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Captain C
Can I use Clorox to bleach my teeth?

Here In LaLA
No! You could cause yourself some serious damage that way - try swishing around peroxide instead.

Mix peroxide with baking powder to make a paste and apply it to your teeth for a couple of minutes then rinse Dont use bleach it will kill you

Use Peroxide, it works really great. Most teeth whiteners are mostly peroxide. No to the Clorox.

You can use whatever you want. Although I highly recommend researching the effects of Sodium Hypochlorite (common household bleach) on other oral and internal tissues. I once heard a story of a woman experiencing an accidental ingestion of bleach which led to damage of her vocal cords. This may pose a problem if you enjoy singing in the church choir.

No, Clorox is poisonous

no you can no use clorox for your teeth

umm no, use strips or go the dentist

Do not use Clorox.

I think you are thinking about peroxide, which you can use in dental strength.
Do not use Clorox.

No you will kill all the tissues in your mouth and you might kill yourself. Clorox is not for bleaching the body.

Definitely do NOT recommend it.

Just me
Now Captain, what are you asking again? You know that you should not do this.

Haha I know you're joking. You will put your life in jeopardy if any gets swallowed, and it probably won't work anyway.

sexy b
to captain obvious the answer is no clorox bleach contains properties that can eat away your tissues especially in your throat and you will die so if thats the goal then sure but otherwise look in the dental isle at the grocery store or see a dentist

this is Poison

No! Go to the dentist Clorox has many chemicals that poison you.

Vamp Chick
Nope... If you want at home products to whiten your teeth, you could use peroxide.. Most bottles of peroxide will have a direction on the back for brushing your teeth with it... Other than that, over the counter more conventional methods are the key... Clorox will cause you to have a chemical burn in your mouth.. you really really do not want that. :)

Good luck.

i really hope that was not a serious question...ever hear of crest whitening strips? they work and they are not toxic.


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