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 Should I have a genetic test for cancer?
My grandmother had ovarian cancer at age 40 and my mother had it at age 32. I have heard that the earlier a cancer occurs, the more likely it is to have a familial link. Is this true? I'm now ...

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My age is 22 years I am doing MBA.I want to do a different thing in my life.I saw pain of cancer patients some days ago.My way of thinking is changed now.I want to earn high money to make a hospital ...

 Do i have cancer?
i am only 15 and i have had a sharp pain in my lower lung / intestine i have been coughing alot lately. i have never smoked thought
Additional Details
thx all its Prognosis


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What’s the drug that scientists has found for breast cancer?...

 Doctors won't do anymore Chemo.....?
my relative had bowel cancer, many complications led to a colostomy after he contracted mrsa and c.diff, he then had one bout of chemo when they discovered that he had small tumours present on the ...

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 What happens if you don't treat cancer?
My friend thinks he has cancer but refuses to go to a doctor. I told him he has to go but he wont listen to me. He has had a lump for a year and it's slowly growing. What changes can he ...

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The other day I looked up at my popcorn ceiling right above my door/entrance way and there is a huge blank spot. I mean the paint and 'popcorn' is gone, there's a like 1.5 ft by 3 inch ...

 How to combat no taste n lack of appetite during chemo?
can anyone suggest what can someone do to combat lost of taste n lack of appetite during chemo treatment. person is feeling quite weak. person lives in uk....

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 What to write in a letter to someone with leukemia??
My friend is very sick with leukemia, and im writing her a letter. I want to know what else I should put... heres what I have so far...

i was with you last night for a little ...

 How do I deal- someone in the family has breast cancer?
We just found out that a Tia (aunt) has breast cancer. It has been very hard on the family. I dont know what to do I have been reading on it but i can seem to come to terms with it. Is there anything ...

 Should I tell my employer I have cancer?

 Would you be able to drive yourself home after radiation therapy or chemo therapy for breast cancer?
I hate the idea of being driven to the therapy sessions....

What should i say to my friend , whose younger wife is dying of cancer?

Just tell your friend if he wants to vent you are there for him. If he needs anything you can help him with to just call you will be right there.

nothing you can relly say to him just be there for him and once she passes don't forget that he will still need you don't avoid him on the grounds that you don't know what to say there are no words just let him know you are there for him

bill l
give her a book called ''kill bill'..she would like that.

There's not much you can say, just let your friend know that you're there for him/her and help with any practical things like shopping, babysitting etc

You've brought a tear to my eye. My friend died earlier this year from cancer. Talk to him about it, people are always too scared to mention it, but my friend's husband found it easier when he spoken about it - it helped him come to terms with it more rather than bottling it up. However, everyone's different. Speak to your friend and see whether he wants to talk, if not, let him know you are there for him. Make sure to call him every now and again, don't wait for him to make the first move - they will find it harder to get in contact as they are sad. Show that you care and are there. Wish you luck.

I have one suggestion that may not be related to your situation, but might be somewhat helpful. My husband is recovering from cancer and while he was going through the treatment everyone wanted to visit us and help out, bring food, etc. If his wife is going through treatment, my suggestion is that if you want to help out or visit, to do it before a treatment (or a significant time after). For example, my husband's family would think of him right when he had the chemo, and want to come visit the next day and have tea and hang out, and he just wanted to rest and we wanted to be alone, you know? It seemed like no one ever came to see him before the treatment or in between when he was actually feeling a bit better and up to having company! Also, helping out by bringing food or something is also nice, especially since his wife probably isn't up and cooking. However, make sure to ask what they might like. If she's having chemo, it can make some of her favorite foods taste horrible, or some foods of certain colors might make her feel sick! Also, try to bring nutritious food if you decide to. My husband's family was constantly bringing cakes and meat soups, these contribute to poor diets (we know obviously about cake lol, but also meat consumption has been linked to cancer) because he was so thin they thought this would fatten him up...! A nice gesture might be to ask your friend if there's anything his wife has been enjoying lately. My husband liked strong juicy flavors during treatment, like fresh tangerines or grapes, because the strong sweet taste helped battle the metalic taste left over from the chemo. (As a sidenote, try to go organic. Pesticides on fruits and vegetables and horomones in meats have been linked to cancer)

Just say you are there for him and if he needs to talk you will listen. You could also ask him if he needs anything doing that would give him more time to spend with her.
Be aware that at times he may act in ways you might not expect or say things that surprise you. He will be feeling mixed emotions like anger, guilt, frustration and grief and will be under a lot of stress as he will probably be trying to act as normal as possible around others.
It is one of the hardest things in life to go through but understanding support from friends really helps much more than words alone!

Sierra One
Your love and best wishes and say that you will always be there for him. !!!

Nick J
Firstly, ask him if he wants to talk about it. if he does, don't shy away from the subject, but do try keep any conversation upbeat as far as possible. Ask questions that you really are curious about, ask about treatment she may be receiving and in a caring way ask how your friend plans the future without her. Honestly, he will be so grateful to have one person he can chat to and feel like it's a normal adult conversation again. Also, don't dwell on the subject too much, also remember to chat about and do things you did as friends before his wife was really ill, that's so important!

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