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 I have lumps and knots in my breast and sad thing is that the doctor is not believing its breast cancer?
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 How long does it take for someone to get over the loss of her best friend who died of breast cancer?
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 Is it true u cant get breast cancer until u r 30??
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 If you had cancer and refused treatment, would that be a form of suicide?

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 Can teens get breast cancer????

 Headache everyday! help?
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 I'm desperate, how can i accept this?
I have been diagnose that i may have an advanced stage of cancer. I have been carefully explain that no treatment to cure my disease. At best I may only have a year or less.

They ...

 Smokers please answer.?
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(pls dont use harsh words).my father ...

 Smokers and the NHS?
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 I have cancer and don't know who to leave my millions of dollars with?
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 My friend just found out she has liver cancer, does this mean she will die?
My friend is 37 and has been through so much. She was healthy before she was pregnant. Once she had the baby, she found out that she has a brain tumor, a tumor on her pituatary gland, thyroid cancer,...

 In your opinion, do you think we will ever find a cure for cancer?

 Opinion about smoking ?
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 Why are most of us afraid of cancer?

 Why cancer affectsbeautiful children?
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 When will i die?

 If one breast is bigger than the other,is it a sign or breast cancer?

haha...hey! **shyly**
Why is cancer incurable?
why, why, I really want to know. why can't they just kill the cancerous uncontrolled cells? I need the answer please.........

Actually there are cures for cancer as well as other deadly diseases in other parts of the world, that the government want approve in the states.

who told you cancer is incurable..there are so many cancer survivors and the best one is Lance Armstrong!...Nutrition is at the base of all cancer tumors.. did you ever heard of Gerson therapy?...check that and you will understand.

i'm no expert or anyhting, but i think it's because medicines discovered to totally kill cancer will also kill you off, because it's so similar to the organs in the body. i think it's also becuase when it spreads it can spread to all parts of the body, which makes it really difficult to clear it all out. i think cancer is the devil, i lost a good friend earlier this year to that horrible disease and one day i pray foe them to find a cure! Best wishes!

cancer cells resemble normal cells
so they cant be destroyed by the body
drugs we use kill the normal cells too
plus hey cause what is called pressure symptoms
and they spread all over body

not all cancers are bad
they r called benign

You have to understand what cancer is and why it can be so deadly. first of all, its a group of cells that, for what ever reason, are abnormal and form a mass, split and either take over adjacent organs, or displace adjacent organs, causing a disruption of those organs. Most times, Chemo or radiation treatment is the only way to kill off the cancer cells, but not all cancers respond to these treatments.

The big problem with cancer is that a few types, go undetected until its too late. Example: pancreatic cancer.

Most other types, if caught early enough, have 90% plus cure rates with a very good 5 year survivability rate. New treatment types and approaches are appearing almost daily, but not all forms of cancer will respond to these new treatments.

The sad part is, people have been doing research since the 30's for a cure and have not accomplished this feat yet. Many new diseases appeared since then, like HIV, and people begin to scream for an immediate cure. If we cant cure cancer in the last 50 plus years, we wont cure HIV any sooner.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America have access to the latest and greatest treatments. For many people, it may already be too late, but one day, hopefully soon, we will have a more positive way to cure cancer.

they dont know how. its as simple as that. i'm sorry if somebody is in trouble. a doctor could more throughly answer this question if you need an exact answer. once the cancer cells go about the body there are just to many to kill they can't do it. if you catch the cancer in an early stage they can cure it. sometimes it causes people to loose some of thier body parts in the process but its worth living.

Killing cancerous cells is what chemotherapy does but it isn't selective on only the cancer cells, instead it kills the healthy cells too. Cancer cells are rapidly dividing cells so they're vary hard to control since they divide so rapidly, thus spreading fast in the body. Although if it is detected early at an early stage, it is possible to eradicate the cancer cells completely.

Cancer is generally incurable at present, but you never know when they'd find a cure for cancer in the future.

Silent killer cancer is incurable because it's too late and the body cant take overdose of medicine. Prevention is better than cure.

they can control it like diabetes, and other diseases, just think in one cell in the blood it goes to all your body, how can you avoid that.

Time is nigh
Caugth eirly are cureable. But if not, well destroying the canceres cells might kill you alone, these cells still containe a meaning. They jsut have a hitchhiker on them insted thats all :(.

Not all cancer is incurable, many cancers have high sucess rate. "why can't they just kill the cancerous uncontrolled cells?" ? are you taking cheno therapy radiation? that is what they use to kill the cancer cells, however cancer can develop at anytime, they can't kill cells that are not developed yet. Thanks to the human genome project they are isolating the different genetic markers for different types of cancer but you can't kill something that is not developed yet without eugenics (gene manipulation). So cancer can't be prevented yet but alot of it can be cured.

Many types and stages of cancer are curable. Please add more details.

Not all cancers ARE incurable. Ask any of the thousands of 10, 15 and 20 year survivors. Early detection is the clue to preventing most cancers from becoming terminal.

you question is very vague there are many different types of cancers and some can be cured

Notyour B
Because basically, they are YOUR cells !! There is very little that differentiate them from normal cells.

But progress is being made, and new, interesting strategies are now being developped. The first chemo agents were basically "trojan horses" which would be slighly selective against cancer cells because they happen to divide faster.
New medication is now aiming to keep tumors from developping blood vessels to feed themselves, others to keep them from ridding themselves of carbon dioxide.

I personnaly think (and a lot of people agree) that the next great breakthrough in cancer research will involve the immune system, which for now is still, in great part, a mystery.

Some cancers are curable, dummy. Pull your head out of the sand and start reading the medical research out there. Most cancers if caught in time are curable!

Many cancers are curable if they are caught early enough by regular cancer checkups.

Joseph L
It is not incurable. Most Cancers, if caught early, are compatible, and curable. It is difficult because cancer is a part of the living flesh. It is difficult to kill an invading entity in the body without killing the body itself.

Many cancers are curable. Many of the treatments involve killing the cancer cells by chemotherapy, radiation, or surgical removal. But these methods unfortunately do not work on all cancers.

Question Everything
Anything can be cured if you have the money to cure it. I work at a hospital and a Doctor once told me "there is no money in a cure" meaning if there was a cure for everything then people would stop needing treatment. Look at magic Johnson...he has had HIV for almost 10 + years now...do you think he would have lived as long if he wasnt rich?

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