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 Mom in law has stage 4 cancer?
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 Does this cause cancer?
is it true that if u wear bra's too much that u can get breast cancer?...

Whats better.. an xray or ultrasound?
I know neither is the best to detect this kinda stuff but would a normal x-ray or an ultrasound be better to detect something like bladder cancer? thanks

Each Investigation has its own indication and what it is done for and also its own limitation . And may I add that X-ray is an invasive technique , while Ultrasound is noninvasive .

My opinion is an x-ray its a lot faster and you dont have to stripe for an x- ray

Ultrasound. XRay is only good for bones and hard tissue, neither of which are contained in the bladder. A CT or an MRI would be more conclusive than an ultrasound, too.

Probably ultrasound. Xrays may have obstructed views of the critical areas. Either way, do what your physician suggests, because he/she is the one who needs to be able to interpret the results..

A urethrascope would do the job best for the bladder to look right at it.

basically both xray and ultrasound are both for imaging and indicated for different purposes.... if ur main concern is bladder cancer, certain things to be done to confirm.... xray and ultrasound can both visualize bladder...
i suggest the bladder screening. this screening tests ur bladder and ureters capability to function normally.... if problems occur, ur doctor will suggest other diagnostics before a person can undergo more invasive procedures.

ultrasound is quite safe and can show most bladder tumors. it is also good for after surgery follow-up. you may know that in plain radiography and ct-scan x-ray is used. mri has the same capability and is still quite safe because it does not use x-ray. but:
if it comes to a disease like cancer nobody thinks about to what extent the procedure is invasive.
i can add that:
imaging techniques are being chosed based on:
1- the suspected type of lesion and its location
2- the stage of care (screening, diagnosis, prognosis and follow-up)

I suggest you to specify your question a little bit more so that others and i can elaborate on the answers.
hope this works.

They do different things. An ultrasound will show more detail for that kind of thing than an x-ray, but x-rays are also often used as part of the diagnostic process.

We have had a lot of experience with cancer during the past year, and my husband has had a lot of tests. The best pictures are from an MRI, with CT scan being the second choice.

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