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Can i stop taking Amoxicillin now for a root canal in 3 days?
I have been taking 500mg twice a day for the last 5 days and now i cant really do anything besides eat, take pill, sleep, feel terrible, repeat.

originally the dentist said he might prescribe it for me on the day of the root canal but i said that i had gotten blood poisoning from a similar procedure in the past. so he precribed me Amoxicillin to take before hand.

he was not able to tell if it was infected from the x-rays, but said possibly/probably.

so ive been taking it for 5 days, and the root canal is in 3 days.

can i stop taking the Amoxicillin now and still have it in my system working when i get the root canal done and be safe from any infection that might spread into my bloodstream?

my tooth still hurts as much as it did when i started taking the Amoxicillin , the only real change its made for me is i feel like crap all day and sleep alot, and my guts are liquified.

ive heard that it can be prescribed in 5 day schedules, will this work for me?
Additional Details
just wanted to add that i have been taking a full range probiotic for the last two years, and have continued taking it during this course of amoxacillin and after 5 days i think the amox has finally destroyed all the good flora in my guts.

thank you all for the answers, its hard to pick a best one but i will later today.

also of note, i am allergic to sulpha drugs so im not sure if any of the others mentioned are under that category, and cephtin/ceftin causes a severe allergic reaction in me (almost died) and zithromax is the equivilent of swallowing razor blades. so im pretty scared to take anything else in general. this is also due to a severe allergic reaction i had to trazadone where i almost died again (yay!). so maybe you can see why i would want to take amox for a short period of time as the bad side effects are starting to kick in.

this is kind of gross but what happens if my guts decide to liquify during the root canal? am i supposed to rip the instruments out and run?

Dr.Parveen Chopra, MDS Dentist
Please stop taking amoxycillin immediately....there is no need to take.....i fear you have already taken more of it !!.......even then....take it easy and dont worry unnecessarily.

Yes, at times it is just "sickening" to take antibiotics......you are true........because these antibiotics at times besides killing the harmful microorganisms ,just kill the useful microflora which reside quite peacefully in our gut....and this microflora helps us in a number of ways. So, the best remedy to avoid this thing while taking antibiotics to a great extent is to take oral lactobacilli in capsule form so that our gut system stays in form to a great extent. Further, one can take curd 2-3 times a day during one is on amoxycillin. This problem of gut is quite common with the Amoxycillin/ Ampicillin. Generally we warn the patients before hand so that they are well prepared for this.

Plz don t be afraid of any blood poisoning during the procedure........it is more of an imaginary thing and of course, a theoretical question. But, of course, in patients of Rheumatic heart disease we have to be very careful about this thing..............I suppose you are alright and not having such ailment.

Sometimes x-rays dont reveal much....its findings have to be correlated clinically. Secondly, there are other tests like Pulp vitality tests to know about the health of the tooth before starting root canal.

wow.....that your tooth still hurts is a sign...but not knowing what is realling happening...is hard to say...you really should call the dr. asap...let him know what you said here....asap......not eating is not good.......call.......now....,

Ok even if you have this appointment in few days time,ring them asap and aks for advice he may double up dose or prescribe something more,but do explain if you have not been feeling well cause of it or tablets,also unless otherwise told you must always complete taking a full course of antibiotics,have you tried taking any anti inflammatory's as well as this may help,i assume the dentist prescribed you these as if there is infection it will be very painful to of started root canal treatment before bringing some of the infection down.hope i've helped

Jen H
No, sorry, you really need to keep taking it. The fact that your tooth still hurts means it is definitely infected, which is all the more reason for continuing the Amoxicillin. And the fact that you've ended up with sepsis in the past from an infected tooth, means there's absolutely no way if I was the dentist I would risk working on it if I thought there was ANY evidence of infection still there. So put up with the side effects for the next 3 days so that hopefully the root canal can go ahead as scheduled, otherwise you might end up needing another course of antibiotics before it can be done, which means longer time to deal with the side effects and longer to deal with the pain.

Ramya R
amoxillin is an antibioic n not a pain killer, u can use it only for infection........u can stop if u hav no infection.

Michelle T

I agree with Penpress totally but want to add that you can help your insides immensely by eating yogurt [the kind that has active cultures in it]. This will replenish the bugs in your intestine that are being killed by the antibiotics. Eat some after each meal!

I read that infection changes the chemistry in the jaw area (pH - acidity) and that can reduce the effectiveness of local anaesthetic on the area. Maybe there is another antibiotic you can take, or something else you can do while taking the antibiotic eg. eat yoghurt to put good bugs back in your gut. I would get advice from your dentist or a doctor. Good luck.

not every root canal treatment needs antibiotic cover, unless for prophylaxis (protection), or if infection already exists, ur pain is from the tooth pulp (nerve) exposure, u can stop it and ur immune system can do it

You should always finish your antibiotic treatment even when you feel better or when the doctor advises you to stop. You could get a super-infection that will be harder to treat.

Just call up the Dentist office and ask them. They will be able to tell you,if not,they will have you come in sooner. You really need to call tem,as you are in a lot of pain,& if anything maybe they will be able to get you in for your appt. earlier.

Paramedic Girl
You need to finish the prescription, though because there is no change I strongly recommend you talk to the dentist who prescribed it. You may need a stronger drug course before your dental surgery.

no i'd continue taking the antibiotics till there gone. the medication works when there a continuous concentration of antibiotics in your blood.

the dentist wants there to be no infection (yes you probably have one, despite it not showing on the xray) so that when you have the root canal done, the anesthesia will take. infection lowers the effectiveness of the Novocaine.

Amoxicillin is used for 7-10 days. not for 5 days. there are other antibiotics that have a 5 day schedule but usually amox is best for dental infections.

after the root canal, your tooth will feel a ton better.

No,you can not stop taking it.You have to finish everything in order to work.If you stop ,that will be like you didn't take anything.You 5 day misery would be for nothing.Amoxicillin is not for pain.The idea is to shrink any existing infection and to prevent the tooth from getting any during the root canal.It can be prescribed it 5 day schedule,the dosage has to be different.The best thing for you is to continue and finish what's left of it.You can always give your dentist a call,but i don't think he'll let you stop.Good luck.


Sometimes for abscessed tooth Amoxicillin DOES NOT work that well. It is very hard though to predict that beforehand. However, if it turns out to be that case, do the following :

1. Get in touch with your dentist and he can switch you over to Clindamycin, which works better for dental abscess. It penetrates the bone better. I routinely prescribe Clindamycin for dental abscess.

2. If you stop taking Amoxicillin, the 'liquidity' will go away on its own. Make sure, right now your fluid and electrolyte intake is okay. If you have to take the rest of it, take Peptobismol or Imodium to suppress the 'liquefied' status. Unfortunately, that is one of the side effects of Amoxicillin, which cannot be avoided. Sadly, you are one of those people who get it more.

3. If you stop taking antibiotics altogether now, it WILL NOT be in your system 3 days later. For example, if a medication is prescribed to be taken once every 6 or 8 hours, that means it starts to get out of the system / the optimal level drops in the blood in that period. Therefore, instead of 6 or 8 hours, if you are NOT taking anything for 72 hours, there WILL NOT be any antibiotic coverage.

4. Since you have a history of systemic infection from dental procedures, I will DEFINITELY recommend taking Clindamycin OR continuing Amoxicillin to stay safe.

5. Also, DO NOT apply heat to that area, because that will increase the swelling and pain. If possible, apply ice to the facial area corresponding to the affected tooth.

Hope this helped. Good luck !

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