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Does it hurt to get your wisdom teeth removed?

billy bob
I had four impacted wisdom teeth. I went to an oral surgeon and I was out for the surgery. Obviously no pain due to anesthetic. Minimal discomfort for a day or two afterward courtesy of Vicodin, etc. Eating hard shell tacos within four days. Not recommended though. I knew a girl who was awake during her procedure and it sounded very painful. good luck. Recommend full sedation.

No it doesn't hurt at the time if they put you out cold with an IV. It only hurts afterwards if you develop a dry socket which I did on both my top wisdom molars but after they heal its fine. They will give you pain med. but talk to your dentist if you have any problems afterward.

In my experience getting them out was way easier than keeping them in. My wisdom teeth played havoc with my sinuses. Get them out you will not be sorry.

path less travelled
Generally, dental surgery has advanced so much now that you have options, whether awake or General Anesthesia.

The aftermath is of no consequence as long as you abide what the dentist directs, and keep him or her posted if any complications ensue. Just don't go out there and try to be a Gungadin so soon after the surgery. lol

if you go to a oral sergon they mostlikely will knock you out then you have stiches and you mouth is sore and swellon for a few days overall not bad

Ari jay
hurts like hell after you wake up i had all 4 removed at once i looked like a chipmunk with extra stuffing and i bleed alot but two days later i was back on semi-solid foods and a week later back to normal. Just becareful when eatting, brushing and rinsing other than that try to stay medicated the first day

Having them pulled doesn't hurt because it is numbed. You will have pain afterward, but the dentist may prescribe painkillers.

Depends on how your teeth grew in. If they've grown in sideways and not parallel with your other teeth it might hurt a bit. The actual surgery is relavtively painless, if you're getting put under anethesia this is what it will be like; you'll go into the room they'll put a heart monitor on you and put an iv in and you'll wake up in the recovery room! It's pretty awesome. Afterwards they'll prescribe you strong pain killers. I don't suggest taking the pain killers they perscribe unlee you're in extreme pain that Ibuprofen won't handle, the first day I took two of the RX pain killers and I threw up ALL day. The first day you might throw up a little because you'll swallow some blood (perfectly normal.) Overall the pain is NOT that bad, you'll be a little sore, take some Ibuprofen and ice your face. Good luck.

Dr James
First of all... only get a specialist oral and maxillofacial surgeon to remove your wisdom teeth. If you don't then pain and swelling is a hit and miss affair, and if it get's very bad the dentist will refer you to an OMS anyway. I found this great site to go to http://www.oceansurgical.com.au/jawcorrection.html to help you find out more.

Good luck!

no as long as they numb it for you

Usually they give you a painkiller or knock you out or something, and you feel disoriented when you wake up. It does hurt a little, though :)

I hope not I have to have all 4 removed... good luck.... to the both of us lol.

Not really, the dentist numbs you up good. However, it was a bit odd for me since he had to break mine in four, and it just took longer. You will hurt AFTER, though, and follow all his directions.

My dentist used novacaine and let me watch with a mirror. It was very cool and it didn't hurt a bit until a couple days after when I had a dry socket. That was awful. If you do start feeling some pain make sure you call the dentist right away to find out why.

I was knocked out for the surgery (wouldn't have done it other wise), so I never felt anything. I also really didn't have any pain after either. I was eating pretty normally the next day & had no problems.

I had a pretty bad situation, dentiginal cyst that pushe don tooth up under my eye. It was unforfortable, but I don't swell or bruise much in surgery.. It depends on who you are.

BTW, I spent $200.00 in pain relievers and I didn't use it. It made me feel nauseated. I wuold rather be sore than throw up.

I also lost 20 lbs in three weeks because I was on a liquid/soft food diet.

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