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Does getting your wisdom teeth pulled hurt?
Well, Im just getting one pulled on the bottom, Aug 13th. Does it hurt really bad? I also start school Aug. 19th, will i still be in pain? thanx!

Most of the time not a problem. I saw on the news though that dentists in South America like to pull wisdom teeth from young girls while touching their breasts.

Well getting them out is not exactly fun. But you do get to eat a lot of ice cream. Be sure to tell the doctors if you have had blood taken before and if so where it was at. That is always helpful and less painful for you when they put the IV in. If you have laughing gas and an IV you wont feel a thing. Also if you just use the medicine they give you after wards you wont feel a thing just don't play with the stitches with your tongue and don't drink out of straws. Your face will be puffy for the max 3 days. So you will be fine by school. Hope this helped you not stress!

1st Time Mommy to Be.
It's not as bad as others make it sound. I just did mine, the first two days are kinda bad, but it starts getting better fast :) The thing I didnt like was that my checks swelled up alot, lasted about a week. You might want to schedual your appt. sooner if you start school on the 19th.

Tori G

Emily R
I was put to sleep for the removal, but after, Yes. I was in pretty bad pain for two days, and dull pain for a week. Then it feels funny, and you get food stuck in the hole for about a year. I got 800mg Motrin from my dentist, and that helped a lot. I still took the next day off work to just rest.

Not at all becasue all dentist give u novacan whitch numbs your mouth making u not feel it. but the only thing that hurts is the after pain so u might have to take Advil or something. ( trust me ul need Advil)

follow this advice!!!

when you arrive home after the surgery, IMMEDIATELY put some ice packs on your cheeks while you lay in bed. keep em on there for the next couple hours or so. this will prevent you from swelling up really bad and being in even more pain.

the drugs they prescribe to you are nice too, but you need to make sure you have an ice pack (or a bag of frozen peas/corn) ready to place on those cheeks!

i did this, and felt absolutely no pain after my surgery. and i had 4 impacted ones! :)

good luck!

Lauren C
Depends on how it's done. I've only ever been put to sleep to have them pulled. Don't know what it's like to be awake. Either way, by the 19th you'll be fine. You usually don't feel in pain, sometimes you'll be a little sick to your stomach because of the medicine, achey and dizzy. You'll want to sleep lots. Watch movies. Gum on yogurt and apple sauce for a day or two. It wont be as bad as some people make it out to be.

i don't know i hear it hurts the first couple times but i never got a tooth pulled.

when i had my lower wisdom tooth puled the worst part was the shot. and it only hurt so much because my gum was sensitive cuz the tooth was pushing my gums because there was no room for it to grow. does that make sense?

you shouldnt be in any pain by the 19th. tho.

take Advil just in case you are in a lil pain

The Girl Behind The Camera
it will be sore for a few days afterwards but they give you pain medication. and most of the time you'll have large swollen bruises on your cheeks.

Just take the meds they give you when your supposed to, and you shouldn't have too much discomfort.
Only getting one out makes it a lot easier too.

You should be better by school.
Maybe a little swelling.

It dosen't hurt because they give you drugs.


Since you're only getting 1 pulled, it shouldn't be too bad. Depending on how hard it is to get your tooth out, you might still be a little sore still when you start school. I had all 4 at once and they were very hard to get out, but only was in pain for about 2 days. My jaw was stiff and I had small bruises for about 2 weeks, but it didn't hurt. My sister on the other hand had all 4 done and was fine in 2-3 days.

Whatever you do, don't drink through a straw for several weeks as this could cause dry socket and that is very painful!

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