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Can you talk with your jaw wired shut?
I am about to get my jaw wired shut because of a mandible fracture. I wanted to know if you can talk or if its hard. I also want to know if i can play baseball. And my friends, what will they think?

not really wired shut no (mumble) just wired up yea but barely it will sound different it would be hard for people tto understand you

your friends will pry think its wierd at first but they will get used to it. idk about baseball maybe......and you pry wont b able to talk well but you could pry get a few words out.

Momma Of Mia
Not really. You can try but it wont sound the same.

if they are your true friends then you have nothing to worry about. if they arent then you will find out soon enough. god bless.

I remember a girl I knew in middle school had her jaw wired shut and she could talk. She sounded kind of funny but you could still understand her.
And I don't see why you couldn't play baseball.

I think you'll be able to say a few things- like baseball.
It will be sort of tough to express yourself.
You should be able to play baseball, but you might find it harder to breathe without being able to open your teeth- so keep your nose clean (seriously) while you're running.
Your friends will think- poor b*stard- I'm glad my jaw isn't wired shut! Man, he sounds funny, I sure hope he doesn't have to puke!
Good luck and heal fast!

Try talking while biting. That is how you'll sound. You'll get the hang of it, what you say will be audible most of the time. You'll be able to play baseball probably, but be careful if you dive or anything like that, watch out for your mouth/jaw. It really is up to your coach. As far as your friends go, if they are good friends, they'll treat you just like they normally would.

I don't think so. If you could, I would imagine it would be painful!

Good friends will express concern and not make fun of you.

Good luck to you, and I am sure you will be feeling better soon, and talking up a storm!

you should still be able to talk.

with great difficulty

Yes, you can talk but its difficult. Your jaw isn't exactly wired shut, or you wouldn't be able to eat/drink anything. There is a bit of space/give that will allow you to speak. And NO you can't play baseball. And who cares what your friends think? If they are friends they will be there to support you.

I don't know about you but I love to talk so yeah I think I could find a way to make everyone understand me..

Alison S
My big brother got jaw surgury and he tried to talk but it was hrd to know what what he said. so he wrote down on paper. good luck! and your cheeks might swell up.

Kevin H
Yes you can. I did it for a month. Just move your lips and tongue, without opening your mouth.

yes you can...it is just a little tough. like gritting your teeth

Joey's Girl
sure u can talk but it might be hard to understand unless u talk a lil bit slower than u normally would


I've actually tried talking with my jaw clenched tightly shut. I CAN talk, but I sound like a cross between Marlon Brando and the mummy from Disneyland's Haunted Mansion. *lol* Get in some practice before the actual wiring takes place, and you should be fine. :)

you can talk but it'll just sound kinda funny... kinda slurred

I've seen kids compensate REALLY well. I doubt they will let you play baseball because of the fracture, and the liability involved. Maybe if you get a note from your doc that says that you are cleared to play.
Practice...talk with your teeth clenched together. That is exactly what you are going to be doing. The people that you hang with will adjust quickly, and be able to understand you easily. Others might have to try a little harder, but they should be able to understand you too.
Good luck!

Yes, you can. Clinch your teeth together and talk without separating them, although you can move your lips, etc. It is the same. I really don't know if you can play baseball. I guess it depends on how much the physical activity of running, etc. might disrupt the healing of the fracture; maybe not, ask your doctor. I think your friends will think, "weird", the first time they see you talking with your jaw wired shut and they might have question like, "how do you eat?", but then they just won't notice or be interested. It's something that could happen to anyone.

Scotty J
Your friends should think its cool. I know I would.

Yes you can still talk, I mean look at Kanye West, and he was rapping!

yes you can talk with your mouth wired shut. I had a broken jaw when I was nine. It was wired shut for 6 months. I was able to eat processed foods. Yawning was the worst and the hardest. But you adjust. I wouldnt suggest playing ball. Anything can happen and cause you further injury. You're friends shouldnt think any differently about you. If they do then they arent friends. Good Luck

employer of many
yes most sounds are made with your lips and your tongue, try holding your jaw shut and talking it's pretty easy to understand.

You will be able to talk, but it will be like talking now with your jaw clenched. It will be hard for your to talk, and for your friends to understand you. It will be hard for you to eat...puree of McNuggets sound good? As far as whether you can play baseball, I doubt it for the season...but that would be something that would be the doctors call. I am sure that your friends will be very sympathetic...You'll probably also lose weight.

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