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 Gum recession from tongue ring?
i was at the dentist on saturday and the hygenist said i had minor gum recession behind my two lower front teeth. she said it was from my tongue ring. i have had my tongue pierced for 5 years now. ...

 How can i get whiter teeth?
I wanna get whiter teeth but i want to do with like at home products....i've tried baking soda....and everything but i cant figure out nothing that will make them whiter..if you have any tips.....

 I'm getting braces on Friday and i want to know more about it. and also, will they hurt?
how will they be put in?
will they hurt while they are being put in ?
will they rub against the inside of my lip- how can i stop that from happening?
will they hurt a lot afterwards/...

 How do i get rid of a canker sore fast?
i have one on my ...

 My tooth hurts when I drink or eat hot food or drink! Why?

 Tooth looks to be broken what to do?
After visiting the dentist to get a filling I notice a front tooth close to the filling is beginning to crack, a chip off the tooth looks like its going fall off.

I noticed her getting ...

 Teeth problem? automatic 10 to a good answer?
ok my teeth are getting really yellow and on the top i have 2 yellow spots, i want to know what i can do to get them as white as i can b-cuz it is embarrasing when u try to kiss sum1 or are with ...

 Has anyone got a good way off getting over a dentist phobia?
i really hate the dentinst after a few bad experiances as a child, can anyone help?...

 Don't you just hate people who make noises when they are chewing gum? grrr?

How to take care of my tooth?How many times a day i have to broush .......etc.
Additional Details
Sory for that "tooth" stuf.It's "teeth"
I didn't ...

 One time, this guy told me 2 eat bananas 2 get rid of...?
mouth sores. is this true?
Additional Details
i also got another answer on another question that if u drink root beer, it can help make it better. is this also tru?...

 Had a tooth pulled 4 days ago and its swelling what do I do?
I had a tooth pulled and the dentist really had a hard time I did not have any swelling in the area untill now should I call my dentist or is it ...

 Help Please!?
i have a herbst apliance and it is glued my teeth and part of the glue came off so now its messed up help! oh and your answer can't be "call your dentist"! 10points to best answer!

 Root canal?
im havin root canal treatment/sugry tomorrow! abnd really really scared! has any one had it befor? does it hurt whilst havin it done or afterwards! as i have to go 2 work after! ...

 I have a phobia of dentists and...?
i have what they call tartar on my lower front teeth,
is there any way of gettin this off without going to the dentist,
i brush, floss and use mouthwash twice a day but it still wont ...

 Pls answer me teeth?
I have a bad odour in my mouth. I was my teeth twice daily, and I also use mouthwash everytime I wash my teeth (GUM). and after that i wash my teeth even if i don't eat food, I have a bad breath ...

 Looking for cheap dentist?
i need to have my teeth pulled and get denture i am in so much pain every day i needed these teeth done like three years ago but i don't have the insurence since i got hurt on job and where i ...


 Will u sell ur teeth?
my friend from space sector 2134-w dsoaio needs a set in order to make anew bolabsoasa milksake..hes really thirsty..hell pay u anything from 1 cent to a million ...

 Should i still have holes in my gums one week after wisdom tooth extraction?
Ok so I had my teeth out on thurs last week so its now 1 week 4 days since i had my two lower wisdom teeth out......
I had stitches in which have been coming out over last few days....mostly ...

Rachel W27
Can Bad Teeth Make you FEEL BAD, LET ME KNOW?
just wondering, iam new at this forum thing, but i have posted a few earlier, iam having to get 17 teeth pulled on march 26th which iam totally nervous about, and getting partials put in, my teeth are horrible in the back, my front ones are good, but getting all back ones out, has anyone ever had this and anyone with bad teeth can they make you feel like UGHHHH PLEASE HELP!!!!
Additional Details
thanks to everyone who posted on this, iam just very nervous about having 17 teeth pulled you know, thats alot and they are all my back teeth, i have like 6 broken to the gum line,so iam worried how they will take them out you know, and i got to get the bad ones out so i can still have my front teeth, even though i have a bad overbite i wonder if i can get my front teeth fixed maybe retainer or something with having partials in the back??? anyone know

High Pro Glo
Bad teeth leech toxins into the blood making you feel like crap!

I had em I know.. you will feel like a GaZillion Bucks after the surgery!

♥Amber is a New Momma
17 wow!
anything that you dont like about yourself can make you feel bad
just remember its probably not as bad as you think it is!
good luck at the dentist!!

Derek A
you will look and feel better whenever its all healed poor kid.lol

i had 13 teeth pulled and infected it is so much not t have all those teeth i feel 1000 times better i had the needle i was scared to put to sleep it was quick that i did not believe the dentist it was over most of mine where broke at the gum hardly any pain good luck

17!?!? wooowww I have this tooth on its side i need it takin care of

yes really..

American Man
Once you get rid of them you will feel much better.
I had several that were impacted and had to come out.
I had a very good oral surgen doing the work.
I had no pain the next day. I took 1 asprin the second day.
But I felt so much better in general.
You will really be pleased.
Good Luck, and be brave. :)

San Thomus
yes.. at certain moments its really very bad.

Bill L
Hi Rachael!
I had 2 abscesses last year, side by side. Parents never took me to dentist as a child, except once, for a BAD experience over an extraction. That only made me fear going to the dentist even more. Once the antibiotics were taken for 10 days, I got them both pulled. Instant relief! Now I am in the same boat you are, I have mostly bad teeth on top side, can hardly eat, feel tired and achy all the time. Would like to find a dentist that would not try and shame me into spending thousands I do not have doing root canals and crowns to save them a few more years and just get them out. Good Luck! I am sure getting them pulled will be a lot less painful than dealing with the bad teeth like ours all the time. Let me know how it goes!

Dear Prudence
My whole life i had the most yellow teeth. I wouldn't smile, omg i was so miserable. I got them whitened and my friends said they noticed a difference in my personality. I am always laughing now, I have so much more confidence. So yes bad teeth can you you UGHHHH.

But your bad teeth are at he back, don't even worry about it! :)

omg wtf if its your back teeth nobody is going to be able to see them. its not that big a deal. you will be fine

The sooner you get it done the better. Bad teeth can cause a low grade infection that can make you constantly on the edge of exhaustion and very sick!! Good luck!

Absolutely positively and without a doubt....


If you need your back teeth pulled(at least as many as 17 or 18) you might as well get them all pulled. It doesn't hurt...

You won't feel a thing. Why waste time or money on Dentists who try to tell you that keeping a few teeth will help you.




It's cheaper in the long run if you only have so many good teeth left ... just pull them all and get dentures. You can eat anything you want and you'll stop getting colds, headaches and the flu.


If your teeth are rotten enough that you must lose 17 or 18 you might as well pull them all.

I know.

hang in there and good luck

I was a dental assistant years ago, and from what I heard from our patients they felt great after a couple of weeks and adjusted to the partials. I think overall you will feel much better once you are healed and have a beautiful smile. You will feel more comfortable all together just having a healthy mouth. Good luck!

Yes, they can really make you sick, and in some rare cases the infection from a bad tooth can cause death. Bad teeth is one of the worst pains next to child birth, they rate right up there as far as I am concerned. I've only had a couple bad tooth aches, but I'm sorry for what your going through. You will feel so much better when you get them out.

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