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 Did chemo 2 years ago and doing it again?
my hair is falling like crazy and just having a hard time. just wondering if anyone had any encouraging words to help me get thru today. i know i will have to eventually shave, its just so hard....

 What's Your Anti-Drug?

 Does anyone know how long a person can live if diagnosed with brain cancer?

 What questions should you ask the docs when u have been diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer?

 What are the signs of lung cancer does anyone know if you will cough of black stuff?

 What is the diffrerent between tumour and cancer?
why is it different? how can i tell which is which. which part of cancer is same and which part is different than tumour.
Additional Details
i like to know the mechanisms involving the ...

 How do you tell if a growth is cancerous?
Is there anyway you can tell if a patch of skin is dangerous with out going to the doctor??...

 . Is there treatment for cancer?

 Where can i get monetary help for family of daughter with brain cancer?
friend has small cell cancer. she is going thru radiation and chemo . her parents live out of town and cant afford to be here.i dont know all the specifics but her time could be limited. who can i ...

 Do you think there is a cure for Cancer this very moment?

 Will they ever find a cured for cancer??
About 3 years ago i lost my g-pa to lung cancer. He never smoked a cigarette in his life. It was all caused by snd hand smoke. I miss him dearly and wish he could come back alive. Im still in denial. ...

 Why do so many people get Cancer?
It seems almost everyone gets Cancer of some kind. Most people, why?...

 For Mole removal, what leaves less of a scar freezing off or cutting out?
Mole removal, what leaves less of a scar freezing off or cutting out?
Went to several different dermatologists in the US. Most said they cut them out, some using a sharpened hole punch type ...

 Can children be around chemo patients?
My father has was detected with colon cancer. He had his 2nd chemo/radiation treatment today. He is currently living with me. My husband and I are wondering if its ok for my 2 yr old son to be ...

 Tumor and Cancer detection, why do Doctors always seem to miss most until they are really advanced ?
http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=CherylShuman90210 Why aren't doctors forced to look for Tumors and Cancers like every 6 months on people ? We can beat most cancers if we detect them early....

 Can simple xray detect lung cancer?

 Does having bloodwork always show if there are cancerous cells??
I believe I Have cancer... I will be going to a specialist soon to have this determined (by biopsy) but, i was wondering...
I was having blood drawn every other week for about 3 months, because ...

 Please Help a Beautifull Young Soul!?
I am asking everyone in their own way to send love, light blessings and prayer to a friend of mine Vickie K and her Daughter Deena Lynn D.... From Michigan.(see my contacts)
Deena is due to ...

 Can I get cancer if my dad's side of the family has cancer?
My dad himself, has esophageal cancer. On my mom's side I was told that I might get diabetes, since my uncles and grandma has diabetes. I currently have a type of guttate psoriasis that won;t ...

 Do you think sunbeds cause cancer?
follow the above (do you think sunbeds cause cancer)...

Would it hurt him if i visited my friend with cancer while i have a cold?
im getting over a cold and i was supposed to visit him tommoreo, would it be bad?
Additional Details
yea, he is on chemo

yes if heshe is on cemo their emuin is low and esly get sicker so wait to viset

hockey mom
I think that if you really need to see your friend, if you wear a mask and wash your hands as soon as you get there you should be okay.

You may or may not still be contagious. If he is getting chemo why not wait until you are healthy to visit him just to be safe. One more week won't hurt.

If he is on chemo then wait to see him. The chemo drugs can lower your resistance to infections. Your friend doesn't need to deal with another problem.

If you wear an influenza infection mask over your face and then do not get near the patient's bed or hug or shake hands with the patient then things would be fine.

If you can not do all of these things all of the time you are visiting, then you need to wait until you are sure you are completely well.

If he is on chemotherapy, his immune system will be pretty weak. Otherwise, it might be OK. Call him to find out if he is on chemo and can see visitors.

People being treated for cancer, or any serious disease, have weakened immune systems -- meaning they are at high risk to catch any illness they come into contact with.
Given that they already have a serious disease, catching whatever you are sick with too, can possibly put them into an extremely risky health condition that they may be too weak to recover from....like a cold turning into pneumonia.

Do your "visiting" on the phone while you have a cold. Being considerate is being a true friend.

Either delay your visit, or wear a face mask.

Patient on chemo will catch anything and have trouble fighting it off. It coulld even lead to delays in his treatment.

When you do go, ensure you take basic steps like making sure you have washed hands ets sto reduce risk of you passing anything on.

In the meantime, a phone call, and send a good book or magazine!

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