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Can you die from an abcess?
Ok Silly i know being over paranoid but i have heard it can grow or if you swallow the poison you can, is it normal for this thing toget s big? it is in my jaw like a ball!

I have been on antibiotics now for around 40 hrs or so, pain not as bad but swelling is worse, have been told cant get the tooth out till the abcess goes down

ewww, get it seen to hunni

no you cant die from it it will just be very painful for a while but will go down give the antibiotics a bit longer to kick in the swelling should be gone down within the next few days

janet h
John, have you still got the abcess? i told you yesterday to go back to the hospital before it starts to infect your whole face, stop asking questions on your computer and go to a&e and get your abcess checked out. gone on, go now!

Texas Pineknot
Yea you can die from an abscess tooth. It travels up toward your brain and when it gets there your dead. A doctor told me this when I had an abscessed tooth and it swole the whole side of my face up even with the end of my nose. The Dr. said if I had waited one more day that I would have been dead. He lanced the abscess and gave me antibiotics and told me to see the dentist. You should be o.k. since your taking antibiotics, but if you still have swelling go back and get the dentist to lance it.

brown eyed girl
yes if it is left untreated and the infection travels it can go to your heart...my boyfriend is the biggest hypochondriac ever so he is actually at a dentist right now for that same reason. The antibiotics will do it dont worry! But i would say if it gets any worse go to the ER but it probably wont come to that!! Get better soon!

Swallowing the contents of the abscess will not harm you, it's blood poisoning you should focus your paranoia on!

There is a bug that lives in your mouth, if you have plaque and don't keep you mouth clean. It can cause you to have a heart attack or a weak heart!

but an abcess that is being treated with anti biotics is ok! Its being zapped!

The reason you seem to have a huge swelling and so much pain is because there isn't much tissue to absorb the swelling and so it all pushes out to the surface!
You should see some sort of relief in a few hours, so hang on in there!

you can. my husband had a very bad abbess a very years ago and it just blew up the whole side of his face on a weekend, he was in terrible pain, had a bad fever. went to the er to get some relief, and they said that with your brain so close it can be very dangerous to have an abbess. just make sure you follow up ASAP to get it out as soon as you can OK.

If you are taking antibiotics that should take care of it.Try to keep it as clean as possible,you don't want bacteria traveling into your bloodstream.That's when sepsis can kill you.Christopher Reeve died from sepsis due to a small bedsore(abscess).Take care.

I suppose the anti-biotics will help but probably take days to get into your system.

Yes, I have been told same thing regarding the abscess and infection needs to be gone before they will take the tooth out. Anyway, a dentist once told me that the jag does not work if there is infection and I do not think many people could cope with the tooth extraction without a jag!

Anyway... i am pretty sure that you could not die from an abscess unless it poisoned your blood etc??

An untreated abcess can cause death.

an infected tooth may lead to heart disease (Endocarditis) and kidney disease (Glomerulonephritis) if the pathogen is either a staphylococcus aureus (staph) or streptococcal (strep) bacterium.

You won't die from the abcess if you are on antibitoics but theroetically if you didn't get treatment for it and the infection went to your blood stream (not uncommon and is called sepsis) and you did not go see the doc when this turned into sepsis you could die. Most people when they get deathly ill would see a doc or dentist but if they left it go untreated it could wind up killing them theorectically.

Bellatrix L
You can only die if you get blood poisoning from it and even then the chances of death aren't that high. Hope it's better soon xx

For the swelling, you can take either Aspirin or Motrin. The swelling will also go down as the infection (abcess) clears up. If you swallow anything, the antibiotics will kill it, too, so don't worry about that.
I would recommend that once you finish the antibiotics, you buy like a week's worth of yogurt & eat it. The antibiotics not only kill off the bad infection, but the good stuff in your tummy that help with digestion. Yogurt has those good digestive things in them & will help your tummy get them back.

Yes, if the abcess is untreated and gets into the bone and /or blood stream. If the abcess is in the upper jaw, the infection could spread to your brain.

You are being treated and are seeing some progress, so that won't happen to you.

Take the FULL COURSE of antibiotics. Even if you feel better, there may still be infection that needs to be cleared up.

You'll be fine. Hang in there.

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