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Emily Beth
Getting put to sleep for surgery?
I am so scared!! Tommrrow i am going to the oral surgen to get my tooth pulled down and they have to put me to sleep. Will i be able to feel anything durring the sugery? What will happen and do you think i will have a reaction to it because every time my mom had this done she got very sick! I am soo scared!! What if i wake up durring the surgery!!

You will not feel anything during the surgery. You will get administered some kind of drug and get put to sleep. I doubt you will have a reaction. You may experience some side effects...however, I doubt you will get much more than that. If you do wake up during surgery, they will administer more drugs to you to make you go back to sleep.

if they put you to sleep you will not feel anything.
you will not wake up during the surgery (that is something that only happens rarely, and it is usually with more serious surgeries... ) even if you did wake up, you would survive... the pain is not that much, really, just what you would rather avoid.

the only reason you might get sick is if you ate something right before...

no u won't feel anything, it's just sleep, wooooo, relax

sundaizie ♥~♥
YOU WILL BE FINE!!!! Nothing will hurt even a little bit! when you wake your mouth willbe sore and you may feel a little sick to you stomach...but big deal!!!!....the tooth part is over! Don't worry about this...think of it as going some place fun and having a lot of people fuss over you! That's pretty much how it goes. ♥

* Kimberley *
You need to relax. These are professionals that do this stuff for a living. I have been under anesthetic a few times and have never woken up during surgery. You will feel groggy when you wake up and will probably need to take some painkillers for the pain of the extraction afterwards but the surgery part is a breeze. I'd be more worried about after the Morphine wears off and you start to feel the pain in your mouth.

i had to be put to sleep to have two pull a few years ago... things went fine for... i was just sleepy a lot.... plus if you have pain pills eat something before you take them......

Now don't worry yourself into having problems. Just relax and you will be fine. Not everyone is the same in how they react. Most people don't have any problems and a few have reactions.

Tom O
oh get over it! you breath into a mask count to five and the next thing you know you have a tooth in your hand you dont feel anything at all!
thre extremley slim chance you will wake up during surgery!

youll be fine, youll be sleeping and usually u dont wake up.

First L
u wont feel a thing
u might wake up a little woozy or throw up a little bit afterwards (i did)
but everyone reacts different
dnt worry you wont wake up

You are in the hands of professionals. Let them do their job and all will be well.

Half the battle of going through something like this is in your own mind, as you are finding out. Relax and the whole thing will go smoothly. You are not your mother and you won't wake up during surgery.

when i had my sugery, i was put to sleep. they injected me wid some stuff which i felt went to my brain and it knocked me out in couple of seconds. i wake up, and i ask people arond me is it done? dont be afraid, they're professionals :)

I got put to sleep during a surgery once.i didnt feel anything it just felt like i had taken a nap.

You most likely will NOT wake up during the surgery. You will be monitored at ALL times to be sure you will stay asleep. I wouldn't stress out about it, you won't feel anything while it is being performed but when you awake and the numbness begins to wear off, you will be sore. They will probably give you a painkiller and instructions on what to eat until it is more healed. You'll do okay-really!

i think you worry for nothing---its a piece of cake. just like going to sleep and then when you wake up its over. its done all the time. i've been there

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