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Min Sung J
Does it hurt when you get your teeth pulled out at the dentist?

not if they numb it but after it does a little it bleeds a lot somtimes and u drool

if u r takin injection for example the doctor tells u it does not hurt but when i was to pull my teeth he told me it will hurt a bit so therefore IF he could tell that no need to scareu but its a nigtmare both during and after sorry in advance!

kinda-i kicked my doc

sasn q
i actually just had it done like 30 minuets ago and no only then needle in your mouth but ask for noss and it will hurt less


only the novacane shot, but after, you cant feel anything. its really weird feeling after they pull them cause your still kinda numb...

Not at all, i've had 8 teeth out and i'm only 15 haha.
they use a needle, that looks big but it doesn't hurt and sometimes also use a gel to dumb your gums and inside cheeks and lips. You can't feel a thing honestly. When its over you'll wonder why you were worried. although when you leave the dentist the numbness does feel a little strange, but it'll wear off in time.

not really. They usually give you novicane or something to knock you out so you won't feel anything :)
you might feel them tugging at the tooth, but it shouldn't hurt, just feels...odd.

As everyone is saying, the worst part is the novicane shot at the beginning (depending on how Gentle your dentist is, it can be a pinch or hurt like heck).

During the proceedure you'll only feel pressure.

Afterward, you will be in a little pain while you heal, but usually the doc will give you some pain killers to help with that.
Make sure you don't smoke, rinse, or use a straw for at least 72 hours.

After 24 hours you can start rinsing with warm salt water.

Good Luck :)

Eric the Sinner
No they numb it I think

Only when they put the anathestics in. That needle is wicked huge and made out of steel. Otherwise, you only feel a little movement in your gums as they remove it.

it doesn't hurt when you are getting your teeth pulled, but after it does!

The dentist will give you anaesthetic to numb the area. The jab hurts a little, but not intolerable. just shut your eyes!!! haha~

You'll feel the pull, but nothing else. Make sure you get some good painkillers (ibruprofen works wonders for me) , coz it HURTS when it wears off!

♥ last week's barbie
uh hm you can feel the pressure of him pulling it out and after, if you take the medicine and just stayed in bed and eat soft food like grits (it is a type of oatmeal that it real smooth) and ice cream you will be fine!

Not one bit, the only pain is the needle and after!

who me???
Usually, you only feel a sting from the needle and then your mouth is numb.

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