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 Can you help my uncle who is diagonised with brain cancer?
My uncle is diagonised with brain cancer-he is not in a position to pay the money for his treatment which is around 70K INR for radiation,hospitalisation,medicine, physiotheraphy and treatment.Can ...

 Okay, so breast cancer runs in my family. Is there anything I can do to stop it?
My great-grandma had it, my grandma had it, my great-aunt has it, and my mom was really close to getting it. If my mom doesn't get it in her life time, what is the chance that I will? What if ...

 Question about death in breast cancer...?
What ultimately ends up resulting in death for those with breast cancer that do not respond well to the treatments? I cannot find this answer anywhere! So does anyone know what part of the body the ...

 What are some other breast cancer symptoms?
I can't find any information on what other types of breast cancer symptoms there are other than the obvious, breast lumps, discharge, changes in physical appearance etc. Anyone have any other ...

 Anyyone help me pls! IM SUPER WORRIED!!!?
ok for a long long time, jus on de bottom left hand side on my thumb nail, i have this very very very small bump/lump, jus like 1-3mm in diameter and half an mm raised. i mean its super small but ...

 How can I prevent cancer?
I am sixteen and I don't want to have cancer when I'm older... I don't want my family to have to deal with the pain it brings. I've lost or almost lost too many people to it. (L...

 Stage 4 stomach cancer?
My father who is a 62 year old Diabetic. Was just diagnosed w/stage 4 Stomach Cancer that has spread to his liver. Is anyone out there aware of any new treatment or drugs that might help this. He ...

 Skin Cancer?
I've never, in my entire life worn sunscreen. I have olive skin, and I never get sunburnt. I tan in tanning beds all year round.

Recently, I've been developing red and brown ...

 Does Scanning your face with a computer scanner cause Cancer?
My daughter scanned her face with a computer scanner, and about 2 days later, her skin was very dry, after a week it got extremely swollen. She stayed in the hospital for about a week, then got out ...

 Could a mole Ive had for years turn cancerous?
I have all these new VERY dark brown "freckles". I say freckles, because I don't know if theyre moles, but you can feel them. They just suddenly appeared. And, one that Ive had for as ...

 What is Dichloroacetate?
I have read it is a cure for cancer but no one seems excited about this....

 Why has america gone from 1 in 33 getting cancer to 1 in 3 getting cancer in their lifetime?
I'll give you a hint-study the new world order and you'll know.
(Oh my god! he's one of those conspiracy theorists!)
get over yourself and learn how to keep your body healthy....

 Can He Beat This Cancer?
My children's father was diagnosed with colon cancer 2 years ago. The colon was removed. About 16 months later they discovered the cancer had spread to the lungs, liver, small intestine, and ...

 How to deal with the "Silent treatment"
My B/F always gives me the silent treatment when he doesn't get what he wants. We have been dating 1 yr and every time I turn around I'm doing something that pisses him off (don't ...

 Whats the signs of melanoma? I have many moles, what do i look out for?
i have moles like any normal person,
and im only a teenager
but still,
im cautious and i want to know
what are the signs of getting melanoma?...

 Cell Phones: Dangerous or safe to use???

 Is this right? things to avoid during chemotherapy?
My fiance's grandma was diagnosed with stomach cancer.. she has a really large tumor. I was wondering.. his mother says that the grandmother can have no dust in the house whatsoever, can not ...

 I breathed a cigarette (like using, putting in mouth) around 3 times in my life. It was 1 cigarette. Help?
Are my lungs and body healthy completely even though i tried a smoke, did anything change inside my body because I tried a smoke??
This happened when I was 10 or something, I think. I tried a ...

 I had a 1mm sessile polyp removed from my rectum is this polyp dangerous?

 Herbal Cancer Cure ?? Could it be true ?? Please help, your suggestion matters to me now !?
My dad's been diagnosed with renal carcicoma (cancer in the kidney) with lung metastasis (cancer cells from the kidney spreading to the lungs)

We were shattered and we are doing ...

When your kidneys fail how long do you have to live?
my dad has terminal cancer and his kidneys are failing. I live far from him and want to know how much time he has left.

golden oldy
It would depend on if he is having dialysis. With it he could go on quite a while without it a few days at most.

If his kidneys have completely failed and r no longer filtering out toxins, he will only have a few days if he is not on dialysis. If he is not in complete failure yet, that is hard to say.

Jeep Driver
If he is getting dialysis his time will be expanded some. It will depend on the cancer and his overall health. I wish you the best

Has he started dialysis? If he does, that will extend his life by some, but I am unsure of exactly how long.

Sorry to hear about your dad. Jump on an airplane and see your dad. Talk to his doctor what the prognosis is. Your statement not very clear, because you are stating he has terminal cancer and his kidneys are failing. You didn't mention, if the primary cancer was in his kidneys and that's the cause or if some other type of cancer has spread to his kidneys. There is a difference.

Renal failure can be treated for years. Terminal cancer cannot.

Kidney failure is a long process and it varies from person to person depending on the causes and progression. It can be weeks or months. The best way to know is to keep in contact with his doctor. Explain the situation. I have been where you are now, my father passed away from this due to CHF. Its not easy. There is not a set calendar. Think in terms that death is much like birth. Normally Babies are born in this world , not by the doctors or the moms calendar but there own. People leave this world on thier own schedule as well. You have my sympathies. If possible spend as much time with him as you can.

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