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 Do you have to get PUT OUT for multiple dental extractions?
If someone has had problems in the past with anesthesia can a patient then choose to use Novacain or something to numb their gums instead? Can you have MULTIPLE EXTRACTIONS while using a topical ...

 I think i have bad breath, my dad always tells me i do what do i do?
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 What is best toothpaste to use?
i have badbreath due gingivitis.i did clean proffesionnaly ,but didnt do a lot.i floss, use mouthwash,but wnat to know if there the best toothpaste to use for this?and when i floss beetwen particular ...

 Is it safe to use PEROXCIDE as mouthwash?
Can you safely and effectivly use peroxcide as mouthwash?
Deluted? straight?...

 What foods can i and can i not eat?
im getting braces in a couple of months but i'd like to know in advance what i can't eat.plz help me....

 Does a root canal hurt during or after?
does the dentist give you pain stuff after your root canal
and what is a crown?
and approximitly how long does it take?...

 I'm terrified of Dentists.?
are there dentists that will put you out (as if you were getting your wisdom teeth pulled) for a root canal or any dental work? I've had my wisdom teeth taken out and was happy that I didn'...

 Please, im so scared.......? One dentist after the other with in 30 to 45 minutes. Can I be put to sleep??
I have some teeth that need to be pulled in the back of my mouth,they are decayed, I have not been back to the dentist for fear, terrible fear of the dentists. I would rather be in pain. But my ...

 What happens if you don't get a cavity filled?
I'll be the first person to admit that I drink energy drinks WAY too much...and I always get cavities because of it. Today I went to the dentist and I have four cavities...and of course I'm ...

 Gum Abcess?
I had a abcess in my gum and it popped overnight. i rinsed and spit hoping i didnt swallow the pus. next day i had a fever and was very tired . Was this caused by the infection?...

 I've got yellow teeth! How do I get white teeth?
I have got yellowish teeth and want to make them white! I am using Aquafresh toothpaste and colgate liquid thing but I haven't seen any results! Should I try new toothpaste and liquid thing? If ...

 When will the novocaine wear off from having my wisdom teeth pulled?
it was done about 2-3 hrs ago....

 What mouthwash works the best and why? Like is it in the ingredients or what...?

Additional Details
Yeah, ikinda like think'n bout stuff alot nd i got sum mouth wash from a hotel that was extra tingly... like tingly enuff ta make me wanna buy it... So i want...

 Help! got a tooth out and cant get rid of numbness! :(?
Whats the best way to get rid of the numbness in my mouth after getting tooth out? the blood and stuff i can hack but the numbness i canny! got tooth out ...

 Is anybody else absolutly petrified about going to the dentist any tips on how to calm down?

Additional Details
its not the pain or treatment that bothers me i have panick attacks and feel my throat is closing up and i am going to swallow my ...

 Does getting your wisdom teeth drilled out of your head hurt?

 Is it normal for your face to still swell up 3 days after having your wisdom teeth out?
i had both of my top wisdom teeth out monday night its now thursday morning and one side of my cheek seems to be swelling more and more also it feels really tingly and a bit numb
Additional D...

 I have a very deep cavity and it's hurting like crazy....?
I won't be seeing the dentist for a long long long time though. What will the dentist do to the deep cavity? (it;s one of my back molars on top)

Meanwhile what are the feasible ways ...

 Rinsing with warm salt water?
I have pericoronitis which is an infection of the gum around my wisdom tooth, my dentist has given my 5 days of antibiotics for it, but I read somewhere that rinsing with warm salt water after eating ...

 Is it ok to have sweet tea after you get your wisdom teeth cut out?

Getting Teeth Pulled For Braces! Read?
Okay, I went to the ortho a year ago, and then my mom decided to wait cuz I needed to get 4 teeth pulled. So, I just went yesterday, Im getting the 4 teeth taken out soon, then getting the top braces on 2 weeks later. Is there anything I should know about teeth pulling or braces? Im getting 2 teeth pulled, then waiting 2 weeks for those to heal, then getting the other 2 pulled, then 2 weeks later getting the top braces on. Oh yeah-does a cavity look a tiny bit yellow, like not yellow but not perfectly fine? My friend wanted me to ask that part. So does it look a tiny bit yellow????? With no visibly hole or no black spot, and some sensitivity at random times, not when eating??? Is that a cavity???

If you don't trust your orthodontist ask your dentist and vice versa

I would suggest to you to get all 4 teeth pulled at the same time, it will be a quicker recovery. I had 6 teeth pulled and braces a week after and talking from experience, it is much better to get them all done at once. The pain is not to bad depending on how you teeth are position and the procedure that needs to be done. For me i had 4 cut out of the gums and 2 pulled so healing time was about one week and after 4 days of having them pulled i had braces put on. If you seperate the procedure, eg. pull 2 now 2 later it will take you a bit longer to heal and may scare you so that you do not want to return for the other 2 to be pulled. I was put to sleep for this so i did not feel a thing but if you are having it pulled i hear it is a differant story.

