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wendy B
Hi my dulghter is 12 and the teacher has told her at school that she has bad breath what can i do?

December Princess
Get her to a doctor for a checkup! It could be an underlying problem.
A friend of mine had bad breath due to bad kidneys.

give her listerine breath strips and brush her teeth and floss and mouth wash

Take her to the dentist, and tell her teacher Next time, tell you, not your Child, cause this could cause her to have a low self esteem

You should try one of those tounge scrappers, or get a tooth paste that specializes in that. I cant remeber the name of it, but any store should have it. Also, she should brush her teeth at least 3 times a day.

I hope he told her descretely and that she took no offence. It is important to get a notice about this in order to do something about it. It is awful when people can't stand being around you for having bad breath. It is not rude to tell that someone has bad breath - it is helpful in the way that you get the opportunity to do something about it!

Make sure (watch) that she brush her teeth properly. Can she handle it properly? Make sure that she floss every day. Clean teeth is number one step for breath. Observe her tongue. Does it have plaque? Maybe she needs to brush her tongue as well? There is a possibility to get zink-tablets at the drugstore to chew. Zink will help against bad breath.

If this doesn't help your daughter, take her to the dentist. Take this problem seriously.

Good luck and best wishes : )

Cryssie R
Take her to the dentist and have her checked for tooth decay. Also, teach her the importance of regularly brushing her teeth and tongue.

1st- Talk to the teacher and explain that your child's breath isn't their business. They were out of line.
2nd- If your daughter does have breath problems, try to find out what the cuase is. Could be dental problems, stress, food related, etc. Give your daughter a travel size toothbrush and toothpaste and she can brush her teeth after lunch at school. Keep her loaded up with listerine strips/mints/gum.

brush your teeth with her in the morning. or try some Mouthwash. or get her one of those toungue scrapers. almost all of the bacteria that cause bad breath reside on the toungue.

Do you think she has bad breath? Take her to the dentist to make certain she is not ill. Make sure she understands the need for good dental hygiene. Keep Altoids (or other mints) readily available.

Introduce her to dental floss and show her to also brush her tongue, or use a tongue scraper everytime she brushes, which should be at least 2 times a day.

If she really does have bad breath, that needs to be addressed. But I would talk to the teacher and tell him/her that in the future you would prefer that the teacher call and talk to you without saying something hurtful to your daughter.

It was good that she told her; if it was me I would want to know also. She needs to start brushing her teeth twice a day with a mint flavored toothpaste for at least 1 to 2 minutes. She should be rinsing with mouth wash at school once a day after lunch to relieve the odor. You should also be taking her for teeth cleanings twice a year. If all this is being done and she still has bad breath she may need to do what they call a tongue scraping. You need to ask your dentist about it. The tongue can store bacteria near the back that can cause odors.

buy her some tic tacs lol

besides good oral care have her carry mints or gum with her

Bad breath (halitosis) can be caused by bacterial growth. The majority of bacteria in your mouth live on your tongue. So, as many have said, brushing your tongue can help.

However, there are many medical conditions that can also cause bad breath (like sinus problems and digestive problems).

If she's brushing her teeth and tongue regularly, and are still having bad breath (halitosis), I suggest you get her in to see her doctor for an evaluation to make certain there is no underlying medical problem.

Amy <33
Wow, that's really rude of her teacher. I'm sorry that she told her that.

But, make sure she brushes her teeth and tongue before bed and right when she wakes up. Not just the front of the tongue, too. Buy her some Listerine strips or some mints or tic-tacs to keep in her pocket, purse, or back-pack so she can use them after lunch.

Wow, her teacher sounds like a bit.ch! And ask her teacher to call you herself to let you know, and not saying something rude to your daughter at school.

Thank the teacher and then find out what is causing the problem. It could be no more than needing better hygiene to having a serious underlying medical problem, such as uncontrolled diabetes.

Diamond Freak :)
make sure she has some breath mints and I would tell the teacher to mind her own business and stop saying things to children that are negative and will decrease thier self esteem. That ia so wrong!

matt w
Make sure that she scarps her tongue when she brushes in the morning. Get her an electric toothbrush that helped with my neice. Good luck

kris s
take her to the dentist. then send her off to school with gum. if the rude teacher says anything go and confront him. what kinde of school does your daughter go to anyway.

if she doesn't want to brush them them grab her by her head and pour a box of backing soda down her throat and brush the crap out of them. lol

If brushing and flossing are doing it, try mouth wash or gum. If it's that bad of a problem, you might consider making an appointment with the dentist.

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