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Can you die from toothache?

No, it is not possible. i believe extraction cn only be painful but not as a death penalty

no you can't die from a toothache it may feel like it but just go to your dentist

if it's severe pain it can put you into shock but death is not a reaction from a toothache no.

you can not die from toothache because it is removable and the pain can go once the affected tooth is removed.toothache affects a particular tooth and the pain will be in that tooth once removed the pain will die completely

No. A certian amount of pain can cause you to go into shock and maybe to pass out, but simply pain itself can not kill you. Depending on why you have the toothache, that may cause more serious problems.

Yes, if the toothache is caused by decay into the root of the tooth and an absess has started. A friend of a patient died 2 months ago, the infection traveled to his brain and he slipped into a coma for 3 days and then died. It's why this patient comes in regulary now. People don't seem to understand that if something in your body hurts that bad....your body is trying to tell you something....don't ignore it.

Yes; Old people and even young people die all the time from untreated infections. Usually Molars and usually because they assume you can't die so they wait untill the infections becomes a head or neck infection. This happens when the infection does not drain in your mouth and drains into the neck space or into the area under your eye, then a short hop to the brain.

No, it just feels that way

Yes, if the infection causing your toothache goes untreated it can cause death, that infection in your blood stream is not good for you.

if is gets absess for sure but not a standard tooth ache.

It's rare, but if you have an abcess - and you persist in avoiding having it taken care of by a dentist - and it ruptures due to an injury such as car accident or punch in the jaw - the toxins that are released can kill you.

of cos...
high fever...

maybe if it's a bad enough infection

--&gt; ( Charles ) <--
May be, Of coures
But I am not sure.

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