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 Do you know that there is a cure for cancer?
I just got posted mail from my friend, telling me that there is a cure for cancer from my country..Do you believe it? Or you don't wanna believe it?...

 Bump on Breast?
On the underside of my left breast is a purple knot. Its been there for about two weeks now. It doesn't really look like a pimple but it is a little sore to the touch. I doubt very much that ...

 Decision on prostate cancer treatment?
My brother is 54 yrs old and was just diagnosed with prostate cancer with a Gleason score of 5. His PSA was 4.25. The biopsy showed that he only had traces of cancer on the right side of his prostate ...

 Does sunscreen cause cancer? Should we use it yes or no?
Ive heard the sun causes skin cancer and ages you. But then I have also heard that sunscreen causes cancer too. That the chemicals in it make you get cancer. And that also without the sun we would ...

 How many are living with a cancer patinet?
i am but its caught in the early stage my husband has it he leukemia 1st stage all he has to do is take gleevec the rest of his life he was blessed comments answers ...

 Does a PLASTIC bottle of water cause cancer?
because in 5th grade my friend's mom said that bottle water was bad and that the plastic chemicals in the bottle would cause cancer but i mean what DOESN'T cause cancer anymore too?...

 My sister has stage4 rectum cancer and spread to liver.... had operation to re move rectum?
now they will do chemo. and remove spots on liver.....i hope it works did anyone else have success with cancer on liver...treated with chemo......

 Who can i ask for charties for my son with cancer?
my son has cancer he needs treatment asap.i dont have the funds to pay.how cani get ...

 My friend has cancer and she's much worse than I thought, what can I do?
I just found out she's in a treatment center and in lots of pain. She has a 4 year old and the whole thing is just so tragic. I want to help her but how can I, what can I say besides I love ...

 Whats better.. an xray or ultrasound?
I know neither is the best to detect this kinda stuff but would a normal x-ray or an ultrasound be better to detect something like bladder cancer? ...

 Strange lump? Breast Cancer?
This morning, I was in the shower when I noticed my breast looked a little irritated (red, sorta ichy). So I rubbed it (cuz scraching it would probaly make it worse) and I discovered a lump under my ...

my friends mom was diagnosed with breast cancer last week. she did 2 surgeries and took it out, but the result comes tuesday whether the cancer spread or not and whether she needs chemo! will my ...

 Alternatives to having a mammogram???
I am 42 and need to start having breast exams, however, at 23 I had a breast augmentation which started leaking that same year and has made me sick over the years, therefore I cannot have a mammogram ...

 DO YOU THINk it would be a good idea if....?
if used this as a visual aid for my persuasive speech presentation. i need two visual aids
the topic is to donate money to a cancer organization

i was thinking of making giving a ...

 Things to put in a Kemotherapy "gift" bag?
I have a friend who was just diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 28 and wanted to put together a "gift bag" of sorts with things for her during Kemo. We already have p/j, slippers, ...

 Where can I find stories of cancer survivors telling their story?

Additional Details
Any sites available?...

 Should I be concerned?
You know how the doctors always ask if you have any medical conditions that run in your family? Well, I always say no, because last I knew, there wasn't anything. Well, now just last week, one ...

 I have hundereds of moles all over my body... I am worried about cancer, what should i look out for?
I have like 50 + moles on just one arm and there is one in back which is quite sore.. should I be worried.....

 Can you get internal bleeding in your brain by smoking marijuana???
If marijuana cant get u to brain damage....what about a hard blow...I really need to know please ...

 How come every single person you know almost has cancer?
Everyone at some time that you know seems to have cancer. For instance i can name like 10 people I know with cancer. Both of my neighbors, one with prostate, the other brain and lung. My grandmother ...

Why do so many people get Cancer?
It seems almost everyone gets Cancer of some kind. Most people, why?

People eat too much fried foods, sit in front of some kind of screen for hours, plus, you have to take into consideration that there is toxic waste being carted all over the country. Down south here, there is a new "disease" that's been found, that's causing strange sores. They "incinerate" it, .......then what ? Where do you think it goes ?.....or went ?

Most people get cancer because we live in a cesspool of carcinogens, our diets are not 100% natural anymore compared to centuries ago, our environment is polluted.....need I say more?

Our bodies are always prone to cancer, our immune systems keep cancers in check. Then again some cancers are caused by our diets and our lifestyles.

Its just like the common cold, everyone is exposed to it, just as everyone is exposed to carcinogens (substances that cause cancer), its really just a matter of IF and WHEN the cancer becomes dominant.

ask this research group that is trying to find a cure.......http://boinc.bakerlab.org/rosetta/..

Sarah S
I think we all have cancer in us, and it hits our weakest spot.

Elaina O
UN fortunately there are a lot of reasons. On actually is genetics. Another is our environment. Through the years we have found many products we used now cause cancer they are called carcinogens. Asbestos is one of them. Firefighters were a big on to be exposed. There are a number of molds and other factors including smoke that can contribute.

Thin Kaboudit
Mostly because many of us live in clean, healthy conditions and have clean water to drink and wash in....as a consequence, most of us live long enough nowadays that one in four of us develops one form of cancer or another...

The main risk factor for a lot of cancers is getting older; people are living longer than ever before - therefore more people will get cancer. So in a way it's better nutrition, not worse, that accounts for the numbers.

Also screening programmes for some cancers discover more cases than would previously have been discovered.

The statistics for Britain are one person in three will get cancer at some time in their lives; I believe it's the same number in America. That's a lot of people, but it's not 'most people'.

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