Good luck!

the most important thing to know about getting teeth pulled, is avoid getting dry socket! Ask your dentist what to do to avoid "Dry Socket"!!!

it is soooo painful!

I also got four teeth pulled before getting braces as a teen. Nothing you need to know except they are making room in your mouth for your teeth to line up properly. Also be sure to wear your retainer afterwards for as long as you are told to, even if you don't think you need it because the teeth WILL go crooked again!

A dentist couldn't answer your other question without seeing the teeth (and if they did, I wouldn't go to them!) so I doubt anyone here could.

it ddoesn't hurt much, but I would get it done 2 teeth at a time, or you'll starve

Your doctor should tell you all you need to know about how to care for your gums after having your teeth extracted. If I were you, I would have all four done at the same time. I dont understand why you are going back twice.

Your friend should go to the dentist. Any discoloration could be an early warning and the sensitivity is definitely something to be checked out before it turns into something worse.

katiee. =]]
i have braces and have had them since feb. 15 of this yr. the only thing u need 2 do with braces is when u get them put on..the cement that they put on the bands..and if u dont kno what that is that is the metal ring that they put on ur 2 back teeth.. that cement is just awful and really sour!! but other that that when u get ur braces tightened they hurt 4 atleast 2 days but getting braces just put on it will prolly hurt 4 about a week...keep them brushed really good and dont drink many soft drinks....i cant tell u n e thing about gettin ur teeth pulled b/c i didnt have to get that done....hope that helps ya! ♥

Sailor's Wife
It's a common procedure to get 4 bicuspids pulled before you get braces.

when i got my teeth pulled...well...i stuck to SOFT food...and COLD food...hot sometimes hurts really bad. keep some Tylenol handy. you might need it for the first few days after the teeth are pulled...

with the braces....um...theyll be sore when you first get them on, but after that you should be fine!!!

as for your friend...i honestly dont know what a cavity looks like...ive NEVER had one...so dont ask me about that...

hope i helped a little!

Mrs. Armstrong
I had to get my top "fang" (dont know the proper term) pulled before my braces, but make sure u do whatever the ortho tells u to do cuz after 3 yrs of having braces my teeth still look like **** cuz i didnt wanna listen...now the only way i can fix them is braces of course and oral surgery im sure it will be pain full so take care of ur teeth and have fun!

The first thing you need to know is, if you are not absolutely committed to getting braces AFTER your teeth are extracted, you will create a problem that is worse than what you may currently have. For this reason, most orthodontists will make sure the patient is in braces THEN refer to a dentist to have the teeth extracted. Most will make sure the commitment has been made before having a patient extract healthy (usually healthy) adult teeth for orthodontic purposes. If for some reason you do not get the treatment started and the teeth have been extracted, there is bone loss and the spaces at the extraction sites will be unable to be closed completely if this occurs. Also, if braces are on all teeth except the 4 (in your case) to be extracted, it's a no-brainer which teeth are to be removed. (Remember the wrong leg was amputated for a diabetic patient?)They now mark legs, (L)eft or (R)ight if it's the one to be amputated!

Additionally, teeth continue to extrude until they hit something (other teeth). If the teeth have been extracted, the teeth mesially and distally will begin to tilt toward the extraction sites. The teeth on the opposite arch will also super erupt if they do not occlude against other teeth. This creates more problems.

You're committed, get the extractions. We won't feel a thing (you will)! (Sorry, couldn't resist) It will heal fine and you'll have no problems. I will caution you, closing the extraction sites won't be a piece of cake but nothing Tylenol or Advil can't handle.

About braces, brush and floss after each meal. Request a prescription flouride (if one isn't given to automatically). One should be given to you and included in your case fee.

Follow the rules: NO hard, crunchy, chewy or sticky foods while wearing braces.

You'll be absolutely proud of your investment in YOURSELF!

Tell your friend she probably doesn't have a cavity but not to trust me. Trust her dentist. Get in for an exam, checkup and cleaning!

Braces are fine, I've had them 3 times because my tongue pushes my teeth out of place. I also had to have 4 teeth pulled because my mouth was so crowded. It is not really a big deal, hurts for a little while, but works out in the end. I would get the four done at the same time, it's what I did and then you only have the pain once. I truly appreciate having had braces now. I have a goregous smile and get lots of compliments!
If you have a choice, ask if your orthodontist uses the Damon system. It is a new system of braces that is less painful, a lot quicker, uses NASA technology and does not use the metal bands, which makes them better for your teeth.
The one thing you need to remember with braces though, is to BRUSH! I can not emphasise that enough. I bushed, but not as well as I should have and ended up with a little decalsifiction, or white spots on my teeth. I regret that. So for your sake, please brush really well and you will love the result.

As for your friend's question, the only person who can answer that is a dentist. If there is any question about a cavity it is important to see a dentist before it gets really bad.

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