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 Braces tomorrow...a little worried?
I know whats going to go on, but I'm nervous. Is the procedure going to be uncomfortable or scary? Or is is kind of an enjoyable appointment? Any details or words of advice are welcome....

 Hole in the side of my tooth?
I have a hole on the side, not the center , of my tooth at the most back tooth, bottomrow.
When i felt it with my finger, i feel a huge hole
if this is my tooth (_) <-- this side has a ...

 NHS braces, am i eligible (see pictures)?


I'm 25. Be kind please. Thankyou....

 How can I remove my braces at home?
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 Why do superstars have pretty white and straight teeth all the time?
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 What kind of experience have you had with having your wisdom teeth out?
I have to get my wisdoms out next friday and I am so scared! They made me watch this video about how you could die or have permenant nerve damage! I'm 21, how long do you think I will be in pain?...

 What helps bad breath?
I love my bf very much but his breath is way too much. He chews packs and packs of gum but I feel it doesnt work, I even get a lil weird when kissing him its so bad. On t.v I heard there was a ...

 What should i do with my Wisdom Tooth.?
I have one that is growing at an angle, and it is pushing against my other tooth. I've notice that it is causing my other teeth to shift. Actually its shifting a great deal. Should i get it ...

 Toothache anyone know of something I can do besides tylenol or orajel?

Additional Details
I have no cloves or clove oil. and plus I have sleeping kids here and my tooth is killing me!...

 Tooth pulled...?
I got my tooth pulled yesterday, and my gum is sore and tender. I can't take any pain killers as I am on medication. Has anyone any natural pain relievers that I can use. I really am in agony....

 Bleeding gums?
i have a problem when i woke up in the morning.my mouth is full of blood my mouth smell blood.i brush my teeth more than 2 times a day every 6month i go to the dentist to clean my teeth what can i ...

 I have a pain in my teeth at night and day and my both ears hurt?
i whent to denist and he couldnt find nothing wrong so he gave me pain medication i think he is crazy what can i ...

 My daughter is 9 and her teeth are yellow?
my nine year old daughter has yellow teeth she brushes them and they will get a little whiter but as the day progresses they really look dingy yellow I dont want to get her whitening strips we use ...

 How do I deal with bad breath after I got my wisdom teeth pulled?
I got my wisdom teeth removed Thursday. It is now Tuesday, the pain has gone away for the most part but now I am dealing with bad breath. I had all 4 taken out, the top two were out of the gums, so I ...

 Does anyone else grind their teeth whilst they sleep?
I've been told by my boyfriend that I grind my teeth while I sleep! Does anyone else do this? I've read that its called Bruxism. I want to know if I can do anything to stop it rather than ...

 So i just threw my retainers away...how do i break it to my mom??
I just threw my retainers away today at lunch at school and i dont know how to tell my mom without her flipping. any suggestions on how to break it to her?? i know that they cost alot and i know shes ...

 How can I cure spitting when I talk and bad breath?
Whenever I talk I produce thick spit which is really embarassing I also have really bad breath. I'm too embarassed to go to the doctors. Can they even help me?
Additional Details
im ...

 What can be the cause of extreme bad breath?

 I'm leaving in a few minutes to get all my wisdom teeth pulled. Wish me luck?
I love you guys. I'll see you in a few days....

 Is losing one's teeth inevitable ?

Additional Details
I look after my teeth now but I did not when I was a child [ my parents would not let me go the dentist, long story ].I was wondering if the decay in childhood would ...

How can I make my gums stronger and healthier?

Brush and floss every day after each meal and before going to bed. Don't use a lot of force, that just makes your gums bleed. Be sure to use mouth wash to kill of any germs and bacteria you missed with brushing and flossing. Also, be sure to visit the dentist every 6 months.

take more vitamin C and purchase a sonic tooth brush. Wash with Hydrogen Peroxide as a mouth wash. My dentist told me that I was going to need surgery to fix my gums and I did the above mentioned procedure and it totally fixed my problems. Buyers beware, it takes some getting used to.

Brush twice per day + flossing = healthy gums

source: http://dianne2005.blogspot.com

just brush ya teeth morning and night with a good tooth paste.

Warm salt water makes your gums stronger and any antiseptic mouth wash will make them healthier. I use Listerine. It is good if you can handle it.

Miss. Misunderstood
Go to a dentist area or perhaps
Walmart(but dentist area perferred) and get
some Oral Rinse for your gums!!

brush your teeth thrice a day, floss, and use listerine.

Brush your teeth twice a day and also use mouth wash, twice a day! Floss your teeth at night!

You should also eat a lot of apples and fruit where you bite into them and that will make them stronger as well as healthier!

Ask your dentist for a flouride mouth wash. Brush your teeth at least twice daily, floss(be sure not to cut your gums when you do this).

Make sure you have good oral hygiene by brushing 2-3 times per day and by flossing at least once per day. In addition to good oral hygiene, you need to make sure to see your dentist every 6 months for cleanings and exams.... tarter must be removed by your dentist as you cannot remove it yourself at home.

brush twice a day and floss once...use a whitning toothpaste with Fluoride if they are yelloish..if they are too bad visit a dentist and seek advice

brush, floss, floride, routine cleanings... etc.

Brush your teeth, floss, and rinse with Listerine.
** And stay away from hard things in your mouth. (food)

Dr. Brian
Brush your teath and floss every day.

Cameron Diaz
work them out

Dental Student:
You pretty much need to floss and brush your teeth. But to have healthy gums too you really need to focus on your technique.

When brushing (soft bristle only, the harder ones tend to wear away your gums) hold the bristles at a 45 degree angle, directed around the gum line, and jiggle the tips in a circular motion. This will get rid of the dental plaque (yellow deposits filled with bacteria) that tends to accumulate in these areas. Remember to do this to the front and back of all teeth.

Toothbrush bristles are way too big to fit in between your teeth, which is why we use dental floss. Take about 30cm of floss and wind them around your middle fingers...now use your thumb and forefinger to control a small section of floss. Use this to slide in between each and every tooth to get rid of the plaque. Ensure you not only slide against the tooth but you also have to depress a little into the gums (2-3mm). It's a little tricky at first so you may need to do this in front of the mirror. It also takes most of us about 4-5 minutes to get right the first time, but with lots of practice, you should be able to complete it within 1 minute.

Not really recommended normally for healthier gums. The supermarket ones kill the oral bacteria, but they tend to come back again, so there's really no point unless you just want fresh breath...

Final advice:
You may bleed to begin with, but if you continue with this ritual every night, you'll find that you will stop bleeding within 1 week. It's because you're giving the gums a chance to recover from the irritation caused by the constant bacterial load, and this takes about a week for the gums to recover.

So remember: brush twice daily with a soft bristle brush (ensure it's nice and new - it should be changed every 3 months at least). The most important brush is the nighttime one, just before you sleep. So this is also the ideal time to floss as well.

This may be difficult because of various reasons such as tartar (hardened plaque) that is stuck to your teeth, so you may need to see a dentist/hygienist to get rid of them first. This sort of cleaning may also be complicated if you have a medical problem such as prolonged bleeding. So your dentist may need to help you modify your cleaning method. Anyway, once all this is cleaned up you should be all ready to keep your gums all healthy and strong! In truth, the real difficulty is in keeping motivated to do this everyday. Just keep thinking that healthy gums, means good support for your teeth, which means your teeth will be less likely to simply fall out when you get older... Good luck! Hope this answers your question...

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