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Does it hurt when a dentist pulls out your tooth?

♥ ♥ nope not if you are numb ♥ ♥


Having a tooth extracted is not painful. The dentist will numb your tooth and the surrounding tissue. What most people think of as pain is the sound. When the tooth is being rocked out of the socket it is being luxated loose in the surrounding bone, ligaments, and tissue and you will hear some popping and cracking sounds. You should only feel pressure, no pain. If at any time you do feel pain, the doctor will tell you to raise your LEFT hand and he will stop and give you another injection. Another way to reduce the tension is to ask for Mr. Nose. Never be afraid to ask your dentist any questions, he's there to help you remember! Good luck, hope I've been of some help!

the injections are uncomfortable and there is pain after the numbing has worn of but the actuall pulling isnt painful :-)

Yes a little they should num it first and give you pain meds for later but it hurts to eat so if they did not tell you not to I would before I went in

The actual extraction doesn't hurt, because they put a lot of Novocaine in, but the needle isn't exactly a picnic; fortunately, that doesn't last long. I've never had any pain afterwards, but then my pain threshold is pretty good.

a person

not really

After he pulls out.

Noah's Mommy
If they numb the area, no it doesn't hurt at all. it's pretty weired because you would imagine feeling some pain, but you actually don't feel anything at all. I had a tooth pulled and I didn't even know when it actually came out. The dentist had to tell me it was done. Relax your mind, you'll be fine. If at any point you feel like you are in pain, let the dentist know so that they can give you more numbing meds.

daschund delight
Its not supposed to hurt DURING the procedure because they should dope you up fairly well but afterwards it hurts like a mofo for some people and for some people its a small ache. Mine hurt like a mofo

No, but the shot hurts like heck!

Your Asking Me?
If you never had it done, you'll be scared. Anything, unknown does scare us. BUT, when you have it done you will be plesantly surprised and happy to have it over. Next time you won't be scared.

Not if you have plenty of the gas. I have to go here in a couple hours and not looking forward to it! I have three that need to come out (I know I need surgery too), hope he does it all today? But as before probably not.

Good luck and I have not got much sleep so I hope I fall asleep (I am quite good at this by now and when I get on the gas then he numbs it with a needle and I try not to look and try hard to fall asleep!). dentists are not my favorite place to go...but this guy is pretty cool about things and he knows I am terrified of his profession.

Jessie P
Not when they actually DO it, but after.

Mr Om
The Dentists are Professionals They are aware about their patieats pains So They Give a Injection First to make that tooth Hurt the Minimum and Take Good Care.
Take PainKillers For Some Days and Visit the Dentist Regularly.

Personally, I think anything about dentist hurt. I hate that crap!!

No. You'l get novocaine or other anaesthetic and have meds following procedure. very easy to adjust to.

Comeon... what do YOU think ! We can sugar coat this but....

Even if you are totally unconscious when the dentist pulls the tooth, there will be some 'discomfort' down the line.

Someone once said (Bill Cosby I think) that novocaine doesn't eliminate pain .. it just sort of parcels it out in a longer lasting package. Sorta like pulling a bandaid off slooooooowly.. it doesnt hurt as bad but it hangs on longer.

Same with that tooth/teeth. Most people have their wisdom teeth pulled .. I think all will agree that it hurts that night and will hurt less each day.

good luck with yours....


If your tooth is BADLY abscessed, your dentist may need to prescribe you antibiotics for a short time before working on the tooth. This is because an abscess makes anaesthetic less effective by making the tissue more acidic.

In general though, tooth extraction shouldn't hurt. Your dentist will have the area well anaesthetized. What you WILL feel though is the pressure sensation of the tooth being extracted - pressure sensation (called "proprioception") is not eliminated with local anaesthetics. If during the procedure, you feel sharp pain, let your dentist know and they may have to supplement your freezing. The tricky thing for patients is always distinguishing between pressure and pain, especially when you're nervous!

If the dentist prescribes you pain killers (especially antiinflammatories) or antibioitics for after the procedure, make sure to take them judisciously.
Hope that helps relieve your fears.

if it has a nerve its going to hurt. anyone that says it doesnt is not telling you the truth. the dentist will make sure you are medicated properly before pulling the tooth. its the recovery that hurts the most.

To me it does not hurt, because they put me to sleep so i did not feel a thing............

No because the give you a injection . Before the take out the tooth . It freezes it but after you will be in pain .

Stephen B
There will definately be some discomfort afterwards....but as long as they do a good job numbing you or putting you to sleep before, there shouldnt be a lot of pain.

when he is pulling it and you won't feel a thing, before he pulls it I like to have the gas put on me, thats good stuff. After the meds wear it might hurt a little not too bad

David B
Yes - but the pain really starts when you get the bill

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