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 I am a Smoker and I Have Chest,back pain and appetite loss For almost 3years.May I have lung cancer?

 Could it be a sign of cancer?
I have had two red bumps under my right arm pit for almost 2 months. Sometimes they get really irritated and swollen and then they hurt, but other times I forget they're there. My grandma has ...

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In an estimate of how many years until this cure for cancer is discovered or created?...

 Terminal Cancer?
Anybody have any expreience what to say what not to say when the news comes back the cancer is terminal?
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what to say to the person who just found out their cancer is ...


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he lives in el ...

 How can u cure brain cancer?

 What causes cancer?

 Lump on neck?!?
There is a fairly large lump on the left side of my neck that I never noticed before. It's causing a lot of pressure. The right side of my neck is completely normal.

I'm scared. W...

 Can Someone Give Me An Answer?
I have Hep C. Was sick 3 months before diag...Symptoms: Sores/Itchy...Blisters on feet...Fevers...Stomach and lower back aches...No yellow Skin..But yellow in eyes...Pale Stools...Last Night stools ...

 What does radiation do for cancer patients?
We found out today that my grandmother has cancer and my mother said that the oncologist is planning on using radiation to ease her pain. My question is, what does radiation do? I know, eases pain, ...

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or any websites to intro ? thanks :)...

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Herbs, medicines that can cure ...

 Should i wait until age 40 to get a mammogram?
i have been experiencing sharp pains in both of my breasts. after laying down for a while, my breasts become stiff. i have had four children by ceserean birth and all four were breast fed for ...

 I Just Know It's Something Bad...Breast Cancer?
Okay,um about a year ago I had come problems when I slept. It felt like someone was laying on my chest. Sometimes I'd shiver,when it isn't really that cold. I went to the doctor and they ...

 Do you think there will ever be a definitive cure for cancer?

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above all a cure that is not worse than the cancer itself ......

 Please I need help... Anyone?
Okay, I've had a sore throat for about two or three days now and I've found a little lummp on the right side of my neck, right next to my Adam's Apple? Is this cancer? I'm 17 ...

 My daughter age 2 diagnosed stage IV Hepatoblastoma & hv been on chemo ~ 1.5 yrs. No more drug. What can I do?
She has been receiving treatment from University Hospital in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, following the european cancer treatment protocol. The actually completed the available protocol but her AFP is ...

 A friend is having a full body ct bone scan, to check for any cancer anywhere?
What were your experiences if you had a similar one done?...

 Mass on kidney...?
my fiance has a mass on his left kidney. he is about to have surgery and have his left kidney removed and part of his liver scraped, the doctors haven't told us anything about what comes next. W...

 Does it hurt???????
Does it hurt to get your belly button peirced??...

Brown Eyed Susan
Yellow dye # 5 ? --in Mountain Dew. Does Yellow #5 cause cancer?
Doesn't Mountain Dew still contain Yellow # 5? I read LONG ago that Yel.#5 might cause cancer (bladder cancer). I've been hooked on Dew 22 yrs! any comments/advice, etc.

No, it is not harmful at all, it's a common myth. It's just something people use to try to scare you.

no. The end

Completely safe...they wouldn't use it if it were a carcinogen.

Harmless food coloring...We encounter the same dyes almost everyday with alot of foods.

Man you need to flush your bosy with water for the enxt three years.

These new elements that youa re introducing to your body are foreign, evolution hasnt had your body get used to them and may cause cancer

coloring additives in food has side effects, hyperactivity in children and adults is one, long term who knows?

♫ sgrfsh ♪
Don't listen to these people. They would rather fool themselves into thinking that the FDA actually has their best interests at heart. The same FDA that passed Vioxx and the evil aspartame (phenalanyline) for use in "Nutrasweet".

Here is what is known about "Yellow #5" (also see source):

FD&C Yellow No.5; known to provoke asthma attacks (though the US FDA** do not recognise this) and urticaria (Nettle rash) in children (the US FDA** estimates 1:10 000); also linked to Thyroid tumours, chromosomal damage, urticaria (hives) and hyperactivity; tartrazine sensitivity is also linked to Aspirin sensitivity; used to colour drinks, sweets, jams, cereals, snack foods, canned fish, packaged soups; banned in Norway and Austria

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