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But will it hurt? They are both pre-molars by the way....

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 Getting all 4 wisdom teeth out tomorrow and have a few questions...?
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 Apart from extracion and painkillers how do you cure toothache?

 So i got my braces yesturday?
and at the end of the wire there is no little cap just openwire

Additional Details

 I am gonna have a ortho appoint ment soon...?
is there anything i should know?
Additional Details
its my first ...

 Why does Listerine burn so much??
I use Listerine after brushing my teeth..but my goodness it burns....why is that?
Additional Details
Lord.....people....I don't have bad teeth nor do I have open wounds in my mouth.....

 Any adults/young adults that wear braces?
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Heather <33
Does everybody have to have their wisdom teeth pulled out?
My dentists says that my wisdom teeth should be coming in soon, and I don't want to get them extracted. Does everyone have to?

~luv my pups!.~
if ur dentist said they have to, then im sure they have to come out... i had mine out yesterday. its actually not that bad. i needed mine out because they were growing in sideways and gona push my teeth together and make them crooked. ask to look at ur xrays. if they are growing in strait and there is room in ur mouth then you dont need to have them out...

lil titch
no i have mine

shorty G
No not everyone, but it is common for people to have that.

Not me at 49. If they are not bothering you why?

lonely soul
Well it depends on how they are coming in. If they are coming in sideways then you need to get them removed. Usually a dentist will remove them anyway just to make sure no nerve damage is done(there is a nerve right next to where the wisdom teeth come in). So yes, usually you get them taken out.

No everyone doesn't have to have them pulled.

Some dentists prefer to have them pulled because they are harder to keep clean and therefore more prone to decay. I used to have a dentist like that but quickly changed to a dentist who doesn't have that philosophy.

Janine E
No! You only have to have them extracted if they cause a problem, such as becoming impacted. Many people live their entire life with their wisdom teeth intact.

Wisdom teeth only need to be extracted if they become impacted and fail to emerge fully into position.

The only reason they need to be removed is if they come in on an angle which would then push on the other teeth. If they come in straight and don't bother the other teeth or cause gum problems, they can stay in.

Samira D
no.. if they dont bother you or give you any problem you dont need to...

No. I had mine taken out...but my husband never had his taken out.

no not all the time. it runs in my family, where no one needed to get them out.

it just all depends on how much room is left in your mouth!

hope this helped!

No. You only need them extracted if they are causing you pain, decaying from the inability to brush them or if they are causing your other teeth to shift out of position. My dad is 60 years old and has had his wisdom teeth in his entire life with no problems.

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