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 Brushing then floss & mouth wash still can't get rid of my bad breath?
I use COLGATE TOTAL,then FLOSS & use LISTERINE,but when i wake up in the morning i still have a little bad breath.Is it normal?...

 Will i need braces??
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 Will a rotten tooth affect my other teeth?
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 I need advice about daughthers anxiety!?
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 Health and safety nonsense at the dentist?
I went to the dentist the other day and for the first time ever he asked to me wear safety glasses.

I asked why and he said I get splashed in the eye or something.

LOL-what a ...

 Help me please?
i have very bad teeth, great hygeine but they still keep getting infected and crumbling, over the past year i have had so many repaired because i finally had dental insureance but now i'm laid ...

 Tooth abscess?
hi, im 12 and today i had my 1st visit to the dentist i was sooo scared i cryed.They told me i had an abscess and told me i have to have tooth pulled out, I fainted and then minutes later i woke up.T...

 My teeth feel sensitive after I wake up?
Every time I wake up, my teeth feel really sensitive and I have to brush my teeth.
Additional Details
I'm not grinding because I have my mouth open sometimes....

 How often should you brush ur gums?

 Can I rub household bleach on my teeth to whiten them?

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 How do you get the vomit taste out of your mouth?
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 Brown teeth?
please i have a brown teeth.how can i make it white?...

 Natural ways to whiten teeth?
i've tried baking soda and peroxide mixture but it really burns my gums and tastes really bad, does anyone know any other way to whiten your teeth....low cost is best, and simple things i may ...

 When I was 13 I had a really bad experience with my dentist, how can I conquer my fear?
I am 29 and have not been to a dentist since I was 13 years old. Since that experience I have taken care of my teeth and am very regimental when it comes to my teeth. I had a cavity filled in when I...

 Should you floss before or after you brush your teeth?

 Chipped Tooth?
I chipped my tooth the other day--it was the very tip of the top left incisor. By looking at it, you can't tell that anything is wrong, but I noticed it when I brushed my tongue over it and it ...

 Can you request to have your dental records and take them with you to another dentist.?

 One of my fillings keeps coming out, ive had it redone like 3 times already but it keeps coming out...?
the tooth its on doesnt even hurt and the little hole left there has no black spots or anything nothing to bother me just that the filling isnt there to keep food out but i brush right after

Does it hurt when they pull out a tooth?
I'm getting 3-4 teeth remove so i can braces, and i wanted to know how much pain is it? Does it hurt after?

i got 4 teeth pulled to get my braces too... if you're getting 4 pulled, it's likely they'll seperate the appointments. 2 at a time you know? firstly they give you freeze... it's like a needle and it just numbs your face and teeth... it takes about five minutes before you cant even feel your face. the pulling doesn't hurt at all. you'll just feeling pressure and some jiggling. before you know it the doctor is saying. it's out! haha. afterwards though when the freeze is all gone and you can feel your face again, it'll be a little throbbing and maybe soreness. by the way, they need to put these gauze pacage thing in your mouth and you need to change them at home too... it's to stop the bleeding. i hope iwas some help!

There is a bit of a dull pain... but they numb it really well, and give you something to take for the pain later. It will be tough to eat, as the spaces will be very sensitive, but its not so bad. I had a tooth pulled before. It was only bad when the numbness wore off. lol and even then it wasnt HORRIBLE. Just uncomfortable.

If you're getting that many teeth pulled, you'll probably have your whole mouth numbed, probably by novocaine. The needle from being injected might hurt a little bit, but the procedure overall shouldn't be too bad. Your mouth'll be numb for a while after that though (say hello to jello and pudding), probably for the rest of the day or so. Also, they might put you into some more intense anesthesia, either local or total body, kind of if you were getting your wisdom teeth pulled. Then, you wouldn't feel a thing most likely.

well i depends how deep the tooth is or how big it is if its too deep its gonna kinda hurt but dentist put this numbing thing on you so if your strong it wont hurt as much..

rock n roll !!
they give you novocaine so it doesn't hurt while they pull them, but afterwards you'll probably be sore for maybe a day...it's kinds gross hearing the tooth being ripped out, though..

It shouldn't hurt at all. it might be a bit sore when the novacaine wears off, but it won't last long.

Tina and Alberto
yes! It depends on what the dentist is like who is pulling the teeth out though (for the most part). First they give you a shot (either one large one that looks like it is coming from a gun) or several small ones in your gums.. This "numbs" the area, however the doctor may ask you if you are really numb or not... If you ARE NOT completely numb and can feel him in any way make sure you tell them you can feel it, then they give you more pain shots. Once you are totally numb they pull the tooth or teeth out. It can hurt if you aren't numb enough, or if your doctor is an idiot an grabs ahold of your gums (like mine did). you can't feel much afterward, but the shots in your gums do smart pretty bad. After like 3 hours you'll notice your teeth are gone and it might be annoying, and sore, however this goes away within a week or sooner...

Kaley C
i had two teeth pulled last week for braces and don't be scared it does not hurt at all just eat soft foods for about a week after getting them pulled and you should be fine rinse your mouth with salt water because that will help the holes grow up from where you had your teeth pulled so you'll be fine

p.s. The dread is always worse then the real thing


mee (:
i have to have 2 teeth pulled in about.. 3 months for braces.
i remember last time they pulled teeth.
they used a needle in my gum.
it hurts are first
but it numbs almost your whole mouth so when they pull it you can barely feel a thing.
it might a little sore later when the numbing runs our.

If they give you good drugs, it won't hurt. I had 23 pulled about a year ago, and I had no pain. None during, and none after. I didn't even need my pain meds.

If they just pull them it's not so bad but if they CUT them out then you're gonna get drugs. They give you a sedative for the surgery that will keep you numb for at least a couple of hours afterward but make sure the first thing you do either before of after your surgery is make sure that your medicine is ready afterwards.

no they num it first
so it won't hurt
then they pull it out

I just got 4 teeth taken out last week (at the same time). I couldnt eat for a week. But it not painful because they make my mouth numb so i cant feel anything.

And finally i got my braces on today.

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