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 I need advice about daughthers anxiety!?
My 5 year old has an abcess in her mouth and the dentist said she has to get her tooth pulled on Tuesday and she gets very nervous just going to the dentist her nose starts to bleed and her blood ...

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I went to the dentist the other day and for the first time ever he asked to me wear safety glasses.

I asked why and he said I get splashed in the eye or something.

LOL-what a ...

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i have very bad teeth, great hygeine but they still keep getting infected and crumbling, over the past year i have had so many repaired because i finally had dental insureance but now i'm laid ...

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hi, im 12 and today i had my 1st visit to the dentist i was sooo scared i cryed.They told me i had an abscess and told me i have to have tooth pulled out, I fainted and then minutes later i woke up.T...

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Every time I wake up, my teeth feel really sensitive and I have to brush my teeth.
Additional Details
I'm not grinding because I have my mouth open sometimes....

 How often should you brush ur gums?

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please i have a brown teeth.how can i make it white?...

 Natural ways to whiten teeth?
i've tried baking soda and peroxide mixture but it really burns my gums and tastes really bad, does anyone know any other way to whiten your teeth....low cost is best, and simple things i may ...

 When I was 13 I had a really bad experience with my dentist, how can I conquer my fear?
I am 29 and have not been to a dentist since I was 13 years old. Since that experience I have taken care of my teeth and am very regimental when it comes to my teeth. I had a cavity filled in when I...

 Should you floss before or after you brush your teeth?

 Chipped Tooth?
I chipped my tooth the other day--it was the very tip of the top left incisor. By looking at it, you can't tell that anything is wrong, but I noticed it when I brushed my tongue over it and it ...

 Can you request to have your dental records and take them with you to another dentist.?

 One of my fillings keeps coming out, ive had it redone like 3 times already but it keeps coming out...?
the tooth its on doesnt even hurt and the little hole left there has no black spots or anything nothing to bother me just that the filling isnt there to keep food out but i brush right after

 Im getting braces will they hurt????

 My teeth are so weak..?
Ok..I think that I have weak teeth. It easily breaks infact two of my permanent molar have already dental filling. One of it is more than half filling. I brushed my teeth regularly, i drink water ...

 What Colour Fixed Braces Should I Get?
I am getting my fixed braces on the 4th sept 08 and i was wondering if you guys had any ideas of what colour i should get. My eye colour is blue if that helps ^o). :p ...

 Does getting a cavity filled hurt?
i am getting a filling tomorrow and im nervous!

does it hurt?
and do dentists always use a shot to numb it?
should i get it numbed? (he said its small but i cannot stand pain)<...

garden flower
Can really bad infected teeth affect the rest of your health?
I have some really bad teeth... I have six teeth left on on the top part of my mouth and one of those is about 3/4 of the way gone,I have one that the back of it is all but gone. and one on the bottom that is really bad. the rest of the teeth on top have cavities. When the teeth flare up, my chin and the cheek on my left side get sores and things like bad acne on them...these are very tender and sore. I ahve no dental insurance. and I was wondering if all the infection in my teeth could be causing my health problem, and if so would I be able to have health insurance pickup for the pulling of the teeth and dentures.

yeah, you infections can spread, you can get real sick.

yes, it can lead to serious systemic infections. try locating a dental school in your state. they can offer a discounted price for all dental work.

yeah of course
u will feel uncomfortable

Yes. Get a friend to pull them out. For cheap false teeth get a set of fangs from a joke shop.

Yes, very bad teeth can harm you and in extreme cases they can even KILL you! Any kind of infection can go to your heart. Depending on where you live, there are free clinics for people who don't have the money or insurance, that's what I do. Also, if a toothache gets too bad, like mine does sometimes, you can go to any hospital emergency room, and by law, they have to treat you! Some times a dental clinic will give your name to an agency that will cover the cost of having your teeth done, including free dentures. If I were you, I would check into that, call around.

Definitely, bad teeth cause you lots of health problems. Better have them checked out by your dentist now.

A bad infection in any part of your body will affect the rest of your health. I live in Australia, so i'm not sure how the health system works over there, but i hope you get your teeth sorted out. Just make sure you let your doctor know that this problem with your teeth is making you ill. Good luck!!


You sound ill. Have you really neglected your teeth that much?

It can cause problems like heart failure.

yes it can affect the whole body health...you even can get a heart attack

So getting a dental insurance would be better.Decay in most of your teeth must have reached to the inner layer called nerve or pulp of the tooth because of which it is leading to such problem.
you require a multisitting appointments for setting the problem right.
and the main thing would be the more u delay ,the more the problem increases and it becomes more expensive.
so act fast.may you have good health soon.

Please see your dentist. Those areas that are swelling are abcesses (infections). You need to be placed on antibiotics, and YES, those teeth can affect your general health. In addition, dental decay/abcesses can affect your heart by producing bacteria bacteria that gets into the bloodstream. Dental insurance is tough to come by in most areas unless you have an employer who offers it. Health insurance might cover some of the cost of the extractions but not for dentures. You could try your county dept. of social services and see if they will approve you for Medicaid. Then find a dentist who accepts it. You need to get this taken care of because it will cause other problems later on.

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