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cause i have this pain on the left and right sides of the back of my mouth where they're supposed to be...it really hurts!

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im getting them cuz of a small gap in ...

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i have 14 teeth right now...

but i have 2 in the very back starting to come out..

Im 19!!

is that normal???...

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I'm 16 years old and I'm in the 11th grade (CLASS OF 09!!)
I'm about to get braces.
Its my choice
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hey i was seeing if it better to smoke a joint through my nose instead of through my mouth...so i dont get a dry socket

so is it possible to get a dry socket from smoking weed through my ...

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i might be getting braces in the summer, but I'm really scared. all my friends are getting it. so i guess I'll have to get it too. only one of my tooth is crooked on the bottom....

 Cleaning teeth with braces?
i just got braces.....i've had them for about 3 days now. i was just needing help on how to keep your teeth clean and healthy with them on? they told me to brush a minimum of 3 times a day, but ...

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I have to get a canine pulled and then get braces. I could care less about the braces, but I'm really freaked out over the tooth thing. Does it hurt when they give you novacaine and when they...

Adorably Ana
Are grillz good or bad for your teeth? Why?
Grillz are the mouth pieces worn by some in the hip hop or rap industry. They look like they would prevent good dental hygiene. True or false?

Krista P
I'm not sure... I guess if the grillz can be removed to brush your teeth regularly they shouldn't affect your dental hygiene. I don't understand why people get grillz though. When looking at them from far off it looks like a person already as poor dental hygiene

bad... in order to fit they would have to drill.. somewhere..and saliva would not be able to flush the teeth eighter.. u run into chances of cavity if u wear them for extended time.

Weapon X
I would think that they must be hard to eat with much less keep clean. I hope that you aren't considering getting them. that would be a shame you have a beautiful face.

Well I don't think they're good for your teeth.

they could depending on what you get behind them, but they are not permanent, they just clasp to your teeth

i dont know, but they are simply ugly


No a well made grill will not damage your teeth. It can be made to snap in and snap out. so the hygiene is not a problem.

If hip hop is doing it should probaly kill you...Tupac, Biggie, etc...

i dont know but dont where em it looks soooo stupid its almost a cheap way to hide bad teeth or somthen imo anyway

yes but not 2 some people

probably bad, but very very ugly

they help keep a lot of bacteria behind them and up against the teeth and gums...which can cause problems with the teeth and gum disease.
they also slowly wear away your enamel on the teeth which can expose your nerves, and this will cause pain. and if you wear aways your enamel on your teeth, this can be costly to try and repair them..
good luck

Seems like it'd be unhealthy to have them in your mouth for a long period of time but i don't think it'll do any damage to your teeth. alot of people wear retainers that have metal strips along the teeth.

why would you want to be like them. Seems like most of them get shot. I am still trying to figure out if Grillz are something to cover or something to replace your teeth.

Mr. Wizard
Grillz should be avoided totally......

They cause dental problems in the long run. Now is the best time to pursue a career in the dental industry....they're about to get very busy very soon.

Why would a good lookin chick like you want to wear something like that?

answer gal
It depends-- as I understand it, they are strictly covers and not replacements for teeth. Therefore, they are only as harmful as a mouthguard or removable retainer would be. Obviously, one needs to rinse it thouroughly before and after use with water and toothpaste, and it would probably be helpful to soak it in listerine once in awhile too, just for hygenic reasons.

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