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 Question about my oral routine?
i dont want to gross anybody out but....ok, i brush my teeth 3-4 times a day, and in the morning i use that listerine whitening treatment (its a pre-brush rinse) and everytime i brush i use listerine ...

 Getting Braces?
Im Suppost to get braces this month. All my teeth have grown in and All my baby teeth have fell out.
I have 3 cavitys in my whole mouth. When you first put braces on do they hurt, How does it ...

 I'm Really Nervous About Going To The Dentist Today!!?
I have to get a root filling done today and i'm soo nervous. How can i calm my nerves?
please ...

 Root Canal Filling or Extraction?
went to the dentist today and i need to get a root canal filling or get the tooth taken out?

i heard root canal fillings are very sore?

Root Canal Filling or Extraction? which ...

 What can I do to make my mouth swollen in an hour?
I tried to phone in sick to work with a swollen mouth but they said that i can come in later but they really need me. now i don't have a swollen mouth but still have to go into work. does ...

 Should a dentist kiss his patients?
seems most the time when i go to my dentist after he is done doing any dental work he always kiss my forehead, is that normal i feel little bit like odd, i guess he being friendly, but are they ...

 HELP! I just got braces...?
I just got braces yesterday, I need to know how long it is that it hurts, like how many days. And what helps them. And is it normal to have a headeache also, cuz i have a rlly bad one....

 Would pink and orange braces look ok?
I want cute girly colored braces that won't stain. Will hot pink and bright orange stain? Do you think they will match? Will they look ok?

Also, what other colors look ok? Just please ...

 How would you clean your tooth brush?

 Should I seek a second opinion about getting a root canal?
I'm 23 and the dentist said this one tooth has a cavity that's probably too deep. The same dentist also filled one of my other teeth that had a tooth ache which hasn't completely gone ...

 How can i stop my teeth from grinding at night without going to the dentist?

 2 teeth badly broken and decayed 2 b removed on 1st one is wisdom.will it be trouble and hurt to do?
i havent been to dentist since i was 12 now 31 an dfreaked out bout badly decayed and broken teeth have to come out on 1st one wisdom tooth is broken whole middle is gone and outside is broken almost ...

 HELP me please until i get to dentist i have severe pain my lower and at times upper back teeth on left side.
ANyone know what i can take to help the pain.Problem is that in days i may go outside and the chill in air dont bother me at the time.At night around 9pm 10pm and until like 4am or maybe later i am ...

 Do they still make disclosure tablets for dental plaque?
I remember at primary school, a dentist visited our school to gove a talk on dental hygeine. Some packets of tablets (mainly red, but there might have been sme blue ones too) were given to us. They ...

 What kind of pain killers to you get when u get your wisdom teeth pulled out?!?!?!?
im gettin all four of mine pulled out tommo
Additional Details
what kind of pain killers do you get after everything is done though????...

 How much do you give a 7 year old for his first tooth lost?

Additional Details
Also for everyone after that?...

 How can i be a better Dentist ?

 Wisdom teeth?
has any1 got their wisdom teeth out? i go to get mine out tomorrow morning and im terrified :( im 17 and i feel like they arent even almost comming out yet but the good news is i only have 3! but how ...

 Does everyone brush their teeth at night?

 What is the best product to whiten teeth?

Does It hurt when you get fillings on your teeth?
what do they do?

they stick a huge needle in your gums and then they take another needle and fill your teeth...lol...jk...idk

First of all they remove the carious dentin where the nerve endings are ruined and that does not ache at first .
However, high speed drills cant remove caries selectively antd that means removal of sound vital dentin which has nerve endings in its tubules causing pain unless the tooth was not anesthetised.
However,Carisolv - a chemical agent- can remove carious dentin selectively and cause no pain

no,they have this thing that looks like a drill and they but it up 2 ur teeth and they put stuff on the teeth and u have to keep ur mouth open 4 a realt long time then they clean ur mouth

Puddy S
Generally not.

The dentist will numb that part of the mouth first.
You may feel a slight picking around the "affected tooth" and the push of the drill. The "hole" is filled with metal or porcelain depending where the tooth is and what you choose (if given a choice).

When in the dentists chair focus on something pleasant and relaxing beyond the procedure rather than think about pain because you will experience pain if you dwell on it.
One dentist had a tropical island poster posted on the ceiling (it takes the mind/ minding worry away IF you daydream.... ).

: )

it won't hurt you alot u might feel a pinch but i learned this really cool technique and ok when the dentists is injeting you with anthestic take a deep breath to relax and you don't feel it as much when you are being injected but ur fine! :)

Kelly M
You might feel a pinch when they give you the novocaine. Otherwise, no. :) They'll numb you up pretty well, and then it'll be about 20-30 minutes while they do the actual filling. That just consists of them drilling into the tooth, cleaning out the cavity, and filling the hole back up with the filling material. It's really faster than you'd think and not painful at all. You might be a bit sore afterwards when the novocaine wears off..if so, take some Ibuprofen. Most people don't have any pain, though. :) Good luck.

Mona Lisa
Not a all! You will get a shot to numb your gums, and the drilling begins. No pain, really

Doesn't hurt. They numb you, drill out the section of tooth that has a cavity, and fill is with porcelain.

yes...but thats just m e..im reallly bd with pain

They will use a needle to inject anesthetic. The needle can feel a little sharp, but it doesn't hurt bad. When they are doing the drilling, it just feels like pressure, although sometimes they can hit a nerve and you will feel a quick, sharp, kind of "cold" pain.

depends on the dentist. one dentist i had it really hurt but another one i had it didnt hurt

nah...it doesnt hurt because they make your gums numb so you wont feel a THING!! they would scratch off the black part and fill it up then rinse it, the rinsing is the best part, the water makes your teeth feel refreshed, then they make you rinse, but you better becare ful,due to numbess, the water that is in your mouth might fall out of your mouth, cover your mouth when rinsing

It shouldn't hurt if they use an anthestic.
First they use a anesthetic to numb the area so you don't feel a thing.
The dentist uses a high speed drill to clean away the decayed areas of the tooth and provide ridges in preparation for the filling.
Be prepared for a liner to be placed inside the tooth first. This is often used for reduced sensitivity,and some liners stimulate regeneration of the tooth pulp. For deep fillings a base is needed, covering the liner as protection against temperature changes that can cause pain.
Decide with your dentist what type of filling you want. For the teeth in front a resin is usually used, selected to match your tooth coloration. The molars are usually filled with silver or gold. These fillings are placed on top of the base or liner to fill up the remaining tooth cavity. After this is finished, the tooth is polished to remove any rough edges.

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