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 Do i need a dentist??
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 Do you hate Monday's?
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Why is this in the dental section, no ...

 Rotten teeth?
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I Went to the dentist and recieved amoxocillan for the infection in my tooth, can i buy more or do u have to get the proscribbed by the ...

Did my dentist mess up ? the roof of my mouth is still numb!! its?
been two weeks!!! since i had a tooth pulled!??
Additional Details
thanks every one so far. i DID return two days later to the same dentist. he wants me to wait and see. he thinks it will come back but im getting worried.i wanted to know if it happened to anyone else and did feeling return?and the people "on here" with questions arent messed up. but some of the answerers are.

two weeks two long, sounds like your dentist might have made a boo boo.

just m
i can't say if the dentist messed up, but this doesn't sound normal. I would call the dentist and explain how you are feeling, and ask them why? If you don't get any answers from the dentist, go to your doctor.

You should certainly go see him. And why did the tooth need pulling? Most dentists try to save teeth, put you on antibiotics, and do root canals, unless you have let the decay go for years and there is nothing to save. Be aware that sports drinks, colas etc. begin to etch the enamel within seconds of drinking them, and the decay begins between the teeth where it is often not even visable on x-ray. Yup, go see the person who pulled the tooth. Then go see your physician or an oral surgeon if your questions aren't answered

I would say he screwed up pretty badly.

umm... u should go see another dentist to have that checked out

I suggest that you do the following:

1- If you have any remaining confidence in your dentist, make
an appointment to see her or him immediately.

2- If you don't have confidence in your dentist or, if after seeing
your dentist your situation has not resolved, then immediately
make an appointment to see another dentist.

3- Contact a medical malpractice attorney. You should be able
to locate a name in the attorney section of the yellow pages of
your phone book. Look for one who handles dental mal-
practice. If you don't find one, an attorney who handles
"regular" medical malpractice should suffice.

Good Luck.

sounds like it. get a second opinion.

Once again I find myself questioning the validity of some of these questions. Why would you wait 2 weeks? Why would you go to a website where you know most of the people are nut jobs to get an answer? Somethings I'll never understand.

When i had work done i had that problem for 4 weeks. It is usually because the dentist hit a nerve when going in to do the work. and will resolve itself in a few weeks time. if you still have it after 4 weeks i would call the dentist.

had better to take a x ray

Too little information to really answer... Was it surgical? Was it simple or difficult? Yada yada yada. Most likely, you have some nerve damage from the tip of the needle itself. While this is unusual, it is not unheard of and it is not malpractice. Nerve damage from the injection typically heals itself within a few weeks. If by some misfortune, the nerve was actually severed, you can consult someone about having it reattached, but when you hear what the risks of doing this in the roof of your mouth are, you are not likely to go through with it. My bet is that within 6 weeks, all will be back to normal without any treatment of any kind.

No I don't think he "messed" up but it sounds like you may have a damaged nerve. Nerves do heal themselves and I agree with his wait and see approach. Don't forget that it was not his fault that you needed to have a tooth out. Be patient and I would only start to get concerned if it was still numb after 6 mths. Is it affecting your speech or your swallowing or is it just annoying???? Fingers crossed it goes away for you soon.

Jennifer B
What kind of injection did you get, one into the roof of your mouth? Call the dentist and get in as soon as you can. It is probably some nerve damage and nerves are the slowest tissue to repair themselves, but they will over time. Still, get in to see the dentist to make sure nothing serious is wrong. This doesn't routinely happen to the roof of the mouth with an extraction, usually happens if a wisdom tooth was pulled on the bottom and the tongue or lip remains numb.

Sounds like nerve damage.

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