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 At what age should I start taking my son to the dentist?
He'll be three next week - and I want to take him....does the dentist just observe his teeth to see if they are in good shape? I just don't think he would sit for a cleaning!!...

 Is it normal to feel pain in your teeth 2 hours after you go to the dentist?
its been 2 hours since i went to the dentist and my teeth are just killing me, every time i bite down, i feel pain. is this normal?...

 How bad is pain of getting cavity filled on scale of 1-10?
1 being lowest,
10 being highest


 What does a white furry tongue mean?
My Friend is over for the weekend and has a really white film on her tongue,she has been through a lot over the years but this will not go.I have leant my mouthwash etc...any help ...

 How can I completely get rid of bad breath?
I want the cleanest best smelling breath on the planet....

 What can cause a metallic taste in the mouth, can fillings be the cause?

 How painful is wisdom teeth removal?
I'm currently 38 weeks pregnant and my dentist said he will remove all 4 of my wisdom teeth right after I deliver. He also said the 2 top are pressing against the molars next to them. All of ...

 My girlfriend says i have really bad breath can any one give any tip on why and how to get rid of it?

 How can i whiten my teeth with out buying any whitning gells or strips.?

 My virginia hurts whenever i have secks! HELP?

 How do i stop biting my nails?

 What is the quickest way to kill the pain when you have your wisdom teeth cut out and what not to do after?
having the procedure done to make the pain worse?...

Anyone know which color braces I should get?
I am getting them Monday!
I don't really have a favorite color,but I seem to like colors that stand out more than others....

 Can anyone tell me what the BEST home remedy is for a Tooth Ache?
And please I know I have to see a dentist, and yes, I've already done that and have taken antibiotics, but I would like to know is there a certain mouthwash that kills the pain, Nerve Tooth Pain ...

 My collegue stinks?
please help me. i am a dental nurse, and i work with a lady dentist whom is asian(not that it matters what ethic she is from, although it may be a factor of the cause) she has really bad B.O (body ...

 Do you swallow while you sleep?
My nan was wondering this the other day. My family always wake up with a dry mouth and we have always wondered if when you are asleep you swallow.
does anybody know?...

 I am getting 4 teeth out in a few weeks i want to know will it hurt or not?
I am not been put to sleep i am just having anesthetic put in my gum with an injection and i am scared as hell. I am more bothered about the part when they actually pull the tooth out because a lot ...

 How many times a day do you honestly brush your teeth?
i do probably 2-3 times .....be ...

 Are your teeth yellow?

 My son keeps getting ulcers in his mouth, why?
asked the dentist she doesn't seem to think they are anything to worry about. Wondering if anyone knows why we get them my son is healthy and not showing any other worrying symptoms eg tiredness ...

Does getting a cavity filled hurt????? does it i am scared!!!!!?
help i am so scared

the drill just feels funny and scary

No it doesnt

no..it doesnt..u might feel pressure at sometimes, but it doesnt hurt...u wont feel any pain...dont be scared!! just think about good things to get it off your mind when they are filling it. good luck.. :)

Fire at will
no it doesnt really hurt, they give you a shot in your mouth that kind of feels like someone pinched you , and then you cant feel anything, you might be sore the next day, but not that bad, the only thing that freaks me out is the drill, it sounds scary when theyre drilling, but its okay, you cant feel a thing. dont worry youll be okay! good luck!!

you havent even went to the doctor and ur already thinking about this ,did you do what i told you too???youll thank me if you do!!!about the alcohol

not at all... though it kinda depends... my first filling with the dentist hurt even though they gave me a needle. i switched dentists and i went to get another filling... it doesn't hurt at all!!! i didn't even have to get anesthetic !!! after it was done,,, i didn't even feel uncomfortable..
btw : don't get the clear kind, get the normal kind. they will last longer! no need to be scared... it will help u alot in the long run...

well its not like lying in a bed of roses or anything, but it doesnt "hurt"...its just really unpleasant. you just feel a lot of pressure on your tooth and drilling, but it's not touching your actual body (like down in the root), so you cant actually feel it. touch your tooth, tap on it....see how you feel it, but your nerves dont feel it?? its like that.

Sassy OLD Broad
Ask your dentist for some "gas" and he will be happy to give it to you. You'll enjoy a nice legal high and he can work in peace. Inhale deeply and enjoy!

Avneet P***
no not at all i have 2 cavity's filled in my teeth and when i got them at first i was scared but nothing happened i felt nothing at all so if i were you i would not worry at all cause nothings going to happen

Hope i helped

Some muscleman! Its a little uncomfortable, but it doesn't hurt. The sound of the drill is like nails on a chalkboard though.

No, not exactly hurt, just uncomfortable and icky..............

Jerry H
It depends on what "cavity" you are getting filled.

Reaper King
filled, no
getting the tooth prepped to Be filled, yes

kiki dee
Getting it filled doesn't hurt a bit... but getting it drilled does. :D

don't be a weenie

I totally understand you. I get freaked out with anything that has to do with pain. Just two weeks ago a cried like a baby when I got a vaccine.

Anyways, about your cavity filling, don't worry.
Just relax and think about something else the whole time while the dentist is working on you.
You will feel a little sting because of the anesthetic, but then you feel absolutely nothing.

Don't worry, be happy! :)

Take your ipod or whatever your means of portable tunes are with you to the dentist office. Believe me, drowning out the sounds, is half the battle. They will numb you, but most tense with the sound of the drill. Take some tunes to listen too, they won't mind at all.

Deb S
have them give you nitrous oxide [ laughing gas] you won't feel a thing.

what do you think?
You've never been to the dentist. Count your lucky stars my friend. It does not tickle but an infecton in your brain is a lot worse then a pinch from a needle. Call the dentist pronto...

nope, after the dentist gives you this one shot thing on the area where the cavity is you wont feel a thing while they drill away. but after its over part of your lips are gonna feel swollen and you wont even be able to feel that area for a couple of hours! good luck! ^_^

no not at all just sit back and open your mouth wide

it doesnt hurt at all...first they they num ure mouth...then they should put an ice cube on ure tooth to make sure its num...then they fill it and ure done...

yes darling it hurts - but not much - there are far more painful treatments at the dentist- BUT IT HAS TO BE DONE NOW- cause if you ignore it ithe hole will get bigger and and maybe septic and hurt even more than the little bit of drilling to do the original cavity filling!!!!

Buzz s
No, that is what anethetic is for. Talk to the dentist about your fears. A good one will help you deal with the fears by talking and by medicine.

no not at all with gas a shot and gel you won't feel a thing good luck

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