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 Why does a toothache always hurt more at night?

 HElp with wisdom teeth?
i asked this question before but it didnt make sense so im asking it again.

i have these two white bumps under my tounge where my gums are what are they could it be my wisdom teeth?

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And are your braces metal or white?...

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This afternoon I had to go to dentist for my 6 mnthly check.
After removing the tartar he was polishing my teeth. Anyhow I started to cough and I could feel something on my tongue but it was ...

 I had a filling done in my teeth, for how will my mouth keep feeling numb?

Additional Details
i meant to say for how long will my mouth keep feeling numb, now its an hour since i had the injections and its still the same....

 What do you mean by blue tooth?
pls explain its ...

 Can you kiss with braces on?
Does it hurt for the other person?? lol...help me please!! =]...

 What is a good age to start using adult toothpaste?

 Tooth Just Pulled Help!!?
I just had my tooth pulled, it was a baby tooth but they said it was like getting an adult tooth pulled. The shot hurt less than the pulling out of my tooth. Is this normal? Any suggestions on how it ...

 Braces for a 25 year old male?
I live in NJ and my dentist said 6K for braces. What does everybody think????...

 How do I knock someones theeth out?
I have tried many times but sadly failed. I hit them on the mouth with my fist and several other objects. Can anyone tell me what specific spot to hit?...

 If you have a bad tooth in your mouth with a hole in it,can that give you bad breath?
The tooth in question is a molar( upper)and the last tooth.they tell me removing it dangerous,is that true?...

 Wisdom teeth?
At what age does a person usually get thier wisdom teeth? I'm 26 and last year I got one on top, but that's all. Do they come on the bottom also?...

I can't stand it! I ttok Tylenole 5 minutes ago, but what else can i do?!??! it's from braces.. OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW... thanksss=]
Additional Details
ALSOO, ...

 Can big teeth be made smaller?
if you have big teeth.. can a dentist make them smaller?...

 How can you overcome nerves with dentist?
I went to the dentist today after 13 years (i was scared quite badly 13 years ago) and had a filling and scale and polish. It didn't hurt but i was so terrified at one point i was hardly able ...

 Braces color?
black and blue...or black and purple bands?
the braces are silver
Additional Details
sorry somebody rated down people who said black and purple (it wasnt me)...

Does removal of filling hurt?
I had two small cavities in my left back bottom teeth.

The dentist filled it up or w/e

Then I had pain in those two teeth whenever I ate something cold,sweet,or juicy.

I went to another dentist and he said that the previous dentist put the filling in a bit too deep,next to the nerve.

He gave me sendodyen and some other toothpaste that I brush on but don't rinse.

He said if 3 weeks go by and it still hurts.
I would have to go and have the filling removed and have new filling

FYI. When i had my feelings but in the 1st time,I got injected and numbed and it didn't hurt

Without an anesthetic, yes. Oh and the novacaine shot is painful. If you request nitrous oxide (laughing gas), then the novacaine shot doesn't hurt. A lot of dentists don't do it for adults. Mine does, thank goodness. ;-P

they just inject u with novacain and ur on ur way

It will be the same way when you have it redone.....and dont forget to complain to the dentist about the poor job he did the first time, and you cant believe your back. But of course, dont complain untill he is done!

If your teeth hurt,take them out.
Dont bother with the filling.

I don't think that the dentist is right because when I get fillings or root canals or crowns, it always has pain afterwards, like you said, when you ate something cold, sweet, or juicy. I SUFFERED through it all and FINALLY it went away. But I don't know, maybe the dentist is right? Maybe I shouldn't have suffered? Oh well, too late. But I don't think the removal of the filling will hurt, because of the injections, or it may hurt afterwards again.

Yes it does hurt. I got this done a month ago. I only had a temporary filling until I was scheduled to get caps. Yes it does hurt to eat. I used Orajel and Aleve in the meantime.

it will only hurt if they crack the tooth while removing the filling other than that you should be fine

if you are still having pain/sensitivity would ask the dentist about putting in a medicated filling'

hope that helps

no it wont hurt.i'm 15 and have had it done twice.it never hurt.only as long as they numb your gums before hand

No dental work is particularly comfortable. But if you feel any actual pain, let your dentist know and he'll give you a bit more Novocaine to kill it.

Mr. Curious
Just be sure to let them know that you want to be numbed very well and you shouldn't feel a thing. If you have a dentist that doesn't believe in using much numbing agent, then thank them, remove your drool towel, get up and leave. There are plenty of dentists out there who will make SURE that you don't feel anything, don't waste your money on one that doesn't.

More than likely, you will get an injection to prevent the pain when you get your tooth fixed.

They will probably numb you again because i would think it would be a bit painful if they ahd to dig the old filling material out and put in new especially if it was a deep cavitity near the nerve

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