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 Wisdom teeth?
On the inside of my mouth on right side like in the middle on the right side and it's a bump and it's white... is it a wisdom teeth? or is it because of too much soda? and i have this mole ...

 PLEASE HELP!! teeth hurt so bad!!!?
On the bottom left side all the way in the back my gum is like inflammed. Theres only half of a molar back there. It started today. What is it, what can I do to get my bottom left side all the way in ...

 How do you get a root canal?
I have a question, how do you get a root canal(just wondering) if you have silver fillings, do you have to get a root canal if you don't take good care of your teeths? i have 4 or 5 silver ...

 Where can I buy those old, flat, Children's toothbrushes. (The ones with the characters on them?)?
I want to make toothbrush bracelets, but I can't find the old style toothbrushes!!! any suggestions?...

 I'm 18 years old is it to late for me to get braces?
I also have a severe overbite and because of it I have a lot of ear pain and sometimes jaw pain....

 I want to keep my only tooth?
I only have 1 tooth and want to keep it desperately.Whats the best "plan of action" that i should i take??...

 Can I use Chewing Tobacco 12 hrs after my surgery of the removal of my wisdom teeth?

 How should I deal with a growing wisdom tooth?
It's a huge pain. Before I found out it was a wisdom tooth, I thought it might have been a tumor. But thankfully it's not. It seems to be growing vertically up, instead of slanted forward, ...

 I have bad breath.How can I help to make it smell better? I use mouth wash and I brush my teeth and tongue.?

 Is it better to brush your teeth BEFORE breakfast or AFTER breakfast in the morning ?
If you brush before you get rid of the bacteria stored overnight

If you brush after you get rid of the bacteria from the food.

What do you recommend ?...

 I'm dyyyyyyiiiiinggggggggg!!! please help!?
ok, i got a tooth pulled on tuesday of this week, it was on the bottom far back. it's been hurting verrrrrry badly, so i went back thursday, he said it looked fine, cleaned it and told me i '...

 I just bought an electric toothbrush and my gums started bleeding right after i finished using it...?
NOT A WHOLE LOT. But they are bleeding...is this normal?
Additional Details
Thanks for the answers everyone =]

Except Andii
You ever went to school Andii??...

 How many times a day do you brush your teeth?

 Poll:- Have you ever had a Tooth Filling?

 Having a tooth out under anaesthetic?
I might have to have a wisdom tooth out and get put under for it. The dentist said I can have either gas or an injection to put me to sleep. Which should I have?
Additional Details
ps ...

 Home remedy to whiten teeth?
i herd baking soda but that the only thing i herd of is there anything else?...

 Why cant you eat after novicaine?
okay, obviously you can like an hour after but.. why?

any dentists know the real reason?...

 I am nearly 22 weeks pregnant and have a terrible toothache, i don't have a dentist, what do i do?
I have a terrible toothache but am petrified of dentists, it is my biggest phobia. In the past I have only had work done if I can be put to sleep but that isn't going to happen whilst i am ...

 How do I make my mouth stop hurting?
Everytime I eat cereal it peels the skin of the roof of my mouth. But I love cereal so much! How do I make my mouth stop hurting though?...

 Is this normal?
I am turning 13 in October and I think my wisdom teeth are coming in! I think it could be because my other teeth came in early, but it just feels weird saying my wisdom teeth are coming in. Anyways, I...

Can you have fake teeth implanted in to your gums if all your teeth go bad? Kind of like permanent dentures?
but without the gum guard thing - permanently fixed where your old teeth used to go?
if so, are they expensive?

It is called Bridging and can be quite expensive. If you are in the UK the NHS will pay towards it.

Jools L
yes you can, they're called dental implants and they are HIDEOUSLY expensive, so start saving. My mum wanted one done ( one tooth) and was quoted £1.000 which is $2.000 if you're in america. dont know what they cost there.

trebor namyl hcaeb
Yes and Yes!

Lacrosse dude
yes you can my grandmother does and she gets along just fine i would assume they are worth around $5234.4 but its worth it

lol, I've wondered that too!

Outspoken but Honest
Yes but you will have to be a movie star or win the lotto first to be able to afford it.

old know all
It can be done. It's painful, takes a long time and it's very expensive.

Jasmine H
Yes you can, they are individually screwed in and incredibly expensive. The last time I heard it could cost up to £30k for a full set but the price has probably come down considerably since then.

Yes, you can have them screwed into the jaw bone, they are done individually, it's very expensive and even more painfull.

You surely can! My friend went to Poland to have it done and they have made a cracking job at a half of the cost!

If you need them then I am sure I speak for my mate when I say that they are worth it.


bridget b
yea u can it called a bridge aas far as i no there a dentist in limerick that does them he brillant his name is paul o connell and the surgery num is 061 419622............no they are false teeth implants and costs about 4 thousand for them and they so natural they clip on to the gum and there no plate like false teeth u can pay off in instalements u should give him a ring and have a chat u dont say where u from

Not 'planted' like hair replcement..
Usually screwed in by means of plates. Pricey!!!

You can have it done but it is very expensive. David Bowie has had his done and so has Paul Potts, the opera singer.

Yes you can - they drill down into the bone in your jaw and implant false teeth into your jawbone. Sounds horrific but apparently it is quite common these days and very successful - BUT of course VERY expensive !

Petit Chou
If you "replaced" them as they went bad or fell out then the effect would be more natural. Teeth can be "screwed" into remaining bone providing the rot hasn't softened your jaw-bone and they would cost upwards of £2000 each ... so one at a time or you'll need to win the lottery to have a perfect smile.

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