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 Ok, I think I'm gonna remove the wisdom teeth, but how painful it is?
after reading about wisdom teeth, I think they are unnecessary. but how painful it is to remove them? I dont like pain!!!! can I be put to sleep, so I wont feel any pain while removing them? I'...

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 What can i take to reduce swelling in my gums, please give me advice and not go se the dentist?
what can i take to reduce swelling in my gums, please give me advice and not go se the ...

Does the dentist numb you before a root canal?
How is the procedure done?

as long as u have a good dentist they will take good care of u and will numb u i dont really no how they actually do the procedure but u shuld b fine

I race cars
of course they have a gel they put on qtips to prenumb your gums before they give you novacaine shots you dont feel squat. I finally go to the dentists now . It aint like it was in the 70-80's . Heck i even get to watch tv while they work on me.

YES THEY NUMB IT. I am not for sure how they do it but I have had three bad ones and will never have another.

Most dentists offer the option of using the gas (nitrous oxide) to help relax you first. I don't use that anymore because I had a BAD experience once.
First they use what they call a 'topical' which is like a numbing gel so that you won't feel any pain at all from the Novocaine injections that will come next. I didn't have the numbing gel and the injections didn't bother me that much. Then they take syringes filled with the Novocaine and inject all around the area. They'll poke the area a few times and ask if you can feel anything. If you still have any feeling, they'll inject you again. They had to give me about 6 injections before I was totally numb. They won't do any drilling until they know you are numb enough. After that, they begin to drill so they can do what they call a 'pulpectomy' (root canal). All they do is drill through a bit until they can get in and take out the stuff inside your tooth (nerves, pulp, etc) It will not hurt at all because you will be totally NUMB. Then they get little skinny stick-like 'files' that they slide into the tooth to make sure everything is scraped out. Again, you feel NOTHING. After that, it's filled up with a rubber filling and they pop a crown on top.

'leepay the great
yeah Novocaine will be applied, which basically numbs the heck out of it, but you'll still feel it a tiny bit. It wont hurt, you'll just really want to get it done with though haha. Good luck, just had a dentist visit today!

Yes, first he will numb your gums with something like oragel then, he will shoot you up with Novacaine.

of course they do!

I do not know how the actual root canal is done but yes you will be numbed up really good. I think the denist drills out the tooth like a filling and removes the dead root nerves and decayed tooth. then covers it with a cap or a filling

Yes he does. And oh it is so much fun to watch. My dentist had a camera fixed above my mouth and there was a tv in the ceiling so I could watch the procedure.

elysia & austin's mommy
Yes they do.

Of course the dentist numbs your mouth, unless you really like pain.

Biologic Dental Consultant
you don't want a root canal. trust me.

Yes, of course, it's just like a filling...have you ever gotten a filling? Don't worry yourself to death though. It's basically the same as getting a filling except it takes longer, you can't take the mask off, and it normally takes two trips to the dentist (to have the cap put on). Here are some sites with FAQ's. Good luck! =)

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