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mz azn
Am I TOO OLD to get "braces?"?
I'm turning 20. I keep on telling myself I'm gonna get invisalign, unfortunately i couldn't afford it! So I'm just gonna get regular METAL braces! What do you think? Twenty Year OLD WOMAN in BRACES?? Would that make me unattractive? I keep on telling myself "I could've got braces in my HS years!"

no, your never too old to get braces! here in college, there are lots of kids who have braces because they couldn't afford them in high school; they can afford them now because they work or either they have extra money from loans. As a matter of fact, I'm thinking of getting braces in the fall!

I maybe if you want invisalign you could work out a plan with your dentist.
Good luck!

No you're not too old. Go for it. We had a patient that was in her 60's. It will improve your confidence and quality of life!

joanne t
Ooooh no, of course you're not too old. However only you can decide whether you feel self-conscious and that everyone is just looking at your braces (which they're not...loads of people have braces, you're no different).
Have you consider lingual braces ? Where the brackets go on the inside of the tooth surface, i.e. facing the tongue..they're weird at first but you'll get used to them.

Alternatively, save up for the invisalign - it's a wonderful system and i highy recommend it.

You're 20...you're young. Go for it!!

I'm 31 and have them.

I am forty year old mother of a 15 year old who is getting her braces off in the summer and I am getting braces on 2 weeks, so you are plenty young to get braces. My daughter wants me to get the kind that has the colored bands. We'll see.

Jessica W
no i dont think so

im 21 and i have braces...

It depends if you're bite is bad. My friend who is turning 16 has to have surgery because he waited to long and his bite has gotten worse. Make an appointment, consiltation to find out when and where and how much it will cost. Its expensive now. $2000 to $8000.

f4rr3ll radd yo
There is no age diffrence for braces alot of people in my dentist have them my dentist told me that there are diffrent kinds i love the 24k gold ones! or the diamond but the meatal ones are good to. the age don't matter! :))))

My dentist told me he put a set on an 85 year old lady.. I'm 59 and am considering it..

of course you´re not

it is never to late to get braces.

Elizabeth M
If it is going to make you feel better then go for it, age dont mean a thing. My Friends mom was 38 with breaces. Go for it!!!

No your not too old, i am 19 and actually had them fitted last year late september , have been wearing them only for a good few months.

What i recommend you to do is, youll have to see your local dentist, I hope you have registered with one right? If not this will make it harder as there is alot of paperwork.

So anyway ask your dentist. Him/her will arrange an appointment to get your teeth xrayed and they will determine weather what brace to put on, if you are thinking of train tracks well you will probably have to get more than 2 teeth extracted and there is a waiting list for this, has to be done in hospitals now. so expect a LONG wait. If the dentist decides that you dont need any taking out they will make one a make shift one for you, Which i had, and it does the job way better, my teeth are amazingly straight, my parents can't belive it. It was sore at first , although well worth it, my personal view anyway.

Hope this has helped, if you want any more info just ask.

Jen x

i work in an orthodontist office. we have 60 year old patients. yea, there mostly kids, but alot of adults have braces too. also, you can get tooth colored braces that are much less noticeable. it really just looks like your wearing a retainer. my husband is 25 years old, and he just got braces in October. i think it looks cute on him. alot of our 20-25 year old female patients say that guys like it, and have actually gotten more dates since they got their braces. it really shows that you love your self, and taking care of your teeth is important to you and that is ALWAYS a turn on.

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