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Can you die from having a tooth pulled?

While one of my grinders is being yanked, I certainly wish I was dead.

Emmanuel M
I do not think so, but there could might been some odd cases where people died

If it gets infected or you have hemophelia and bleed to death, or have an alergic reaction to the local anesthesia, but these are rare. Ask your dentist about antibiotics for afterwards.

no...unless some freaky way you bled excessivvly.
But it would have to be MAJOR Bleeding

he11 no


While I think it virtually NEVER happens, yes, you can. When I went to get my wisdom teeth pulled the surgeon made me sign a release form that stated it is possible you can die from getting a tooth pulled. There is something called dry socket that you can get that can become very painful as well.

Not the easiest person to love!!
lol no!~ to small of a hole for too much blood to come out! it would dry up too fast for alot to come out.

I know.â„¢

Evan H
yes, if you bleed enough

hahaha no

If infection gets in then yes. If no antibiotic to control the infection.

you can if one the doc dosnt pull the tooth right or you bleed to much yes

The Professor
Sure. You could die right in the dental chair form the anesthetic. You could get an infection.

Not really. If all proceedures are followed correctly. The only way that you could possibly die is if they administer the incorrect drugs or if your blood doesn't clot in which you will continuously bleed, but in that case you would be rushed to the hospital.

Katie P
I have had 12 teeth extracted and yet to have died

soooo im guessing not, its very very common to have teeth pulled and no i have never heard its been fatal

Alana Lama -Go Eagles-
I dont know if it has ever actually happened but yes, of course you can, it would be like a dentist version of sweeny todd.

If it's a lower one no. If it's an upper then you want to be careful not to pull your brain out with the root of the tooth.

Yes, in fact I have a co-worker who had to go on emergency leave due to her daughter being in critical condition for a BAD infection due to a wisdom tooth extraction.

An infected tooth can cause death. But it isn't really from infecting your brain. It will go into your airways and swell them up then you can't breath. A tooth infection can become very serious.

The infection can go into your bloodstream.

A wisdom tooth infection is common and in most cases, patients should have their wisdom teeth removed while they are young and healthy to avoid a future serious problems. Most people do not have enough room for their wisdom teeth and as a result of this lack of room, wisdom teeth often have trouble erupting out into the mouth. A kind of kangaroo pouch can develop that traps food and causes numerous problems.

With new super bacteria and antibiotic resistance problems, it is even important for everyone to take better care of their teeth and remove badly positioned wisdom teeth early in life to avoid a wisdom tooth infection. Years ago it was common for dental infections to kill patients. Since World War II and the discovery of penicillin, it is very uncommon to hear of people dying from the complications of dental infections. However, physicians and dentists have used antibiotics so much that a lot of the bacteria that were sensitive to antibiotics have been killed off and now many of the bacteria today can not be killed using antibiotic therapy.

The decaying food covering a wisdom tooth can cause a wisdom tooth infection and if it grows, it can push into the muscles that open and close the mouth. When this happens it is extremely difficult for a dentist to do anything because the patient can not open the mouth wide enough for the dentist to help. Typically this patient will be placed on a dental antibiotic and return for the wisdom tooth removal in three to seven days. Another problem that can occur is when the upper wisdom tooth erupts downward and begins to chew the top of the gums covering a lower impacted wisdom tooth. This is called pericornitis.

Han Ji-Min
If the instruments are not clean or the dentist messed it up, you might.

Weasel McWeasel
I probably came as close as anyone ever did, in Navy bootcamp. Some f*^&%&^%$^% (&*&%&$*^&^ dentist TRAINEE........his first DAY on the job, I am guessing.........

a pair of PLIERS----------I kid you NOTTTTTTTT--------

and more BLOOD than I have ever seen in my LIFE------all of it.........MINE.

They literally had to CARRY me back to my bunk, where I did not twitch another muscle for 2 whole days........loss of blood.

I have always wanted to find that dentist.........and return the favor.

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