please?...

 Help Me About Braces!?
Right ...
Baseicly im geting braces next year. i know its a long tome away but i am realy scared! Please help me out!
Please Tell Me:
1.Does it hurt when they are fitting them in (H...

 I have a bad breath? what should i do?
i brush in the morning and at nite and don't eat anything after brushing. i use mouthwash. but i can't floss. so plz. can somebody tell any other solution to treat bad breath. plz. don'...

 Are fish tanks in dentist waiting rooms tacky?
do you think you'd prefer just some nice wall feature or a LCD screen instead?...

 I want braces:) Do You?

 When you brush your teeth, do you rinse the toothpaste off?
We are debating this in our house. Husband brushes with toothpaste and is done. I brush with toothpaste then rinse with brush with just water. WONDERING WHAT THE REST OF YOU DO!...

 My son has really bad teeth. He is 3 and a half and already has a crown and 2 fillings.?
I do everything the dentist tells me. He always brushed his teeth because it was horrible for him to go through the whole dentist thing, and he is terrified. But today like a layer of tooth came off ...

 My gums bleed everytime i floss them and they hurt i brush 2x a day help me please?

 I'd love too wear braces......?
My teeth are slightly turned but not bad, i'd love to have really straight teeth but i wear glasses and hearing aids and if i wear braces aswel, i'll look proper dorky. Im short sighted so ...

 When you have a cavity,will it go away even if u don't go to the dentist, if so, how long?
When you have a cavity on ur tooth or teeth, does it go away even if you do not go to the dentist? I really need an answer to this question. If cavities do go away with no dentist, how long does it ...

How can I make my teeth bad or crooked to get braces?

If u eat lots o candy(hard) it might get them crooked

i think that is a really bad idea if u have nice teeth then i think u should keep them cuz i will have 2 get them and i have horrible teeth

Love to Help
Push your top jaw with your bottom jaw.... it will cause your teeth to move from side to side... Do it non stop and than your teath will get out of gum and will get crewcked... try it works

believe me...you dont want braces.
they are really annoying.
if your teeth are straight...be happy. why would you want to ruin them? --that's kinda, stupid.

Boxman's girlfriend
um......idk like fall on them or somthing
sorry but i cant really think of an less painful way to do it
take pilars in ur mouth and like twist them
y do u want to do this?

♪♫Khoir Kid♪♫
thats a very strange question...but a way to REALLY mess up your teeth is to lay down and ge a 20 pound weight and drop it on your mouth

you know i always wanted braces bcause i thought it feel and be so cool. Now all my friends and people i know that have braces after a while can't wait to get them off. So why try damaging your teeth, i'd advice you not to because i know you will regret it!!!!!!
please don't!

You need to watch somebody floss a pair of braces before you go wishing for them. It can be pretty gross. Plus, it can be a pretty painful procedure to get them put on.

this is not a good idea, but you could smash yourself very hard with something....it will be very painful, as braces are. If you have good teeth, be GRATEFUL!!! Braces are no fun and they're expensive!!!

Well you could take a sleeping pill only if your old enough and get a friend to mess your jaw up with a metal bar. Or you can just break a couple of teeth fighting. Other than that there's really no way to do it because they will always be straight unless you break your jaw which would only make them off set so nothing you can really do about it.

Push Them Out of place. EVERYDAY. Or, Try to crack an unpopped popcorn with your tooth, it will make your teeth uneven.

Well my question to you is why do you want to get braces?

Well Try putting something thin in between your 2 upper front teeth like something thin and kinda thickish and keep it there for some time, then use bigger and bigger thing to put between your teeth.

Or do the easy way and bust your teeth up then they will be pretty crooked like banging ur face into something while smileing Big.

Smash your mouth off of something hard like cement, I guess. But that'd be pretty stupid. Why would you want braces if you don't have bad teeth? God, how stupid the world has become.

math geek
So let me make sure I got this... your teeth are straight, so you want to make them crooked so that you can get braces, which will in turn, make them straight again. Don't you find that a little strange? Or is braces like the new fashion trend at your school or something?

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