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 I am getting braces at the end of summer i am scared that they will hurt do they?Help<3?

 Vampire teeth?
How can you get permanent vampire teeth caps on your upper eye teeth? (My friend wants this. Not me. I think vampire fangs are weird)....

 IS baking soda and baking powder the same?
im just wondering if it's the same TTTTYYYYY...

 How do i remove a really loose tooth?
well actually its my little brothers he has had it for 2 days and it is so loose it dangles. left and right. but it is held on by a small piece of gum. he is tired of it and wants it out but we do ...

 My 11 y/o son virtually refuses to properly brush his teeth.?
Teeth brushing has beome a nightmare - a battle between parent and child. Son says he hates the taste of the tooth paste - I've tried several different flavors. I send him back repeatedly ...

 My teeth really hurt, I went to the dentist today but she said it was stress. That doesn't help me as?
it hurts too much to chew food with my molars....

 At what age do kids get braces?
My son is 10 years old. He has an overbite, and his top front teeth are crooked. When should he get braces?...

 My teeth are too white. How to discolour them?
I want to make them blend in with the average Joe in the world, cause it seems I stick out like a sore thumb.

Any suggestions?...

 Is toothpaste really necessary?
Do you believe in flouride & all these chemicals to help protect your teeth & gums? Aren't they just advertising gimmicks? I don't use toothpaste. Just brush, rinse with water & ...

 Should I use water to rinse my mouth after I use mouthwash?

 How can i whiten my teeth. Thanks?

 I just got my braces...?
and i want to know what foods would be good for me to eat for the first 2 weeks...my mom can't bring me my lunch and the caf has nothing i can eat...so i'm going to have to bring my lunch......

 Why do people think us british have really bad teeth?
I know its a strange question but i have heard this loads of times ...

 Is a retainer sopose to be painful?
so i just got my braces off a couple days ago and now i have to wear a retainer. I have to wear the bottom one 24/7 and it hurts like hell. my eyes water when i take it out to eat. is it sopose to ...

 I do wash my teeth with brush, but while brushing my teeth bleed. Is it normal or worrying?

 Make an easy 10 points!!!!? give me some ideas for colours for braces?
Ok so im going to the orthodontics tomorrow and i don't no what colours to get! what r some good colours??
Additional Details
is it true that black, white, red and orange make your ...

 What is the best way to whiten teeth?
is there any cheap stuff i can use to whiten my teeth? i have tried the arm and hammer and whitening kits but none work....

 I haven't taken a shower in 3 months and my toe nails turned yellow. how can i make the color go away?

Additional Details
i don't want to take a shower or wash my feet! i made a bet with my friend... i can't!!...

 After vomiting 24 hours my tongue is coated and mouth sore and bad taste, is this normal?
i had a fever, the flu, diareha, dry heaves, almost 36 hours, now major problem is coated tongue, bad taste, sore mouth. It however does not hurt to drink orange juice just textured, my main concern ...

 This one for those of you who have had shots in your mouth.?
Ok so i have 2 really deep cavities. The dentist told my mom i would have to have a shot to numb my mouth. And im only 13 and im so scared. my cuzin said that it only felt like a pinch. but my mom ...

Guys would you date a girl that was pretty but her teeth were kinda messed up,?
i don't mean really messed up just kinda chiped in the front.i know its a weard question

chips, discolorments, and even missing teeth can always be fixed, EASILY with a visit or 2 to the dentist. Personalities, intelligence, characteristics of a person cannot changed so easily. Liking someone for whats inside counts, outside appearences will always be changing (hello, we all grow old)

Not me
only if she didn't talk or smile.

and I might even be scared to put anything in there :---

of course.

As long as she's clean, why not? Don't make her feel self-conscious about it though. Maybe her parents can't sfford good dental care or she is afraid to go??? Her teeth are not her.

im not a guy but if they get 2 know u and really love u it shouldnt matter...and besides we all have at least one flaw

for sure

i don't see why not

how shallow are you. if shes pretty and has a good personality, why not?

depends on if she scrapes them during phallacio

Oh my god, no I would not.
I have the biggest, most pathetic 'thing' about a girl's teeth. They have to be perfect, or it's going to go nowhere.
I guess I'm just weird... I'm sorry.

If you love someone it doesnt matter. Character flaws are kind of cute...shes original

Meh... America puts too much stock into teeth. I don't think teeth ruin the appearance of the face too much, but knowing how important white teeth are to American pop culture, if someone doesn't take care of their teeth it kinda seems a bit careless.

However, a chip in the teeth can't be helped, really. If a person had an accident, a chip doesn't mean that they don't care about their appearance. So, I personally wouldn't deem teeth as a huge factor in appearance, but I'm quite unorthodox in my thinking anyway.

Yes I would......people who judge others by their appearances are very shallow.

Tommy S
well it all depends how her personalty would be because i don't judge a girl on her looks alone its mainly the personalty i got to be attracted to first so yeah i would


Dating a girl with a chipped teeth is not advisable. Anyway, if you like her, you need not consider it but look at her personality as a whole.

I'm not a guy, but I don't see how someones teeth should affect anything. If a guy says they wouldn't cuz of someones teeth, then obviously they wouldn't be a good boyfriend.

yes I would physical beauty at its very best is fleeting. a face will wrinkle, breast and buttocks will sag. the true and lasting beauty is always on the inside. not being able to afford dental work does not diminish a persons value as a human being or the internal qualities that are true beauty.

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