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Can wisdom teeth grow back after they have been taken out?
I had my wisdom teeth removed about 4 years ago and recently I have been feeling a peice of tooth coming in were it was supposed to be taken out. Im guessing that they did not take it all the way out.

I can give you the best answer,,,, NO !!!! thanks for asking.

Could be a bone fragment, or necrosis. Prob a bone frag

Oh Lord, have you gotten some funny responses from people! LOL...

And no, 'wisdom teeth' dont grow back. Wisdom teeth are permanet teeth, once there gone.. there gone.

Two things could be going on...
1) it very well could be a "piece" of the tooth, that had broken off when you had them extracted. 4 years is along time though, i think it would have come out by now. Also, your dentist should have given you a 'heads up' if it had infact broken off. Since he didnt say anything...i'd assume, it didnt... so that shouldnt be it. Now...
2) It could also be a piece of 'bone fragment'... when teeth are extracted a piece of bone can crack or break off as well. It's very common, so dont freak out. It heals like every other bone in your body on its own in due time. NOW... if something like this does happen, it can drift about unknowingly and unpainfully. And CAN take years to actually find its way to the surface. Once it has surfaced, it can become painful. Especially if your eating on it, the pressure can be painful. Or if your tongue grazes over it, and its got a sharp point on it or something like that.

Either way... if it bothers you..a) Try and take it out yourself. If you can get a grip on it with something. It wont be difficult to get out. The difficult part is getting the grip on it. b) You can go to your dentist, they'll take a x'ray of the site, just to confirm what it is. Then if it is a bone frag... they wouldnt even have to numb you. It's easy, to just pull out with their cotton pliers. It's no biggie. We do it everyday.

Hope this helps....

No, wisdom teeth, or any other teeth will grow back after they've been taken out.

no they dont b/c duh they been completely removed

thats NOT wisdom teeth if u had them removed..

ask ur dentist for more info related to ur situation.

No, it's probably not a piece of tooth either. I have the same feeling in my mouth, I don't know what it is, maybe scar tissue? But it's not a tooth or a piece of tooth, I asked my dentist!

Leah M
Nope. Wisdom teeth are permanents, not like the baby teeth that fall out when we're kids. Just like if an adult gets his front teeth knocked out (picture Mike Tyson here...), the wisdom teeth WON'T grow back.

It could be that a piece of it was left in, and that is indeed what you're feeling.

surfer girly

First off no teeth can 'grow' back. It's most likely dry sockets. It can feel like there's something protruding from your gum.

sheri h
no. I worked for a dentist at chairside and once they are gone they are gone. However you may have a bone fragment working its way out. This can occur over a period of time.

what you probably got is a small piece of jaw bone comming out where they chiped it loose while pulling the tooth. and no once you have a wisdom tooth pulled its gone or i have never heard of one comming back.

I just want to give a totally accurate answer despite what people have said here. Yes it has happened due to a rare genetic condition a man grew a complete 3rd set of teeth. The teeth even pushed out the remaining second set he had, so it is possible but nigh on infinitely improbable.

Some people actually have FOURTH molars and they can come in once the third molars (wisdom teeth) are out of the way. Or, it could be a broken root fragment finally working its way out of your gums.

no they can't once out they do not come back sorry

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