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 Tooth problems!!?
Ok, well i got some teeth filled in when i was 9 or 10. im now 13 and about 4 or 5 months ago a filling started to really really ache. and eventually it fell out. now there is not as much pain, but ...

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 My oral surgeon says my wisdom teeth need 2 come out cuz my gums and jaw are infected, but there is no pain?
do they really need to come out? both my bottoms are partial bony impactions (thats the ones thats infected) and my top one has a cavity in it. im starting to have second thoughts about being put to ...

 I'm having 3 Wisdom Teeth out, under local anesthetic. REALLY SCARED. Will it really hurt, PLZ ANSWER?
Having 3 wisdom teeth out, with local anesthetic. (Novocain)

Will it really hurt. Do the injections hurt ? Sooo scared

1 is impacted. Been given Valium to take. To calm me ...

 I have a hole in my tooth and cant go to the dentist for a while, any suggestions?
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 Anyone ever get their wisdom teeth pulled.?
i had all my wisdom teeth pulled 2 days ago.
and now im all swollen and my cheeks hurt really bad.

any like tips or anything for me.?

i have been taking vicatin tht ...

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 How much does it cost to buy a full set of false dentures?

 Why didnt anyone tell me getting your wisdom teeth taken out was pure tourture???
My face is puffed up i look like the guy in The Mask with Cher. And i cant anymore pain meds cause my stomaches going to explode it hurts so bad. I am in pain someone shoot me now....

 American teeth?
Why are Americans obsessed with their teeth,you know with braces and the like.I'm British and my teeth are in good nick, and i'm not dentist mental.I brush em twice a day and that's it....

 What causes bad breath?

 Braces question?
earlier today i just got my braces on.
i had a little space between my teeth and so the lady put this elastic band around the two brackets to pull them together, when i got home i was having ...

 Dentist question, ROUTE CANAL????
I have to have a route canal very soon, and I am so afraid, if you ever had this procedure? If so...what can I expect.......Please don't scare me..........I am so so afraid....it makes my ...

Can a tooth decay cause medical problems?
Can a rotting wisdom tooth cause any medical problems? I have had medical problems for the past 2 years and no doctor has ever been ever to diagnose me. Symptoms included a low roaring back pain, urinary symptoms, pains into legs, burning on hands and feet and a stiff neck. Then i remembered i havn't seen a dentist for a while. Then i noticed there is a wisdom tooth causing bad breath and it looks almost black. Is there any chance this could be the cause?

Cloud Strife
Dude you need to have that taken out like NOW not later NOW! Rotting teeth mean there dead and they can cause your other teeth to decay as well as your gums, jaw and bone around it. Plus it’s not healthy for you since the dead matter from the tooth can fall into your stomach and make you as sick as hell.

sure can because it has probably gone to the state of being an infection. people have died from rotting teeth when the infection went to their brains. if you have any brains you will get to a dentist asap. you also need to be seen by a doctor. glad I not in breath range - p.u. and gargle won't help either.

I found out a few days ago that I need my wisdom teeth extracted, so you have my sympathy.
According to my orthodontist, wisdom teeth can create cysts when they emerge through the gums. My tooth is partially exposed now, so it's possible for bacteria to get caught in the torn gum and create a cyst (infected pocket in the gum).
The infection from a cyst can get into the bloodstream, and this might lead to other problems. If the gums around your tooth are swollen or sore, this is a possibility. However, I can't imagine that an infection which spread from a cyst would cause you two years of pain.
You should definitely see a dentist to treat your tooth. He or she can tell you if a cyst developed.

Girl Goes Back To The Future
Yep. Your teeth are linked to your heart also.
Take out your tooth. NOW. Book now cause it will get more painful and bad. Also if your bad symptoms remain, then you should get your spine checked out, and your whole body.

consult your dentist ASAP....

the infection in a decaying tooth can spread through other parts of the body....if it's not taken care of it can affect the heart and other vital organs......bite the bullet and get it taken care of.....check with a good dentist and see if they'll prescribe you antibiotics to kill the infection first and then have the tooth or teeth removed.....

I know someone in town who died two weeks ago from an infected tooth, that sounds like health problems to me. It was the saddest news I've heard in a long time, he was really nice and a LOT younger than me. :(

Yes, tooth decay can cause medical problems. You need to see a dentist as soon as you can so that he can check it. He will probably give you an antibiotic to clear up the infection that is going through your body.

Yes if it is infected you could have toxins going throughout your body. Tooth and gum disease is also hard on your heart. Get that tooth yanked ASAP


can cause heart infection

Abby Road
Yes! Get that rotten tooth out of your head! The bacteria can get in your bloodstream and cause serious heart problems. You'll probably need high-powered antibiotics before and after the extraction.

You need a dentist and general medical practitioner who can work together to get you straightened out.

Not likely "the cause" but certainly an indicator that you need to do some restorative things for your body if you want to start experiencing any quality of life again. The bad teeth and the urinary infections all signal a state of 'unhealth'. Rather than going to several different 'specialists' I would suggest that you check out a traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner, someone who is highly esteemed in your community (you can ask around). They will have a holistic perspective of your body systems and will treat you as a whole, not as several different parts that each requires its own doctor. Just a suggestion.

To deal with any anxiety around going to doctors (or dentists), I would recommend that you try the non-invasive energy therapy called Emotional Freedom Technique... it's like acupunture without needles. You can learn it yourself and apply it yourself, as well. Download the free Get Started Package at http://tinyurl.com/yh5zhu, or if you want to dive in right away by purchasing the inexpensive instructional DVDs click here>> http://tinyurl.com/ycwle8 Read the testimonials on this site and you will know how effective this energy therapy is.

All the best!

It can get abcessed.
Cause headaches, and major infections.
Get that tooth pulled!!

a rotting tooth can be very dangerous, depending on your health status. The blood supply is close to the heart and infection could travel fast.
Considering that it sounds like you have had several complete exams by the doctor, I dont think u have anything serious to worry about right now. It would have shown up in your White Blood Count. Even if you did have an infection, I doubt it would cause all the symptoms you are describing.
I do suggest you get to the dentist ASAP.
Sometimes emotional pain can be manifested in physical symptoms. If no physcial cause can be found , I would consider going to a psychiatrist.


Oh yeah. It can kill you if it is abcessed.

It could. Tooth decay, if not taken care of, can get into your blood stream and cause all kinds of problems. Go to your dentist and see what he says.

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