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 Why does my breath smell when i wake up?
I drink a lot of beer, coffee and tequila. I rarely brush my teeth, I chew tobacco - a lot - and my breath still reeks like poo when I wake up.

What gives? :(...

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 What order?
In what order should you do the following things:

brush your teeth
use mouthwash

And when should you use a fluoride rinse rather than just a regular mouthwash?...

 Will dental insurance cover invisible braces?
I'm in really need for braces. My teeth aren't in really bad sharp. But it's not really that attractive.

I heard that sometimes they will decline you. Because it's ...

 How do u cure a mouth sore/mouth ulcer?

 Can anyone name 2 snacks that are unlikely to cause tooth decay ?
Throw in some ideas and we can compare our thoughts on this ?...

 I get my wisdom teeth pulled Friday June 22. Will it be okay to go back to work Monday?
They are impacted so they have to be cut out. I am getting put to sleep though....

 I had my teeth cleaned today for the first time in like 15 years....................... it supposed?
to hurt while they are cleaning my teeth??????

it was kinda painful, not that painful, but it was not pleasant....

 Is there a way to tell if you have bad breath?
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 On a scale of 1 to 10 how much will getting an adult tooth pulled hurt, during the pulling and after?
Personal experience ...

 How long do I have to wait after having my wisdom teeth removed until I can have a cigarette?

 AHHH WHAT IS THIS!!!!! please?
i recently had my teeth taken out
the one at the top is fine
the one at the bottom is another story
it is black and with a crater hole
that is fine
but yesterday a white ...

 Is it alright to use peroxide on your teeth?
i was just wondering if it was ok to wash your mouth out with peroxide my cousin does it and her teeth are as white as can be and she says that it kills gingervitus better than anything else out ...

 Toothache cure?
i have a cracked tooth, which is real sore, as the nerve is open.

im not due to get it out for another few weeks. but im in so much pain, with this pain shootin up through my gum and jaw! ...

 What kind of toothpaste should i use for my braces?

Additional Details
sorry i meant ...

 Bad toothache! Remedy??
I have been to the dentist, he said the pain is being caused by my wisdom teeth moving about, but they won't be through for another 2 years.. Anyway, I have had dreadful toothache for 3 days now ...

 I got my toung pierced 3 days ago and the swelling hasnt gone down yet. any thing I can try to help?

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and its still really painfull... home remedies, or ...

 What can I do to get rid of sensitive teeth?

Additional Details
Guess I should re-phrase this: How can I stop my teeth from being so sensitive?...

 I have bad breath?
In the morning OF COURSE I brush my teeth, but then about 2 minutes later my mouth starts to taste gross, and my breath smells HORRIBLE again! Even when I floss it still does. Its embarrassing, and I ...

I have to get braces. I not sue when to get them since in sptember I start High school, so should I get braces over the summer and begin high school with them, or should I begin High school with no ...

Jaime Lynne
How bad does it hurt to get your wisdom teeth out??
I am getting my wisdom teeth out this Friday and I am a little scared. Did it hurt you guys a lot? And how long did it take for you to feel better?

Well my sister just got hers taken out. I think it hurts from what i hear. If they numb your mouth well it shouldn't be that bad. Trust me i had all my teeth taken out when i was little but then again i was under amnesia.
Don't worry the pain will subside and you'll be fine :)

Tom Shady
i don't know one of mine is still growing

bad even though my dentist put me to sleep to do it it is very painful you have to eat pudding for a couple of weeks nothing hot and you can barely open your mouth i hated it!!!

Stevey K
they give you some killer sedatives during and that keeps you from like even movement for a day then they usually give you Tylenol 3's which are like 3x stronger then the extra strenght

Manan Amin
it hurts a lot. a pain you have ever had in your whole life.it gets better in about 2 or 3 hours.

I got my wisdom teeth out in January, this is what i did. I askde for laughing gas because it makes you all high and happy and then he put freezing needle in my mouth, i kept telling him i could feel him pushing so he kept putting in needles to numb me, i did that a couple times and then i didn't feel much pain, just pressure from taking out the tooth. I listened to my ipod which really helped get off my mind. When i went home i automatically took Tylenol number 3 by the way i was awake the entire time, so basically it took around 2.5 weeks to heal your face because it swells. The third day always hurts the most. Eat lots of soup too, and don't stress or else it'll be harder to yank out the teeth. Good luck!

Larry O
Mine didnt hurt at all.A little pain afterward but not serious.

Tiffany W
Ok, I am not trying to scare you but it was awful. The actual procedure wasn't that bad because I was put under, but the next couple of weeks were very painful. I didn't keep enough gauze packed on the wound so I gotta dry socket and I got super terrible headaches that Vicodin would not even knock the edge off of because air was hitting the nerve. I also vomited alot for the two days right after because I was swallowing so much blood. And then you are left with big deep holes that you gotta rinse out with a syringe, it was soooo gross they have finally closed up. But I did lose about 7 lbs after it was all over so that was cool. Just make sure you don't have to go to work for the next couple of days and get plenty of pain med from you surgeon, and make sure you clear time to sleep, I had to have a babysitter for like two days straight while I slept.

Sexy Mama
well i was put to sleep when i got mine taken out but when i finally came too, i just took the meds as prescribed and felt better. The pain killers really help a lot but don't abuse them.

hope that helps!!

Hankerin for a Hunka Cheese
You feel fine

Until the pain killers wear off. Then it kills for a couple days.

After the pain stops, you have to look forward to food constantly getting stuck in the holes in your gums

It will hurt for a while after they are out. Try eating soft foods for a few days and take some Motrin for the pain.Good luck and hope all goes we.

Had wisdom teeth out 3 months ago. The pain is minimal when on the medicine they provide. Usually hydrocodone. Just uncomfortable. Most painfull for myself was after getting off the pain pills and having to "wash" out the sockets. This is usally a week after surgery. Make sure to stock up on apple sauce....very soothing.

Good Luck

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