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Hot r Cold on my huge tooth abcess?
i already went the er and am on meds but the pain is unberable do i need to use hot r cold on my swollen cheek ive been using cold but i think it might be slowin down the drainage help pain also the swelling is going down but it swelled up under my eye while i was asleep is that normal

Try putting a wet tea bag on the tooth. I've heard that helps. Of course, continue on the meds they gave you. I'm allergic to many anti-biotics so I've had to find alternate treatment to some infections. I have used silverbiotics (available at GNC). At first I thought it was not going to work because I'm not really into herbal stuff, but I was desperate. Guess what. It worked great. It's about $25 for a large bottle and has been a life saver for me. But if you are on other meds, you should ask your doctor before taking it. It got rid of my infection quicker than the antibiotics I had taken in the past. Hope you feel better soon.

This is not normal for swelling to go up to eye. Hot or cold does not make any difference. Suggest go back to er for pain killers. If swelling is still bad under eye you may need stronger anti biotics or better still see a dentist for root canal treatment asap.

I would try gargling with a solution of dissolved salt in lemon juice and vinegar. You could try heating it on the stove to a rolling boil, and then pouring it into a mug to gargle with. You can actually spit back into the mug and reuse, as needed. It will keep for over a year.

Alternate hot and cold... both, until it hurts, repeatedly. Although the pain will be severe during this, afterwards it will subside.

my avatar is hot but I'm not
Warm, not cold, it increases the blood flow and lessens the swelling. A heat pack on the outside of your cheek, not against the tooth.. :) warm salt water rinses will help clean out your mouth and lessen the pain from the other side, as well.

You should be taking some ibuprophen as well as your antibiotics, if your er doc didn't tell you to call and ask about it, sometimes they don't state the obvious. An anti inflammatory will help bring it down quicker, too.

It's normal for the swelling to move around a little while you're putting pressure on your face from lying on it or being horizontal.

Billys girl
Warm, not cold. Go to the doctor and they will give you antibiotics. Pain killers are great, but antibiotics will make the swelling go away.


john b
Sweetie, a proven method...Put a warm tea bag on your abscess, and keep it there for half an hour. It will draw out your infection, I promise.

Oobily Ghepp
Heat on the surface of the swelling inside the mouth might very likely bring the pus to that surface. If you cannot get to a dentist--which is the best course of action--you might try this method.

then, as disgusting as this sounds, if you can see the pus pocket on the surface, puncture it so that the pus can drain out. If you can reduce the amount of pus, you will reduce the pressure and the pain.

Then find a dentist fast.

Also, keeping your head upright will avoid swelling around your eye

warm salt water

yea its normal try using hot it will help it to drain

dan m
hot salt water rinse several times try to get the salt water into your gums

Warmth induces blood flow, cold restricts it (which stops the swelling and helps reduce it). You may try a 20 min on/20 min off approach...20 mins of heat, 10 mins off, then 20 mins cold

The antibiotic that you are on should begin to work in about 24 hours at which time the pain should be greatly reduced. If you are able to take a headache pill along with the other med...you might try doing this as well.

Sometimes drinking warm liquids helps, however it could increase the amount of infection that comes from the site...ensure you spit out the infectious material rather than swallow (ugh) as I understand it tastes incredibly rancid.

By tomorrow you should feel much better and the swelling will have gone down noticeably. If you are still having severe pain and swelling...the medication may not be working on you and might need adjusting.

Good luck...suxs to not feel well over the holidays...hope you can get to a dentist soon.

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