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Help! my tooth is about to fall out! what should i do?

Additional Details
its a baby tooth and it REALLY HURTS!!it just doesn't wanna let go.!

Call and put the Tooth Fairy on standby.

Fuzzgun 91
Just let it fall out...This reminds me of this guy from a gas station I used to work at. His tooth was falling out and he comes up to the counter and asks what he should do...I told him to go see a dentist...He later comes back and buys a tube of supper glue and proceeds to glue his tooth back in right infront of me...Some people....

georgy porgy.com
pull it out and be done with it.

go to a dentist.

Carol J
I got a couple loose ones too and mine are adult teeth. 1 is so loose it's about to fall out, but it won't just yet. if it don't fall out tonight I'm gonna just put oragel or ambesol on it and yank it out. I took 1 out like that before and it wasn't too bad. is yours an adult tooth or baby tooth?

gina m
Just keep wiggling it until it lets go. Sometimes baby teeth are stubborn and are tightly attached to the tissue--that's what hurts.

Just wiggle a little at a time until it lets go of the gums. It Will come out eventually--the more you wiggle the faster you will feel better.

denist! he can help you! hunny

Either wait, or pull it out.
Then put it under your pillow for the tooth fairy! :)

Let it fall out.

Get to a dentist! If it falls out, wrap it in gauze and keep it under your tongue until you get there.

good question

TNA Member
Just pull it out.

It will fall out when it's ready to

Don't do anything.
Maybe just try to chew in another area of your mouth, or stick with soft foods

Baby Girl
Is it a baby tooth adult tooth??? More info please and if its an adult go see a dentist.

just pull it out

reach fer the alum powder is best, no it don't taste good yes its a twister but it shore does take care of bussiness. 100%.''

Stand with feet about shoulder width apart, bend at the waist so your facing the floor, open your mouth (use your hands if necessary) and wait. This may take a while so be patient and remember not to move. After the tooth has fallen to the floor, you can pick it up with a tissue and put it under your pillow. And tomorrow, surprise surprise.

Eat some ice cream or bit on an apple to pull the darn thing out!

if it's a baby tooth and it's about to fall out, then just pull it out. I know it's gonna hurt but the sooner you get the pain over with the better, otherwise, get to your dentist ASAP.

♥Shortstuff ♥
Work the tooth with your tongue until it falls out or eat an apple. Make sure you rinse your mouth out real well once the tooth comes out.

go to a dentist

is it a baby tooth or a big tooth? if it's a baby tooth just yank it out. if it's a big girl tooth you should call a dentist.

I would pull it out. [as long as it is a baby tooth].
It doesn't hurt for that long and you won't hear anything if you are paying attention or listening to something else...so create a distraction. Then grab a tissue and get a good grip on the tooth and pull it out.

You should pull it out because sometimes if the tooth is in too long it can create teeth problems [ex. crooked teeth, teeth that grow in the wrong spot, etc.]

When it is out add some water to the wound and let it sit for a while. Every once in a while spit it out. Iff you keep putting a tissue on it, you are destroying the platelets trying to heal the wound.

Good luck!

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