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Would i feel ill if i had cancer or is it just the treatment that makes u feel ill?

From my personal experience, I have met people who have cancer and you would never know they had it, yet I have also met people who have it and they are really unwell, it depends on the person and the site of the cancer. If you had any worries I would go and see your gp.

jean p
yes it depends on where the cancer is my mum died 10 days ago she went into hospital 2weeks before that and was diognoised whith cancer it was such a shock,

Each person reacts differently to individual cancers. My Mum has Bowel cancer and before being diagnosed was extremely ill,she had stomach pains,nausea,aches,symptoms of I.B.S & numerous stomach upsets,Now she is on chemo all her aches & pains etc have completely vanished!! But other people can be very poorly on chemo,it all depends on the individual,the type of cancer,and the drugs used to treat it.

It depends upon the type of tumor, the stage, and location of the cancer. Much will also depend upon the age of the patient and overall health. A younger healthier individual is often able to tolerate cancer and cancer treatment for a far longer time period than an older individual. Unfortunately, a young person may be asymptomatic until cancer is at a very advanced stage. And, because they can tolerate cancer symptoms they tend to ignore them.

My son was diagnosed with stage IV abdominal sarcoma and he was asymptomatic until two weeks before going into the hospital. The only time he felt sick from the cancer was when he had ascitis (which is an acculation of fluid within the abdominal cavity). His tumors pushed his heart out of place too, but he felt no pain from that just an odd sensation. His sarcoma tumors also caused a pulmonary embolism, so he felt that too as it affected his breathing. I know many young people with this cancer, too, who have had intestinal obstruction from the tumors growing around the area.

People with very advanced forms of cancer can literally be filled with tumors that push organs out of place, pinch nerves, replace healthy tissue with cancerous tissue and yes, they can feel extremely ill and sick from this. Many of the tumors in the advanced state you can feel or see multiple lumps pushing through the skin and many times breaking through. It is a horrid, horrid disease as it progresses.

The illness from the treatment you receive from cancer is not easy, it requires vigilance and courage, but facing treatment is far, far better than dying from the horrific progression of the disease. Cancer is a nasty business and in its progressive state is debilitating and final.

There is treatment for cancer . . at all stages. All types, stages, and grades of cancer have survivors. Treatment is difficult, but from past scientific reports we know that treatment has the potential to effectively stop the progression of disease and give the patient a chance at life. Not a guarantee . . but a chance.

Chemotherapy is tolerable and better than no chance.

Every one reacts differently.I felt really bad before my colon cancer was diagnosed,but after the operation I felt great.Ive now got secondary liver cancer and feel OK,I'm now on no 25 chemo course and have never felt ill just tired and well not 100% really.

Notyour B
It depends which cancer, and if it is a solid tumor, where it is. For most leukemias, especially accute forms, symptoms can be quite severe (immune suppression, weakness and fatigue, severe anemia, bruising...). In bone cancer, the pain is quite terrible.

For solid tumors, if they compress a blood vessel or an organ, or if they produce fluid (that is quite frequent for ovarian tumors, for example), you will indeed feel sick. But you wont necessarily think you have cancer... For my friend, whom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, her symptoms looked like those for a stomach ulcer...

If the tumor is not blocking anything, or interfering with organ function, you wont feel sick yet. But cancer cells multiply very fast and you can bet that if you do nothing, you will feel very sick someday...

The treatment can make you ill, as some chemotherapy is very intence.
Also you can feel ill without having treatment, just depends on what type of cancer it is.

My mum had cancer of the cervix and had no symptoms apart from a small lump in her stomach,she had it removed last year and had chemo, apart from being tired she was fine,she has just been given the all clear.

Both would affect you.

I can answer this question due to past experience with my father. on oct 2nd, he was diagnosed with lung cancer and he felt fine, no different than usual. then a week later we found out that he had cancer in his throat and brain as well. the first radiation treatment went well and so did the 2nd one, but after the 3rd one, he could no longer walk or even stand by himself. yes, he did get weaker after each radiation treatment.sometimes you will have diahhrea and then on the other hand you might have severe constipation. your hair will fall out after about the 5th treatment. we lost dad on thanksgiving day last year. if you think or know you have cancer...seek help now. or to the cancercenterof america website. talk to you doctor and oncologist. there are several options, like radiation or chemo and maybe surgery. with dad we found out that after me doing many hrs of research on the web, that the radiation doesnt promise to get rid of the cancer cells, it only tries to shrink them, therefore making you more comfortable and not in so much pain.you will have nausea and not being able to eat or dont want to eat. one question for you, were you ever in the military and served in vietnam? the reason why i ask this is i had my parents go to the local VA officer and he had them fill out alot of forms. i did research on that and found out that in vietnam when they sprayed agent orange that you could get it in your system by being sprayed or inhaling it and the army scientists that invented agent orange knew it would cause cancer. the day after we buried dad, he got a letter from the VA saying that his cancer was 100 percent military related. i hope this helps you.

depending on where the cancer is, and the treatment is the big thing. doctors are intriducing radation in your body to target cancer, yes it wont hurt anything else but your body gets sick from it.

Depends on what stage the cancer is. If you are in stage 1 or 2, probably not, but when you get into stage 3....absolutely. I had a lump in my breast. I knew to go get it looked at as soon as I found it. I had it removed and biopsied and it was cancerous. I felt fine. But not fine when I had the 2 rounds of chemo. LOL I've been cancer free for 7 years now.

Cancer can certainly make you feel ill. It depends on what kind of cancer and how advanced the cancer is.

Cancer cells, as they grow and replicate, use up a lot of the nutrients that the rest of your body needs. You may find that you are fatigued or may be losing weight. You may have fevers and night sweats. If it is colon cancer, for example, you may notice blood in your stools or you may develop constipation as the tumor blocks the colon. If you have lung cancer, you may feel short of breath or have chest pain or even be coughing up blood.

Many cancers also lead to patients having bone pain and body aches. This is often from a primary cancer in the bones leading to high Calcium levels in the blood or from a cancer elsewhere that is causing the secretion of a hormone or hormone-like substance that causes elevated levels of Calcium in the blood. Additionally these cancer cells can secrete other factors which can cause these aches and pains as well.

Chemotherapy and radiation therapy have lots of side effects as well. The hair loss, the vomiting and diarrhea that are commonly seen are side effects of these treatments. The reason for this is because these treatments target rapidly growing cells, which is what a cancer is. However, other normally rapidly growing cells include the cells that line the intestinal system as well as cells that grow hair.

Cancer does not necessarily make you feel ill. Some treatments do. If you think you may have cancer see a doctor asap

my mum discovered that she had breast cancer in december,she had no symptoms whatsoever.her partner found a lump in her left breast,she went to the doctors,she actually had a cyst in her left breast but the doctor was more concerned about her right breast,she was sent for a mammogram,and found out that she'd got cancer in her right breast.after 2 operations she's been given the all clear,but still has 15 courses of radiotherapy to go through.she has been told she'll feel very tired after the radiotherapy,but other than this my mum has had no physical sign that she had cancer.hope this helps,every individual is diffeerent.we all know our own bodys if something doesnt feel right its best to get it checked out sooner rather than later.

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