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 Have you ever had a tooth knocked out?
This one time i was in the pool and i was on one of those littile kick boards on my knees to see how long i could do it for then all the suddan it launchs back on my face and knocks out a tooth. My ...

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 When shld v change our toothbrush?
wht is d average life of a tooth-brush ? when shld v change it ? any other thing apart from looking its torn bristles ?...

 Does it hurt when your braces are pulled tighter?

 Wisdom teeth pulled, now spitting blood?
I had my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday, everything went smoothly. However, 30 hours later when I spit, there is some blood in the spit, is this a sign that one of the clots is coming out and I'...

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 Can one tooth cause pain elsewhere?
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 How much does it hurt to get your wisdom teeth removed?
help!!! im getting my two bottom wisdom teeth removed tomorrow and they are sitting on a nerve and im freaked out of my mind. has anyone had this done before? and what was it like?...

 Whats the best thing to do when you have a toothache?

Additional Details
its the back right one on the top,i think its a wisdom tooth coming through,are these usually painful?...

 Should I get braces even though I don't need them?
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 How do you get a 2yr old to let me brush his teeth without 2 people holing him down and him freaking out?
my grandson hates being still . his mom can't get his teeth brushed .she trys twice a day but he screams an sqiggles like she is trying to kill him . serious problem yes ?...

 Are root canals painful?

 Anybody had their wisdom teeth pulled without being put under?
Just tell if it hurts. I can deal with the sounds, the drilling, the smoke coming out of my mouth, but I just need to know if it still hurts. I take to novacaine really well and have had root canals ...

 How much do braces cost?

 Is it ok to swallow the rubber bands from your braces?
Not the bands that cover the brakets but the rubber bands that are attached from top to bottom....

 Tomorrow I have to get all four of my wisdom teeth pulled, have you ever had a wisdom tooth pulled?
If so how bad did it hurt? I’m really scared about the pain I’m going to have to go through (I’m NOT going under, I’m just getting shots :-S ) and if I go in there knowing what I should ...

 Should wisdom teeth be pulled? Or is it ok to let them grow in?
Why do we get wisdom teeth if we're supposed to have them removed?...

 Would you kiss someone with rotten teeth , even if they are beautiful/handsome?

Additional Details
Spanky your nasty. LOL...

Does Getting a Cavity Filled Hurt?
What Is The Process to Getting a Cavity Filled? Do They Numb your Gum Then Give You A Shot Then Fill It? How Is It Done? Most Importantly Does it Hurt?!

Yep - the shots hurt, but only for a second.

But ... NOT getting it filled will hurt a lot worse when you have to have a root canal!!!

It hurts to numb it, that's the worst part. When they drill it, it can be a bit sensational, not really.
It's not much to put it bluntly.

The dentist gives you a shot in the gum to numb the tooth and surrounding areas. He then drills out the decayed part of the tooth and puts a filling over the tooth. It really doesn't hurt. Your tooth may be more sensitive to heat or cold however

Depending on your pain threshold you can get an injection or a topical ointment that numbs the area. You will feel pressure during the procedure but minimal to no pain. Good luck and I hope everything turns out OK.

Yes, they numb it, and you don't feel a thing.

Go see a dentist that does laser dentistry. Absolutely painless.

You got it! They numb your gums, then give you the novocain and then go to work! It doesnt hurt at all.

Your dentist may use an air abrasion technique in which case there are no shots and you still dont feel anything!

Either way, you'll be fine! No worries!

(There was someone who said they wish they could be put under anesthesia for dental work. Well, you absolutely can! You have to pay an anesthesiologist, but it's worth it if that's what you want!)

(And just FYI: root canals dont hurt either)

It won't really hurt. It depends on how deep the cavity is, whether they will have to numb it or not. I had a small cavity and no numbing was necessary. Some dentists will use some kind of gas to make you more relaxed and won't need to give you a shot of Novocaine. Most fillings are now a plastic type compound. Best to avoid the metallic fillings...they're now finding some of them are causing problems

i dont get novacane shots when i get teeth filled never did since i was a kid iam so afrade of the needles its a releif the needles hurt more then the fillings its not my favorate thing to do but i go twice a year and have fillings and cleanings and never get shots

the shot can, but the filling doesn't hurt. they usually numb where they will give the shot, give you the shot, let it kick in, they drill the cavity out then fill it. it's not that bad.

Little stick for a numbing shot then it won't hurt after that. If it starts to hurt they can give you another shot, which you probably won't feel at all. Pressure should be the only thing you feel.

(Had my share Of cavities filled)
good luck!

Another Perspective
The shot to numb is the most painful part. I guess without the shot it would hurt much more. I wish they could put you under for any dental work. I hate it.

the dentist will smear some Topical Anesthetic on the jab-site to numb it a little, then give u a shot of local anesthetic. it won't hurt after this, you'll just feel coolness (due to all the water!) and lotsa vibrations.

the dentist will then drill out the cavity and ensure that there's no more idecayed parts left, then dry the area totally. then he'll fill it with metal (amalgam) or composite (white/tooth-colored) filling, and wait for it to set!

no worries, just sit back and relax! isnt paintful. if it is, raise yr hand to tell yr dentist and he'll give u some extra anesthetic.

It's a painless process actually. Typically the dentist will numb the area with a topical, and then inject novicaine the further numb the area of the mouth where the work will be done. You shouldn't feel a thing! You will be numb for several hours following the filling, and you shouldn't feel any pain once the numbness has worn off.

Joe P
not at all

Marilyn F
no, you will be given a medication to deaden the nerves of the tooth.

you'll be fine, they'll probably numb your mouth

Shoshana S
It really doesn't hurt. I remember having mine done and I was so scared! You will feel a teeny tiny pinch when they put a very very thin needle in your gum, that has the medication in it that will numb the area right away. From there there you will not feel a thing as they fill it. I promise you will be ok! I understand your fear and I'm telling you that when it's over you'll see I was right- no real pain!

dont hurt........ull b ok

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