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Can an abcess make you feel sick?

Natural healer
yes, absolutely! Your body is fighting the abscess using minerals and vitamins in your body, once it used the Calcium from your food today it will begin to take the Calcium from your bones. You may need some vitamin B for energy, C and Calcium to support your immune system and the best thing of all would be to buy colloidal silver, a liquid mineral that will kill any bacteria or virus in your body. Within 2-3 days I'm sure you would see the abscess go down, maybe even disappear. Also, a small amount of exercise will boost your immune system too, just don't over do it (run a marathon) when you are depleted, that will have the opposite effect. One tip most people don't know is that soda/carbinationed drinks knock out your immune system for an hour after you drink it, so now is a great time to quit. I quit a year and a half ago and I feel tons better.

yes.. this is serious... go see a dentist......

Yes than can, go to the dentist they'll give you some medicine to make the abcess not hurt so much, sometimes they have a way to drain your tooth.

YES!! An abscess is a serious infection, and there's nothing that's going to stop that infection from traveling to other parts of the body, and YOU WILL get sick if you don't take care of it. In fact, YOU ARE SICK if you have an abscess!!! And the stress it causes to your entire body, just dealing with it, will cause sickness in other parts of your body. Get it taken care of NOW!!! God Bless you.


yes, because it is the same as being sick. An abcess is an infection and lowers your immune system since it is working at trying to fight the infection, hense feeling sick. The tough thing is, when your have an abcess, the nerve to which blood flows to get to the infection is what is infected and the immune system cant fight it, and in some cases antibiotics don't work either becuse they use the blood stream and if the nerve is dead then the medicine can't get there either, which is when a Root Canal Therapy is needed.

mike m
yes, the infection can kill you.

yes in fact an abcess can mack you feel very ill so you should always get medical advice that is fact

you are 100 % true

an abscess can make you feel very sick. fever, chills, pain all over. if it gets far enough, like into your blood then it is called sepsis and untreated it can kill you. blood poisoning. please go to an emergency room if you have one.

It depends where the abcess is. Looking at some abcesses can turn your stomach especially if you have a weak tummy or are one of them people who feel sick when looking at yucky things.

If the abcess is in your stomach then yes it can make you sick. In you mouth then yes too.

if you have got an infection because of the abcess, then you can feel dizzy or tired. go to a doctor.

Holly B
it is poisons in your system.stored up poisons are deffinately going to make you sick. get it taken care of.

You bet! An abscess is an infection that is contained in a sack of a sort. An infection can cause fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, acheness, fatigue, and pain at the point of the infection. You need antibiotics. Don't put it off. Infection can kill a person if it's let go long enough. Good luck to you.

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